Something Blue: DIY Your Own Custom Wedding Jackets (+ Enter to Win)

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… so neat and clean in its execution, this little ditty is likely lodged — inexplicably — in so many of our brains. A romantic through and through, I remember singing this to myself as a child as I imagined my eventual wedding day (ironically, the “something old” was the only item to make it into my actual wedding day ensemble… oops!). Unlike many wedding day traditions, this saying isn’t exactly steeped in myth or lore, it dates back to an Old English rhyme that concludes with “… and a sixpence in your shoe”. These four objects are meant to bring the bride good luck on her wedding day, tokens from family, friends, and even the bride herself to add to the wedding day look at the very last moment… think of them as something to lift you up as you float down the aisle.

Something old to represent continuity,

Something new for optimism,

Something borrowed to represent happiness,

Something blue for love…

And a sixpence in your shoe for prosperity… particularly if you happen to be British.

Of course, now more than ever wedding day traditions are up for interpretation, and this one especially can be easily customized to suit the style of the to-be-wed. A vintage wedding ring could take the place of something old, some fresh dancing shoes for something new, a second-hand veil for something borrowed… and a pair of customized jackets for that special something blue. For the latter, we enlisted the help of our display team to create a set of one-of-a-kind denim jackets fit to go down the aisle or be thrown over wedding day attire as you make your getaway as newlyweds. Check out the how to below, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see how you can win the originals!

Jacket Final 03

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY


Solvent – we used acetone, which is available at the drugstore but Citra Solve is another option that is less harsh and eco-friendly


Respirator mask, or use the solvent in a well-ventilated area


Paper towels

A colored image printed on a laser printer

Light-colored denim or cloth to transfer onto

Optional: Concentrated watercolor paint (we used Dr. Ph Martins concentrated watercolor pigment) and paintbrush for darkening the letters/image

Files: click & print



Till Death Do Us Part

Forever Yours

For the Stencil:

An Exacto knife

How to:

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Print out the reversed image to the size that fits your jacket or piece of cloth (the images we provided in the links above are all scaled to the size we used)

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Lay it down where you want it. Use one hand to keep it from shifting or pin it down. Wet the paper towel with the solvent, and rub it onto the backside of the paper. Quickly rub the paper with the backside of your scissors. The rubbing pressure transfers the image to the cloth. Press hard and make sure you get all the edges of your image. Use your gloves and respirator or do it outside for this step for best results.

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Peel away the paper!


Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Fill in the transfer with paint if you like. We used concentrated watercolor to fill in the lettering on the Men’s jacket.

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

This transfer process works best on light colored fabric. If you have a dark denim you can try spraying it with a little bleach in a spray bottle and lightening it first.

Stencil option: 

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Using an exacto knife, cut carefully around the edges of the arrows. Tape down and lightly spray from above.

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Free People Wedding Jacket DIY

Decide on the placement of the transfers. Once you’ve landed on a design, use pins to pin in place. Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to secure the patches onto your jackets, removing the pins once complete. You can also embellish the look with appliques, beading, or quilted sections.

Jacket Final 01

Toss these on to make your grand getaway or even as you walk down the aisle. Enjoy!

+ Are you getting hitched soon? You could win the two one-of-a-kind jackets created by our display team pictured here, which not only feature the original patches, but some amazing embellishments added by the team as well. To enter, we want to know your love story! Tell us how you and your sweetheart met and the date you’re getting married in the comments. We’ll choose a winner randomly and notify them via email. Best of luck!

A huge thank you goes out to our display team for creating these incredible jackets for us. Stay tuned all this week for even more inspiring wedding DIYs, inspiration, recipes, and ideas!

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6 years ago

Can’t wait to read all the love stories – I love the thought of these jackets, so beautiful!

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

Hi! My name is Bea – my fiancé and I met almost three years ago now at a college group… he was the cute drummer with the motorcycle and I was absolutely in love with him from the moment I had first laid eyes on him… A whole year before we met! Every time I would see him coming into the room, I would run the other way. Finally, after a year of wishing he also talk to me (but never giving him the time of day!), we finally talked to each other and what do you know, he liked me! He asked me out that night and we have been together ever since :-) He is my biggest fan, my rock, my best friend, and I am so happy and lucky to get to call him my husband on December 19th of this year!

