Weekend Snapshot: Stoke the Flame

We all have times when our inspiration flags. A cloud descends on the brain, casting a shadow on the valley of our minds.

We can be our own worst enemies when those clouds inevitably form, swimming in circles, unable to move past the self-doubt and self-sabotage that plague so many creative souls. The question becomes, how to move past it?

I recently spent a few days with a group of incredibly creative individuals. We shared our knowledge, admitted struggles, and spoke of our deepest intentions; the kind of projects we’d love to do, but were either too afraid to take the leap… or just hadn’t gotten around to leaping just yet. In situations such as this, magic has a tendency to happen. Somewhere between encouraging a friend to embark on that trip they’ve always wanted to take and being surrounded by a cacophony of voices telling you to just go for it already — just do that thing you’ve been talking about doing — the flame of inspiration sputters to life. It could just be a spark at first, in need of oxygen and tending, but it’s there. I left that weekend feeling more inspired than I have in months, ideas for stories and essays swirled with photoshoot concepts and new artistic endeavors, my mind a vortex of creation. I held onto it for a few weeks… kept that flame alive… but life has its way of creeping in, and not long after I once again found myself staring at a computer screen with nothing to say. The words just wouldn’t come.

As much as I wish it were so, it’s not always feasible to retreat to the woods whenever I’m hit with a lack of inspiration. Sure, there are plenty of ideas to be found online, but true inspiration comes from somewhere else entirely… from experience. So with the voices of those supportive companions ringing in my ears, I’m making it a point to retreat into the real world this weekend. To surround myself with beauty and to truly experience the earth around me. I’ll be draping myself with color and texture, in clothes that can be ready to explore at the drop of a hat, because I intend to travel with no set destination in mind. Perhaps I’ll find myself in the city or country, wilderness or suburb, my only hope is that it’s something new, something to shake that inspiration free. If we’re not careful, that flame within us can so easily die out, it’s up to us to ensure it stays lit.



Denim Super Flare

Avalon Tank

Lost Quartz Pendant

Embroidered Batik Jacket

Detroit Ankle Bootie



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6 years ago

I love the photos used. I especially agree with lack of inspiration–sometimes they come like wildfire and other times it’s so frustrating to catch it!

6 years ago

Wild crystal necklace! Powerful size. Inspiring pictures. Thank you.
For more jewelry inspiration: https://instagram.com/birkalexiajewelry/
Welcome : )