Weekend Snapshot: Stop And Smell the Roses

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

Nestled among the narrow streets of one of Philadelphia’s most creative neighborhoods is a sign that reads “Welcome to Fishtown, Stop and Smell the Roses.” It’s a worn wooden plank held by two simple posts, with the letters etched out of what appears to be an Old English typeface, making it feel fairly aged yet authentic. The sign is simple in nature, posted in front of a grassy community square with red roses peeking out from the wooden fence in front of it. However, when I think of passing by it on my bike in the warm summer air, a smile begins to spread across my face.

This week, for some reason the traditional font and friendly text of that sign appeared in my mind like magic. Once a crystal-clear image of the structure struck me, I began to think of the cheerful memories that went along with it. Days spent circling past Fishtown’s quaint parks and through its winding alleys on my bicycle were relaxing indeed. Maybe, I thought to myself, the sign is a sign! Whoever the mystery character that originally installed the sign must have definitely had this as its intention.

As over-achieving, over-scheduled, and over-stressed humans, sometimes we really do forget to stop and smell the roses. Life can push us around like a big bully on a playground at times. Yet, naturally our mind will give us a sign that its time to take a moment for ourselves. This weekend I am going to listen to my sub-conscience so I don’t to miss the beauty of the gardens down the street or the fresh air of this wonderful season. I’ll throw on a pair of classic overalls (simply because I love them and they’re meant for playing), put my legs to work pedaling throughout the city, and explore beauty in every nook and cranny I can find.


1. Levi’s Bib and Brace Youth Wear Cut Off

2. Jen’s Pirate Booty Open Shoulder Banded Crop Top

3. Jericho Backpack

4. Cross Town Slip On Clog

5. Roped In Collar

6. Wrapped Rounders Sunglass





+What are your plans this weekend?

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8 years ago

This is gorgeous! I love the clogs. I’m volunteering at a girl scout tea party in a few hours then having a sleepover girls night with a bunch of friends for my birthday :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Beautiful photos! I love cooking on the weekends!

8 years ago

Love the shoes. She has the BEST hair!