Red Earth

As we trek from one place to the next, there’s a certain consistency that exists.

We move across the surface of Earth, utilizing sidewalks, roads, trails, water… sky too. We remain above the densest layers of our planet. Above the ones that hold everything together, supporting life and giving us a place to roam free.

But beneath, the make-up of the Earth is different in every new place we call home. The land I grew up on down South is radically different from where I live now in the North. I like to think that the terrain has a voice of it’s own. It speaks silently, but the language is easily understood based off visuals.



I had a youth that was filled with flat coastlines, where sea would meet sand. The closest thing to a mountain could only be found in the hilliest parts of North Florida. I’ll always be rooted in the warmth of the state, but there’s a part of me that thrives off seeing the Earth’s surface rise above ground.



Tectonic forces create a natural playground for us to explore, visually and physically. Mountains, plateaus, ridges, mesas… colors of sunset emerge from beneath, forming those red-peaked silhouettes that are familiar to the great West. I hope to live among this beautiful land one day in the future, yet never forgetting the essence of where I grew up.



There’s so much to see on our planet, so much to learn. When we move to a new place — a new territory in life — we’re introduced to different soil. We’re forced to put down new roots so we can grow with the change and adapt to new surroundings, but the thing about roots is that they like to latch on. No matter where, they’ll join the ones that are left over from home. It’s not about forgetting the old ones, but rather cherishing the way they re-root themselves. From the mountains to the plains, from the rainforest to the desert… the Earth is our sanctuary to roam, and we have the ability to go wherever we choose. It’s the mother home.


Happy Earth Month :)

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7 years ago

A friend introduced me to Earth Month! I never even knew about it, but now I feel very inspired to think more about the planet and do more to help preserve its beauty.

7 years ago

The earth deserves more than just a month, it should be earth year, every year!


7 years ago

Wow absolutely stunning! Our earth is so fascinating, we tend to forget about it during our busy and hectic lives.

xx Cheyenne

7 years ago

I love this kind of posts that for me, they seem to be ripped from another world, These views are so much different to what I’m used to and this is what makes Earth feel like home at the same time…

7 years ago

These photos are amazing! Awesome edits girl.

7 years ago

This post is beautiful! I so badly want to get out to Arizona and see all the red rock, but the bugs there sound so scary! Love the saturation on these :)

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

I love the photos!

7 years ago

Love this. Makes me wish I lived near the dessert. Such beautiful scenery.