6 years ago

Awesome post!

It’s hard to say when my soon-to-be-bride and I met, we have known each other our entire lives. In the 70’s, her parents opened a local playhouse converted from an old art deco movie theater. And my parents met at the same playhouse while performing in the 80’s and they were soon married. My fiancé took over directing at the playhouse after college and I performed in many of those plays. We quickly became friends, but it took time to eventually admit we shared strong feelings for one another. That was almost 10 years ago now and it wasn’t quite as easy ‘coming out’ then. But luckily we did share our feelings and now get to share a life together. We’re getting (legally!) married in Pennsylvania in 17 short days on June 5, 2015! Our dresses and our ‘maids will all be FP! Can’t wait!

6 years ago

What a fabulous wedding idea! This is awesome–anyways, I’m not even close to marriage at all. However, I would love to keep this in mind when bringing a gift for the future–maybe ten years!

6 years ago

I shall share with you the moment we met and the moment we met again. I have lived in New Orleans 12 years. After college, I joined Kickball of Crescent City which is a local league unique and untarnished by the world of adult kickball. I was in a dark relationship that I was struggling to part from and most people in our league avoided me out of fear of my partner. One day, I was sitting by myself and a fearless vibrant energy sat down next to me to put on his cleats and began talking to me. Without much effort I felt like I was a kid on the playground and I had made a new true blue pal. There was no obvious flirtation in our conversation just humanity seeping out of a moment of two people sitting next to each other by chance. Six months later I bumped into him. At this point in my life I had gathered up the strength to end my tumultuous relationship, but was in no way ready to begin anything new. We bumped into each other at the St. Paddy’s day parade and months later at a bar. The next summer on the opening day of kickball I finished my game and walked across the field to order a snoball. And there was this banana in the outfield hopping around and I felt my heart give a jolt. I knew I was totally into the young man in the banana costume. You could feel the light hearted spirit bouncing around. He turned around and it was David. His whole face lit up when he saw me and I could feel my face did the same as the warmth flushed through me. At the after party, we kept each other in eye view and kept finding reasons to chat. By the end of the night, we were sliding around on the dance floor, only to look up hours later and realize we were the last ones there. He walked me to my bike and before I biked home we kissed. It was sweet, simple and effortless. We have been dating four years May 22. He is an architect that went to Tulane and I am a theatre artist who went to Loyola. We can trace each other back to different college parties we were both at but didn’t meet till we were 25. He is my best friend. We got engaged this past January over a chess game at New Orleans City Park. We will be getting married May 7, 2016. A kind Jewish architect from Cleveland and an hispanic artist from San Antonio .

6 years ago


My fiancé and I met at Benicassim festival in 2012. We met whilst dancing to crystal castles and I was that into him I left all my friends and spent 48 hours with him.. Worrying my friends and parents who had reported me missing! Safe to say they wasn’t too happy when I turned up saying id been having the time of my life! Haha. Nathan (my fiancé) lived 200 miles away. For three months we made trips back wards and forwards until I decided we couldn’t say goodbye any longer.. So I moved to be with him. In August 2013 I gave birth up our beautiful little girl… Then in May 2014 Nathan took me back to Benicassim and proposed to me on the beach that we had spent our first evening together swimming. We’re getting married on the day we met .. 15th July 2016 in Benicassim and we’re hoping to have our reception at Benicassim festival! ❤️❤️

Christina M.
6 years ago

We met when he walked into my house! A mutual friend brought him over on a really bummer day of his– his bike had gotten stolen, it was pouring rain for his walk to work, and he had gotten a write-up once he got there. That evening, our mutual friend suggested he come over to our house, have a beer, and just… take a load off. He entered my living room through the front door, and I came in through the door from the kitchen. Our eyes met, and it seemed like time stood still. I didn’t really believe in Love At First Sight until then, but I sure do now. And he says he hasn’t had a bad day since. <3 <3 <3

María Jose Leon
6 years ago

This story starts at my farewell party. I was moving to San Luis Potosí and my closest friend threw a huge party. We met there.
He was just arriving to Juarez City that night, to stay.
The next day I took an airplane and went to SLP without looking back, but missing him already without knowing.
We never spoke while we where in different states.
When I got back to Juarez, we met again without planning, since then, we have been together for two years now, one year married.
When you know it, you know it.
Love to everyone ;)

