How to Make Plantable Seed Paper

I’ve been wanting to experiment with making my own paper for a while now, and with April being #FPEarthMonth I knew it was the perfect time to finally do it. Making homemade paper is not only a fun, easy project but it’s such a great way to recycle old newspapers, mail, or other paper materials you have piling up around your home. I decided to make homemade seed paper so that it can be planted after being used – I love the idea of paper made from trees being recycled and then put back into the earth to grow herbs or flowers. In this case, I used wildflower seeds as an homage to Texas and its gorgeous fields of wildflowers that are currently blooming everywhere I look.

diy seed paper supplies

diy seed paper 3

What you need:

Paper materials – whatever you have lying around that can be recycled!

A frame

Wire mesh

2 kitchen towels

A rolling pin or glass jar

A cake pan or container of some sort that is larger than the frame



Seeds of choice

*If you’re going to be writing on the paper you’ll also want to include liquid starch in the mixture, but I did not.

diy seed paper 5

Shred the paper into small pieces, and add to the blender.  Add enough water to cover the paper, and blend until it reaches a thick, pulpy consistency.  Add more paper or water as needed.

diy seed paper

Place the wire mesh over the empty frame – you can attach it using a staple gun, or simply fold it around the edges of the frame like I did. Place the frame inside a shallow baking pan or container.

diy seed paper 6

Pour the paper and water mixture over the wire frame, using your fingers to smooth it out evenly.

diy seed paper 7

Lift the frame and place it over the pan to let any excess water drip freely.

diy seed paper 8

You can also use a towel to help press the water out of the paper mixture.

diy seed paper 12

Remove the paper from the wire frame and lay it on a towel. Cover with the other towel and use the rolling pin or glass jar to further flatten and even out the paper.

diy seed paper 11

Sprinkle the seeds over the paper while it is still damp, pressing them into the mixture so they’ll stay in place when it dries.  Place the paper on a drying rack or out in the sun and let it dry for about 24 hrs. Once fully dry, use it for gift tags, table settings, note cards, or whatever else you’d like!

diy seed paper 14

diy seed paper 15

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8 years ago

This is such a fabulous earth day activity! I love it :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I love this project! Thank you for sharing!


8 years ago

I love this idea! Such a beautiful concoction!

8 years ago

It’s great idea :D I made already two homemade papers so I’ll try with seeds.

I tried to place in mine dry flowers, but the paper was stained by them in yellow (can I say that? English isn’t my native language D:). I will try again!

8 years ago

Did this last year and now have beautiful blooms in my room! Just follow the steps exactly

7 years ago

Know a way of making it stick? I want to make them into labels!

Lisa M Miller
2 years ago

What a lovely idea! I may do this with our son as a ‘thank you’ project/gifts for family we just vacationed with… do you think this could work with bluebonnet seeds? Thank you!