Transport Yourself to the Beaches of Okinawa, Japan

This post comes from our friend, Christina Emilie – a photographer based in NYC!

For me, adventure has always been the best inspiration; I moved to New York City with my husband in August, being a fashion photographer, I had dreamed of living here for so long. I travel a lot for photography throughout the U.S but have always wanted to travel internationally and in a serendipitous turn of events my sister-in-law just recently moved to Japan with her husband who is a second lieutenant in the Marines. My husband and I wasted no time in making our first trip to Asia to visit them. We had a layover in Shanghai, China then finished our journey to Okinawa, Japan.

Okinawa is one of the most unique places I have ever been, between the landscape, the culture, and the people. Through the Okinawan people, I experienced the warmest welcome and respect throughout my entire stay from the islanders. It is common to bow to one another when saying thank you, or “Arigatō” and to place money on a dish with two hands rather than one when paying, it is also customary to remove your shoes upon entering certain rooms, even on a boat ride! Parts of the island are heavily populated with Americans due to the many Marine bases. It was interesting to see how the Okinawan people have meshed with the Americans, creating a beautiful community.

The island felt very tropical. One of my favorite places was Miyagi Island’s “Hidden Beach” to the west of Okinawa. This is where I shot the Daisy Field one piece. The lush greens of the jungle surrounding the Pacific Ocean made me feel as if I was in a dream. We explored so much of the island; hiked to the Tadake Falls, visited many cafe’s, including my favorites Soupçon and Cafe Doka Doka, and snorkeled and scuba dove in the East China Sea.

I can definitely say I have the travel bug. The more I see, the more curious I become of the cultures around me. I like to say I’m becoming a digital nomad. This trip has easily changed me, it’s opened my eyes to how huge the world is in terms of distance, but how small it is in terms of culture and community.



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8 years ago

Stunning places, outfits, suit, and girl! This location is beautiful.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Loved this post, the great composition in the photos. Inspiring for a painting!

8 years ago

I love all of these looks! Everything was styled to perfection, as always:)
This gives me so much style inspo for my upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta!

8 years ago

The location is beautiful, but it looks a bit cold. The model doesn’t seem too comfortable with her feet in the water!

8 years ago

Beautiful pictures!
I’ve always dreamt of going to Japan, now I’ll have to add Okinawa to the list of cities to visit when I go there :)
Lots of love!

8 years ago

These photos are like a dream! And that white skirt, so lovely.



8 years ago

So beautiful place!
I want to go there~

8 years ago

Ahhh.. i just love discovering new culture. I would definitely love to visit Japan it looks beautiful. Side note: your hair makes me want to go short again!!!! The outfits are soo perfect too