Festival Song

Can you hear that? From what seems like miles away, the faint sound of an electric guitar howls in the distance. 

The drums come in now and you hear the crowd cheering. You look at your friends camping alongside you; smiles grow, excitement shows. You woke up with the sun this morning — its heat poured into your tent from all sides. It was much quieter then; crickets chirped with the peaceful whistling wind. Now you hear the buzz of the distant amps, chatter from nearby campsites, and laughter of those walking by. It’s a beautiful sound. It’s a sound of community and love. Freedom and art. It’s a sound you’ll never really remember but will never forget.






Get the look: Staring At Sunsets Romper


Get the look: Ease Into It Romper

+ Have you ever camped for a music festival? I’d love to hear about it!

Thank you to our models, Katy and Alana!

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  1. Festival season is always such a beautiful chance to get away from all the hussle and bustle of our everyday’s lives. Staying up late dancing through the nights or sitting with a friend by a campfire or on top of a hill and chatting about all the stuff that happens, laughing. Making and meeting new friends, seeing the ones that live in another country or far across your own now, and sometimes even fall in love….*sigh* it just goes on and on!!

    wish you all a very happy, magic and sunny festival season <3

  2. Beautiful photos of the Gorge! :) So bummed I missed SAS this year. I just moved to Thailand from Seattle to teach English and travel for a while. I just started a blog to document my time here and am pretty new to this whole thing. Check it out if you have some time to kill!


  3. I LOOOOOOVE camping. Bonnaroo is my go to festival (guess you could call me a Bonnaroovian). The description at the beginning of this article is spot on. Even through the intense heat, storms, and dust/mud, camping for a festival really creates a sense of home away from home. Especially with friends, old and new alike.

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