3 Natural Beauty DIYs with Flynn & King!

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to my new favorite line of skincare, Flynn & King! Getting to know the creators behind the line has been such a pleasure, and last week I had the opportunity to visit the studio of Corina and Summer in Brooklyn! These two gals are some of the nicest (and most inspiring!) people I’ve met. I learned so much about natural skincare from them in the short hour I was there — I was absolutely blown away. We spent some time making a couple of their favorite natural beauty recipes, and the best part is that almost all of the ingredients probably already exist in your kitchen! Check out the tutorials from them below:

…Here at Flynn & King, we try to make our beauty recipes with little more than what you probably have in your kitchen right now. We want easy, but effective solutions for us busy people on the go! We made a LOTION BAR, YOGURT MASK and a GRAPEFRUIT EXFOLIATOR:



First, we created an amazingly easy DIY LOTION BAR. The recipe is 4:1 coconut oil to beeswax. We use organic for both ingredients. It’s best to try for organic whenever possible. You weigh out the proportions of coconut oil and beeswax and melt them in a double boiler. (Boil water in a pot and place the ingredients in a large enough container to cover the entire top of the pot. ) You want to be careful not to get any water into the recipe to avoid any bacteria growth. Wait until both the oil and the beeswax have melted and pour into any mold you’d like. Next you can add whichever essential oils you’d like, but we like the natural scent of the coconut oil, so we left it unscented. We used a silicone mold like one that you can buy at any baking shop, but even a soft ice cube tray will do! Either set aside and let harden for 24 hours, or if you’re impatient like us, place in the freezer and it should harden in about an hour. 


The coconut oil will hydrate and soften the skin and the beeswax will help hold the moisture inside your skin and create a barrier to help protect the skin against the elements.



Now you have an all-natural, very inexpensive lotion bar that’s great for daily use on your face and body, or to give to friends as awesome gifts! 



Next, we made a very easy, but super effective YOGURT MASK.

You’ll need:


A thick, plain Greek yogurt, (full fat is best.)

A small cucumber

A few sprigs of mint, leaves only. 


Finely chop about half of a small cucumber (with skin) by hand or in a food processor, repeat with the mint leaves. Once finely chopped, add the cucumber and mint to 2-3 tbsp of yogurt. Mix thoroughly and apply to your face. You’ll probably want to do this mask lying down, with a towel underneath you, because it can get messy if it drips. You should massage your face with the mask for a few seconds and then leave on for as long as you’d like, at least 10 minutes. The lactic acid in the yogurt will help to dissolve any dry skin flakes and leave your skin feeling super soft and hydrated. The cucumber and mint have a soothing, calming effect on the skin, and can help to reduce puffiness and redness. This is a great mask to do if you overdid it the night before at a party. This recipe will make 2 masks, so get your boyfriend, girlfriend or bestie to have a mini-spa day at home with you! 



Use warm water or a warm towel to get the yogurt mask off.



Lastly, we made a really fun exfoliator, using half of a large pink grapefruit.

You’ll need:


A large pink grapefruit

Organic coffee grounds

Raw cane sugar

Manuka honey powder (optional)

Olive oil

2 large plates

Take two large plates and pour a thin coating of about 2 tsp of coffee grounds on one plate and the same amount of raw cane sugar on the other. We added manuka honey powder to the cane sugar, but if you can’t find any, the cane sugar on its own is totally fine! Cut the grapefruit in half and drizzle a small amount of olive oil onto the flesh of the grapefruit.


Squeeze the grapefruit a little to release some juice and then dip the halved grapefruit into first the coffee grounds and then the sugar and honey mixture. You’ll most likely want to use this in the shower or standing over a towel. Scrub your body with the grapefruit, reapplying more coffee and sugar if necessary. You will get an amazing body exfoliation, just in time for bathing suit season! This scrub is especially great for your upper thighs, because the caffeine in the coffee will help make cellulite less noticeable and will help to smooth any razor bumps or irritation from shaving. The cane sugar and manuka honey powder act as a humectant to help hold moisture into the skin and provide some excellent scrubby action. The grapefruit juice has antibacterial and cleansing properties to leave your skin clean and fresh, not to mention that it smells amazing!


Rinse with warm water and see how great your body looks just from using what you already have in your kitchen! Finish with your Lotion Bar and you’re good to go!



Head on over to the Flynn & King website to check out their special Mother’s Day promo — if you spend $150 on an order for Mom, they’ll send you a complimentary travel kit for yourself! Also, there’s an ongoing promo where any orders over $125 qualify for free shipping!

Happy shopping, and a big thank you to Corina and Summer for having me over!!

