One Small Change A Day: Set Your Earth Day Intention

We all have those areas of our lives that, deep down, we know could use improvement, especially when it comes to being kinder to the earth. Whether it’s making an effort to recycle more, finally applying to that community garden down the block, or starting a composting program at work, there’s likely an earth-friendly project or two mulling around in that gorgeous brain of yours that you just haven’t made the time for yet.

Well, what better time to start than right this second? We announced yesterday that April is Earth Month here on BLDG 25, and with 30 days ahead of us filled with planet-friendly projects, tips, and activities, we’re taking stock of the areas in our lives that we’d like to make, well, just a little greener. Today I encourage you to do the same. Grab your journal or a notebook and take a good hard look at what you could change. What patterns or habits have been nagging at you? Are there projects that you’ve been meaning to get to? Write it down. Decorate it. Hang it somewhere visible as a daily reminder to heal this earth of ours. In the spirit of full disclosure, today the team and I are sharing our Earth Day intentions. Check ’em out below and be sure to share yours in the comments!


Julie: “Every time I use a plastic sandwich bag, accept a paper cup with a plastic lid from the coffee shop, or use a plastic fork or spoon, my heart hurts a little. These are habits I know are harmful, and even though I try to recycle these pieces as much as possible, I still know in the back of my mind that I’m contributing to the many millions (billions?) of tons of garbage produced every year. I’m a bit of a recycling fanatic, and it blows my mind to see just how quickly our recycling bins fill up with plastics, cans, and paper products, all accumulated by the simple act of living that day-to-day. This month I’m making it my goal to ban those plastic sandwich bags from my home, to bring my lunch to work in a reusable container, to bring my own (reusable) utensils, and make better use of my to-go coffee cup (ok, it’s just a jar in a fancy holster — but so handy). They’re small changes, but often it’s the small ones that have the greatest impact. My hope is that, with each passing day, I’ll move closer and closer to having a lighter touch on this planet.”

Earth Month Intentions

Aubrie: “Sometimes we all need to slow down and realize that there are little things each day that we can do if we just change our mindset. This April marks the three year anniversary of my switch to vegetarianism. It was a turning point in my life, where I really wanted to make an effort to not only better my body but the planet we live in. Personally I felt  the choice made me become much more conscious about my food choices; I began thinking about the health benefits, where my food came from, and how it was farmed. Now I find myself eating a lot more organic and local fresh produce to lower my negative impact on the environment.

Yet lately I’ve been realizing that for just one person I seem to accumulate a lot of waste. We don’t even realize how much we are throwing away sometimes because it’s just habit. However, when I think about the nature of my diet, most of this waste is actually biodegradable. This Earth Month I intend to make a simple change that’s almost hard to believe I haven’t started sooner: I want to start composting! I’ll collect all those wasted natural bi-products and turn them into recycled nutrients to enhance plant growth. I always thought living in the city would make starting a compost more difficult, but I’ve already found many community composts available in my neighborhood with only a few minutes of research!”

Earth Month Intentions

Joanna:  “A few months ago, I moved into a new neighborhood in Los Angeles. I had always passed through, stopping at cafes and shops here and there. But now, the neighborhood that I would often drive through on my way downtown is my community. Silverlake is only a short walk away from countless vintage and thrift shops, amazing vegan restaurants and cafes, juice shops, and a wonderful farmer’s market. This month I intend to keep it local. I am going to walk down to the farmers market, with my reusable bag, to buy my fresh produce. I will shop off of the vintage and recycled clothing racks. I will bring my own coffee cup down to the cafe, and my own mason jar for fresh juice. I am excited to make this lifestyle change and help make the earth a little greener at the same time. ”

Earth Month Intentions

Jana: “I’ve never been good at keeping plants alive. I get so excited about the idea of bringing green life into a space… my house, room, desk… it’s the easiest way to brighten up an area. I’ll buy some flowers or a plant I really like, but I’m such a bad plant mother! I don’t try to neglect them, it’s just always a thing that ends up happening. I’ll forget to water them, or won’t set them up in the right spot. I feel so bad, my greens always end up thirsty or cold from no sunlight! I think that’s why I have a great love for cacti. They require little work to sustain, and, plus… they are just the best. My Earth Month resolution is to be better at caring for plants. If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear! Long live the greens!”

+ So, what’s yours? Be sure to follow along for more projects and tips, and to share your own progress!

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9 years ago

Love this article. People often forget how even the smallest of changes to your everyday routine can have a large impact on your environmental footprint.

9 years ago

I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet but I wanna do SOMETHING :-) This was very inspirational and motivational.

9 years ago

I adore this, my one small thing is everyday looking at what I’m using and what I can not be using – do I really need that paper product? etc.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I’m trying to eat cleaner! No sugar, gluten, diary or meat. It’s a hard change and it’s only been a couple days, but this little series will definitely help me keep motivated :)
Lots of love,

9 years ago

My recent goal is to remove all one-time use plastic produce bags from my life! I have bunnies so I’m constantly buying greens and I’ve become disgusted by the amount of plastic I’m still using—even though I always have my reusable grocery bags. Now to make some reusable produce bags!

9 years ago

I love this article, focusing on positive ways to help the environment is really important and a little disregarded on social media!

infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

9 years ago

Thank you for writing this article and pointing out how the little things – like sandwich bags – make an impact and are habits we can change. The future of the environment – particularly the ocean – is my life and I am so happy to see advocacy in action!

9 years ago

Really rood posting for me.
I try to eat like this!

9 years ago

absolutely loved this post <3