Weekend Snapshot: Embrace the Rain

The forecast this weekend calls for rain… and to tell you the truth I’m not mad about it. As soon as warm weather hints at its arrival, I no longer live indoors. I’m out with the sun, wandering through the city, exploring new trails, and doing my best to not come indoors before long after dark. These seasons have a tendency to feel all too short, so it’s my goal to savor every last second of spring and summer.

But every now and then, an excuse to stay cozy in my space is appreciated. And this weekend I’m welcoming the rain with open arms.

I’m planning to unplug as best I can, with my coffee cup filled and the records spinning on repeat. After traveling for most of last week and the week before, I’m looking forward to being in my own space and relishing some much needed time in the sanctuary of my home. Come Monday the sun will be shining again and I’ll resume my warm-weather worshiping. Until then, I’ll be embracing the rain.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Weekend Snapshot Rainy Day Low Rez05

1. Margot Tee

2. Border Print Bell Bottoms

3. Belmont Leather Clog

4. Mega Double Pendant

5. Ceremonial Tassel Bracelet

Weekend Snapshot Rainy Day Low Rez01

Weekend Snapshot Rainy Day Low Rez02

Weekend Snapshot Rainy Day Low Rez04

+ How are you spending your weekend?

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7 years ago

Love those pants! I don’t mind rainy days at all, especially in something so cute!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

So excited for rain. We need it. Hope you have a great weekend! :]

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7 years ago

I’m not fond of the rain either. It’s been sunny and then switches to stormy every half hour or so. On the bright side, your pants look like the best thing to hang out in because of the rainy weather!


7 years ago


7 years ago

This outfit is gorgeous! I am not a fan of rain at all, but I do love that it’s so hydrating for California! We really do need more rain!