6 years ago

This is actually for my best friend. Id love to surprise her with these. First I’ll tell you how we fell in love. We met at a beach but didn’t really get to talk. The next summer we went to the same beach bonfire party and a little drunk we did the typical let’s be best friends girl thing. I tackled her as a hug hello and we spent the rest of the night ooing and aahing over boys and my new purple hair. The next morning we went for brunch with the clan and after a short piggy back race and some awesome stir fry it was set in stone. She taight me how to skate and not to be afraid of pitbulls and I taught her how to cook and the many uses of coconut oil. She’s my sole mate in all the ways only a best friend can be. Now, to her fiancé. It was one of those across the room dazzling moments where time slows for just enough time to think a million different thoughts at once. They are both very passionate and have been on and off for half a decade. They’ve finally realised life’s just not as much fun without that sparkle and they are having a snowy wedding in September (Southern Hemisphere). Help me give them the best Maid of Honor gift ever!

6 years ago

Love the jean jackets!! Finally something for the guy whose heart belongs to a FP babe!

I met my FP babe and future fiancé, April,at a concert in Aspen, Colorado. From the minute we locked eyes, we knew we were a match. The problem was she was living thousands of miles away from Colorado. We knew we had to be together, so she cancelled her return ticket home and we spent the summer enjoying the colorado sunshine. When the time came when she had to go back to school, we said goodbye with tears in our eyes.
The next year, we took advantage of every opportunity to see each other, making trips to Mexico, Hawaii, and Seattle to spend time with each other. After school ended that year, she packed up her Subaru and drove halfway across North America. We have been unseperable ever since.
We plan on tying the not in the winter of 2015 as soon as her one of kind ring is complete.

6 years ago

We met in Costa Rica! the small dirt road surfer town Playa Negra to be exact..

It was in November 2011, I had been blessed to be laid off from my pharmaceutical sales job in San Diego where I am from, and thought what better way to step away from corporate america than to escape to the jungle for a month and stay with my best girlfriend Sarah Mallery. She had moved down there a few months earlier, landing a job in Negra as the only teacher of a single-room school! :)

I gave myself a month in paradise finding a little work teaching yoga–a new trade for me then. It was about a week into the holiday when a pizzeria in Negra decided to host a rare reggae night.

For this area an event like that can draw in folks from neighboring towns all looking for something to do. That night there was probably about 20 people max that made it, most were Ticos–the native people. Dado, my future Swiss husband who just happened to be on a month long holiday at the exact same time in the next town over, Avellanas, was also randomly there.

It was one of those moments haha.. when you lock eyes with someone across the room and feel something stir immediately.. we had that. :) From what i remember as soon as we had locked eyes he started to walk over toward my spot at the bar and then I said hello…. The rest is history… haha.. the long international love affair kind!

P.S. On our next visit back to Piko Negro a year later, Dado was sharing our story with the owner of the place and he told him that he happened to meet and eventually marry his Swiss wife there in his place too. She even happens to be from a town in Ticino, one that a regular of the Grotto in fact predicted in our first summer together we would some day marry in. The owner also told Dado that another international half Swiss couple that got married met there also! Most nights you wont find a single person in the place! hmmmm…. :)

6 years ago

Can’t wait to attempt this DIY! These jackets are perfect for a fun engagement shoot.

My fiancé and I met in high school, through a friend who was without our knowledge already very subtly trying to set us up. I was just getting out of a bad relationship and not looking to date anyone anytime soon but I guess when it’s meant to be it’s meant to be! My friend who set us up was over at my house one night talking on the phone to her “new friend from school” long story short she had to put the phone down for a minute and handed it to me, three hours later and after my friend went home, we were still on the phone talking about everything and anything. That was about seven years ago. Fast forward to finishing high school, college, and a little mini along the way. Now, we’re getting married September 5 of this year, three days after our 7th anniversary together, and I guess you could say that my friend Haley is a pretty good little matchmaker.

6 years ago

I was drunk, lying on the sidewalk at a friend’s party in summer. In my drunken stupor I started singing Billy Joel’s ‘You May Be Right.’ That is the moment when Whitney fell in love with me. After almost 5 years together we are to be wed in October 2015. I often find myself singing, like while doing the dishes. Whitney tells me that she sings more than ever now that she is around me. Now we will be singing together until we are old and grey.