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8 years ago

I bet that lotion bar smells amazing and I adore the mold! It’s super pretty. These girls are gorgeous!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Such a great post. I’ve been making my own skincare for the last 2 years and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!! You save so much money and your body will actually respond better because you know everything that is in your own creations. Xo

8 years ago

I was under the impression that citrus juice was too harsh for facial skin. Is this not true, or is grapefruit less harsh than lemons? Also, I don’t have double boiler so is it possible to make these lotion bars in the microwave? Thanks in advance! xoxo


8 years ago

I’ve been wanting to try and make some of my own skin care products for a while now, and cannot wait to try these out, especially the lotion bar. I think I’m gonna have to buy some of the ingredients and have a go at these!

Many thanks xx

8 years ago

Thanks for the comments and support Alexandra and Annejelina! Natural is always the way to to go!

Elizabeth Rose, the grapefruit exfoliator is created for the body, not face. The sugar and citrus can be too harsh & drying for the face. It’s a really amazing scrub for your body, especially legs or cellulite-prone areas. Also, a true double boiler is not necessary. Just place your Pyrex or heat-safe bowl over a pot of boiling water & let melt slowly. Try to make sure no water gets in! A microwave is not preferable because it can burn the coconut oil if not watched carefully. I hope this helps & happy DIY-ing, you guys!!!

8 years ago

Flynn & King thank you for the reply! I guess I should have assumed it was not for facial use judging that you never said it was for the face, haha. Thank you for clarifying. I will try the Pyrex method on the bars!

8 years ago

I love DIYs like this! Greek yogurt is actually a great skincare product and I’m also looking more into plant-based beauty products!

8 years ago

Wow I’ll have to remember these, they look lovely!

Nina xo | littlepinkcactus.blogspot.com

8 years ago

Love all these recipes! If you are vegan, I would reccomend Shea butter instead of the beeswax- the lotion bars won’t be as hard, but it will give similar results.

8 years ago

Thanks, @Cassie, Nina, Dani!

@Dani, great tip w/the shea butter. If you are vegan, shea butter alone works fine, but careful of warm weather, will melt easily. Cocoa butter might be an even more supreme ingredient to use if you are vegan. It will hold shape better than shea butter. If you are using cocoa butter, we recommend using a ratio of 4:1 cocoa butter to coconut oil.

Hope this helps, ladies! We’d love to see your masterpiece if you decide to make it. Please tag us #flynnandking we’d love to see your creations!

8 years ago

Can’t wait to try these! Going on a camping trip soon and this lotion bar looks fantastic for that! Also, that yogurt face mask looks good enough to eat. :) Can’t believe they’re so simple. I have lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, can I add these to any of the recipes?

8 years ago

@rebecka, absolutely! Not only is lavender pretty much great for everything under the sun (calming, soothing, eczema, sunburns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, itchiness, etc) it’ll add a great floral sweetness to the lotion. Tea tree is amazing as well, great for loads of things like acne, cleanses skin, insect bites, fungi, skin allergies, etc! Use one or both essential oils. We recommend using no more than 10 drops essential oil per ounce of lotion. Using more will most likely create skin sensitivities and reactions. If you have sensitive skin, add no more than 4 or 5 drops per ounce.

Thanks for asking! And yes, this lotion bar would be amazing for camping. :)

8 years ago

The lotion bar looks so cute! Would make a really nice gift too :) Now I just need to find a cute mold!


8 years ago

These tips are great! Thanks F&K! I just received my shipment from your site today and they’re amazing!

Can’t wait to try out these DIY’s. I love it when DIY’s are actually easy to follow, and can be done with things I already have in my home! :)

8 years ago

This home made beauty product is great. One thing I like about home made beauty products is you don’t have to worry about reactions on sensitive skin, since the ingredients are things you eat anyway

8 years ago

You can really make yourself beautiful with natural ingredients! I love using coconut and beeswax, you can make so many things! Like homemade lip balm, lotion and ever sunscreen/ bug bars!

8 years ago

lovely women, lovely brand, great products!

8 years ago

I have been wanting to try and make some of my own skin care products for a while now, and cannot wait to try these out, especially the lotion bar. I think I am gonna have to buy some of the ingredients and have a go at these!

8 years ago

I am so trying this scrub especially on my upper thighs but I want to try it on my arms and legs for smoother skin. Thank you for this awesome post!

8 years ago

Oh and I needed to add that this coffee grinds will be amazing for the skin :)

8 years ago

Just read this post and I’m dying to try the yogurt mask! The only problem is that I have o greek yogurt (guess I shouldn’t have eaten the last of it this morning). Does normal plain yogurt work too?

7 years ago

Thx for diy ,I’m making my self vitamin C serum thxand I love ur home made skin care