Santorini Sunrise

This post comes from our friend Kiersten, of the blog The Blonde Abroad!

Rich in history, overflowing in delicious food and made up of beautiful islands, Greece is nothing short of a dream destination. There are countless regions in the country to explore, but nothing compares to sailing her islands. As a travel blogger and vlogger, I travel around the world sharing my adventures, travel tips and videos of the incredible destinations I explore. I had the fortune of sailing Greece’s Saronic archipelago with The Yacht Week last summer. Scattered around the Argosaronic Gulf, these island escapes are located close to Athens, but are far from everything. In typical Greek style, the islands are spotted with romantic white buildings that line cobblestone streets and stretch down to the turquoise sea. Small markets overflow with local produce and fisherman proudly display their “catch of the day.”






Starting in Athens, my journey began at sunset as I boarded a taxi bound for the port town of Lavrio.

Lavrio: I arrived in Lavrio wide-eyed and swept away by the beauty of what stood before me. Sailboats lined the port, setting the tone for what would be in unforgettable adventure on a week-long sailing trip with 8 of my girlfriends.




Poros: Our first island destination was Poros, a small island rich in vegetation and made up of a mountainous landscape. At sunrise the following morning, I decided to explore the island. I weaved between shops and small homes as I made my way up the hillside to a lookout point high above the port. A giant Greek flag stood at the top like a cherry on top of a cupcake. I let the warm air blow through my hair as I gazed down as the tiny boats and people below.



Ermioni: The small town of Ermioni is located on a stunning peninsula of Argolis, a region famous for its oranges. We spent the afternoon swimming off the boat in our inflatable rafts before arriving at the port. At sunset, we made our way to The Yacht Week “White Party” where everyone on the route danced and laughed as the surface of the ocean reflected the evening sky lit up in fiery reds and oranges.


Plaka: The following morning we set sail for the small port of Plaka located on the Peloponnesus Peninsula. Palm frond thatched umbrellas lined the pebbly beach and the sun kissed our cheeks as we sipped on ice-blended cocktails. We enjoyed dinner that evening as a group at a single table that stretched to seat over 100 people. We indulged in fresh seafood, salad, wine and good conversation as the stars lit up the night sky above us.


Dhokos: One of my highlights from sailing the Saronic Archipelago in Greece was having the opportunity to anchor and spend the night at Dhokos, a natural bay. There really is no comparison to skinny dipping at night under the stars with no other people around for miles!



Hydra: Our final sailing destination was the island of Hydra. It was by far the largest and most populated port we sailed to and offered a little bit of everything- beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and great boutique shopping. One of the most fascinating features of Hydra is that no cars are allowed on the island, so donkeys, bicycles and your own two feet are your only options for getting around. This completely changed the pace of life on the island, creating a whimsical and romantic atmosphere.


If you ever have the chance to sail the Saronic Archipelago in Greece, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget!

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8 years ago

the colors are blindingly beautiful! How I am saving money for a trip there

8 years ago

These images are beyond gorgeous – and her tan is perfect with that white mani!

Warm Regards,
www. Little Wild Heart .com

8 years ago

Absolutely stunning photographs! I have always wanted to travel to Santorini <3

8 years ago

This all sounds so dreamy and the photos are beautiful!

8 years ago

Wow. It looks so incredibly magical! I love the deliciously warm waters of the Mediteranean but I’ve never been to Greece! I’d love to go someday….

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale….

8 years ago

Ok, these photos are killin’ me. Could this place be any more beautiful!?



8 years ago

Greece literally looks like a fairytale. I would love to go!

8 years ago

I’ve always wanted to visit Greece and now these photos make me want to go even more!


Marsha thomas
8 years ago

Good ok,

8 years ago

this is very nice post. thanks for sharing it.