6 years ago

It all started at a friend’s bday party 3 years ago. After looking at me all night long, he attempts a first approach in the least delicate way. after one to many beers, he tells me: “is your outfit from Miami Vice?!?” Annoyed, I shrug, turn around and walk away hoping to never to see him again. A shot in the water? Not really.
The next day he adds me on Facebook. Still annoyed but intrigued, I accept. As the weeks and his fb posts on my feed pass by, I start discovering someone funny, intelligent and and quite sensitive (after all!)
Then one day, I comment on one of his post and half a second later (I am not exaggerating!) he sends me an email. After some discussion, he eventually asks me out.
As I do not want to look too eager, I answer with a nonchalant: “Yes, why not?”; that he takes for a semi-refusal (I learnt that later), hence never contact me back to set a date.
A little disappointed, and the ego quite bruised, I do not contact him either …..!

Several weeks later, we bump into each other at a concert. We start talking a lot and everything is going pretty smoothly. My friend who’s with me that nigh tells me we would be perfect together and that she has a very good feeling about it all. I laugh and shrug (boy was she right!)
He contacts me the next day and asks me out again for real this time. Just the most perfect date:
As the perfect gentleman he is, he picks me up, opens the passenger door of his car for me (how gallant is that?) and take me for a romantic brunch then for walk in a park.
He invites me to a concert he organize the following Tuesday. It will be the evening of our first kiss.
One week after he was already leaving a toothbrush at my apartment!
He proposed in Central Park last year and we are getting married in an orchard on aug 29th!

6 years ago

I met my fiance Ryan when I was 14 years old, the beginning of my freshman year in high school. I thought he was goofy in his cowboy boots and denim jacket, but despite this, we became good friends. We both did theater in high school which forced us together even more, and when I was 16, he became my first, and only, boyfriend. We’ve been together for 9 1/2 years now, and on February 1st of this year, Ryan took me on a road trip to Big Sur. We went for a hike to Jade Cove, and at sunset on a cliff, Ryan got down on one knee and I’ve been on Cloud-9 ever since. My heart is so full of love, I hope others get to experience the kind of happiness I’ve been blessed with.

Coral Kai
6 years ago

We met in High School, but don’t have the traditiona High School sweet heart story, ours went very dfferently and happened in such an organic natural way. After high school we went traveling, separately, but shared our adventures with one another through good old fashioned letter writting and post cards. Dallas is incredibly artistic and would send me necklaces made with coral from the different countries he ventured to. Our paths did not cross again until many years after high school and our many years of letter writting, about 5 years actually. I was leaving a class in San Fran and headed back to Oceanside, CA to see family and friends before moving to CT for work. We met, randomly, off the whim, at a brewery and the chemisty was penetrable. Two years later, after one year of long distance and one year living together Dallas got hit by a driver that was under the influence while we had been on vacation visiting his family. We spent a few nights in the hospital until his legs had been rehabbed enough to go home, during that time our bond grew to another level of connection, a bond and energy I’ve never experienced with another living creature. A month later he proposed. Now, we are getting married August 6th in the mountatins with our family and childhood friends!

