Weekend Snapshot: Spring Clean

It’s time for me to clear out.

My closet, room, car… a spring refresh is in the air and I kind of love it. With the new season I’m focusing on going back to a clean slate. Normally I only think of this in terms of spaces — you know, getting rid of all the clutter. But, this year, I’m speaking in terms of style, too.

Simplified, but confident. Clean, but still carefree. Catch my drift? I’ve been outfitting myself in things that I feel completely comfortable in. Denim, tees, sneakers… my styling has been more simple than ever before, but I’m adding in little surprises here and there to make the looks my own.

Monochromatic pairings, pulled together with bold accessories, finished off with a clean confidence. That’s the wave I’ve been riding, and it feels so good. It feels free.


1) We The Free Crescent Moon Tee

2) FP Vintage Extreme Flare

3) Vintage Leather Travel Chucks

4) James Gold Bar Hat

5) Collective Charm Pendant





Happy spring, happy weekend!

+What about you? How are you getting down with the spring clean fever?

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8 years ago

You just reminded me I should clean out my car :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I try to deep clean my room/wardrobe/life maybe every 3 months. I find it so refreshing and, even though the process is pure chaos, at the end I feel so relaxed an ready for anything that comes my way!

8 years ago

I seriously need to clean up my desk! Lovely photos by the way!

8 years ago

I totally understand that need to sort of reinvent yourself and clean everything out. Love the hat!


Clair Rickert
8 years ago

Tore apart my dorm room the first study break I got. Everything is dusted, swept, mopped and organized. I can breathe again :)

8 years ago

Such a lovely post:) I try clean weekly but i usually end up doing it more than once hahax

8 years ago

Sometimes I think I need to do a ‘Spring’ clean every season.. de-cluttering really clears the senses & gives more space for more fashion of course! x

8 years ago

I am taking on a spring cleaning project next weekend! It’s time to declutter my space and my brain!

8 years ago

What a wonderful post! I’ve gotten the spring cleaning bug! My poor husband has no idea the amount of things I have planned for spring projects for him.

8 years ago

You guys have the .gif bug! I kinda dig it. We readers get to watch as various people in your office play around with gifs as a form of expression. Witness all of the experiments. And, in my case, comment when we love the shoes blowing in the breeze.
Also, I’ve been ANTI-spring cleaning my wardrobe. I finally took the fun spring and summer pieces out of their boxes and bins, so I’m all about experimenting with new-found patterns and colors right now!

8 years ago

I’ve just finished my final exams, so I need to clean up my desk and everything inside the shelves that I don’t need anymore! Also, it’s the end of the summer, so I need to order my wardrobe for the next season. I will definitely use some vacuum bags, it’s a great tip for saving space. Greetings!