Hailey Caywood
6 years ago

My fiancé’s mother, Patty, introduced us. She was hired by my aunts and uncles as a live-in caretaker for my elderly grandparents. Both of my grandparents were in poor health, and my grandfather passed away last June. A few days after his funeral, I was visiting my grandmother, when Patty asked me if I had a boyfriend. I didn’t, so Patty said, “You should look up my son on Facebook!” I rolled my eyes, and thought, “Okay, Patty…” But I went ahead and searched his name in Facebook on my phone right then. I typed in “Kelly Blake Thomas” on the search bar. His profile came right up. I saw his profile picture, and thought, “Okay, Patty!!” I sent him a message. I told him that his mom had suggested that I look him up. He replied, “Thank you, mama! Tell her I love her!” He asked to take me fishing on the Illinois River in his hometown of Gore, OK about 30 minutes away from my small Oklahoma town. I was supposed to meet him there, but my car was out of gas. Pay day was a few days away, so I was struck without any gas or money at my house. Kelly Blake came and picked me up. I met him in my driveway wearing my Stars and Stripes bikini. We loaded up in his truck, and neither one of us could quit smiling the whole way to the river. We drank cold budweisers from Arkansas (Antiquated alcohol laws in Oklahoma only allow us to sell/purchase 3.2% alcoholic beers, so it’s always a treat when an Okie can get there hands on some “6 point” beer). Kelly Blake serenaded me with his sexy southern voice and his namesake Uncle Kelly’s guitar by the river for the rest of the day. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was gorgeous, talented, tender-hearted, funny, and a true southern gentleman. His mama raised him right! He took me home later that night, and has been by my side ever since! We have never spent a day apart since June 10, 2014. It was true love at first sight! He asked me to marry him on Friday, March 13, 2015. A few months before that day he had asked me to write down 10 things that make me feel loved. I wrote them in a journal that we share. He memorized every single one, and he wrote me a love letter in that same journal detailing how he promised to do all of those things for the rest of our lives. The ring was attached in the back of the journal. We decided we didn’t want to wait any longer to be husband and wife, so we set our date for June 14, 2015, 90 days from the proposal and 4 days after our 1 year anniversary. We’re getting married at his 92 year-old grandmother’s house in Webbers Falls, OK. It’s the oldest house in Webber, built in 1890. She was born there, and married there (among 12 othercouples over time), and she says she’ll die there too. We cannot wait to share our special day at her special home with all of our friends and family. It’s an Oklahoma Summer themed wedding with dream catchers and teepees everywhere. Everything has been handmade or hand-me-downs. We would love to win these jackets and wear them in some of our pictures! Thanks for letting me share our story and for the chance to win!

6 years ago

We met almost 7 years ago! I was with my sister and friend and we were just leaving a coffee shop where we saw our friends band play. When we got outside he was sitting on the stoop and we made eye contact and as I walked away with the girls I looked back and he was still looking at me smiling. Later that night my sister and friend went back into town to get drinks and ran into him there! He asked them about me and it ended up being that he and my sister had some mutual friends so she invited him to a BBQ that weekend and that is where we officially met! We knew we liked each other right away but I had just broke up with someone so I was keeping some distance. We saw each other a few times but we didn’t officially get together for another 3 months! he asked me to marry him last April and I said yes of course. no date yet but we are planning Fall 2016! <3

6 years ago

Ainsworth (my fiancé) and I were “high school sweethearts”. We met in Germany (I was living there at the time) during my Junior year dancing on a table to 99 Red Balloons. I looked into his eyes and immediately knew we were soul mates. I think that our story is so magical because we have grown up together. We’ve been fortunate to experience so many different seasons of life (from adolescence to adulthood) and our love has only grown with each new turn. We were together for six years, two continents and one amazing little girl before deciding that we were finally ready to journey down the aisle on September 26th of this year!

6 years ago

I will tell you about my real life “reverse love story”. I met the man of my dreams in a dream. I dreamt of his hands long before I knew his name or even his face. In college, my best friend introduced me to her boyfriend, there was something so strangely familiar about this man, but I could’t quite put my finger on it:). Coincidently, my best friend ended up marrying this man. At their wedding, I saw for the first time, in real life, the hands I had been dreaming of. As I watched this handsome, distinguished man give his best man’s speech at his twin brother’s wedding while grasping the microphone in those all too familiar hands, I had an erie chill run down my body. In an old 100-year old historic pueblo in Northern New Mexico I had a sense of deja vu and the backdrop fit all too well. Could this be the hands I had dreamt of years earlier? For our time here and our real life love story’s sake, indeed it was this person. As if like a fairytale out of a dream, Duane and I fell in love and have been inseparable ever since. Our paths have mimicked each others for the last 10 years when he asked me to marry him in 2005. In so many ways our lives, just like a set of twins or a pair of hands, many ironies have presented themselves in our lives. As our story goes, the loss of our parents concurrently is one of the many intricacies of how the webs of our life together has been lived out over these 10 years and continue to make us understand that we truly belong together. I call it our reverse love story because of how our story unravels for us to understand how perfectly laid out it was in the beginning as it can only be understood by telling it backwards from our perspective now as to how we met back then. We will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary with a renewal wedding this summer on our parents land in the Northern New Mexican mountains with a pair of horses, a pair of boots, a pair of hearts, and hopefully a pair of perfectly made denim jackets. ***7/9/2005-7/9/2015***

6 years ago

Our story begins as a summer romance: I was going through a “I want to travel and discover my true self” phase when I found myself trying to read his palm at a work party. He was in town for only two weeks so I decided it couldn’t hurt to spend some time together, since I was in denial that I had fallen for him the moment we met.
After three years of of a whirl-wind long distance romance, we will finally tie the knot (something I never thought I’d see myself doing) and we will start our lives together. We have set the date for the end of August in Chicago; the time and place we first met.

6 years ago

I’d been practicing yoga for about 4 years, when I finally got the guts up to take my first class taught by {gulp} a MAN…I was nervous. But Andrew was a great teacher and he was funny. He made the class light and fun and an awesome workout! I found myself looking forward to his classes more than any other ones, and I didn’t even realize why. A week later I decided to take matters into my own hands.

One night I left my necklace behind on the studio floor “by accident” and left the gym. A while later I came back “looking for my necklace” and sure enough he had found it – we sat and talked in the dark empty studio for about an hour and I knew right then that we were meant for each other. Something magnetic, something perfect, something so real had begun. I didn’t know anything about him, but I knew he was mine. Here’s what I learned about him in order:
He is my yoga instructor.
He is from Long Island.
He is Jewish.
He is a teacher.
He is my soulmate.

As we got to know each other it turned out we had so much in common and just enough “out of common”. We began dating immediately and within a week we were talking about getting married. He was ready to settle down, and I was ready for a serious relationship.

The only problem was that my parents didn’t like him. They didn’t like how he was much older than me, they didn’t like that he encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, they didn’t like that I wanted to marry him so short a time after meeting him. They began putting rules in place, tracking my phone, and giving me curfews and boundaries about how often I could see Andrew.

It was a long year of pretty difficult times, trying to work with my parents and keep the peace with my family, all while maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship with my boyfriend. We had plenty of disagreements but we stayed strong. After a month apart to reground ourselves and get our priorities straight, we agreed we still couldn’t imagine life without each other. He proposed to me on Valentines Day and we decided that no matter the struggles and hardships, we were going to make it!
Andrew always has and always will be the only man in my life who has helped me be more ME than ever. He has helped me to find who I really am and fight for it. He has lit a fire within me to go, to push, to strive, to be more, to live fully, and to live with passion and happiness. I don’t know where I’d be without him.

Our wedding date is November 15, 2015, and we plan to keep things small. We want only our closest most supportive friends and family to celebrate the most amazing joyous time of our lives with us. :-)

6 years ago

We met in college as physics majors who back country skied and rock climbed. 5 years later and three states I proposed (ha!) skiing in mountains with a paper ring after he kept mentioning how it was important for him to get married soon. Our date is July 17th, 2015 woo!

6 years ago

my second year of college, i went on a trip to cancun mexico. i wasn’t the spring-break-type, nor was i much of the partying type either, but i decided live a little and do something out of my comfort zone. even though i have always been a hopeless romantic, it never crossed my mind that i would meet a handsome stranger and fall in love.. but thats exactly what happened. the second day of my trip, i met dennis at our hotel’s pool and we were inseparable for the remaining 6 days. i was from connecticut and he was born and raised in brooklyn, ny. (i think it was the accent that got me <3) we dated long distance for 2 years- during this time dennis would get out of work, drive 2 hours to visit me about 3x/week, stay the night and leave the next morning at 4:45 a.m. (i still remember the alarm clock going off at that dreadful hour.) we were so in love. since then, we move in together, lost everything in hurricane sandy the next year, and ever since have lived in 3 different apartments as we tried to get back on our feet. since then, i got a beautiful ring and a sweet baby in late 2013(surprise!). now we just need to make it official! wedding planned for august 2016<3

6 years ago

My sweetheart and I met on the first day of seventh grade. He had short spiky hair as was the cool look of the time and I had my stay true look, long blonde hair. We slow danced at our first school dance and from then on we had our sights set on each other. We began dating seriously sophomore year of high school and have been inseparable ever since. We are each others best friends, travel companions, care takers, sweethearts. 10 years have gone by and many memories have been created. We have graduated high school and college together, traveled the country, traveled the world and everything in-between! Our date is set for August 8, 2015!