Get Fit: Summer Stair Workout + GIFs

Summer is here, and it’s officially more enjoyable than ever to get in shape. Take your workout outside. Let your lungs fill with that fresh air and let your skin soak up that vitamin D. Keep in mind, moving your workout outside shouldn’t mean just going for a run, it’s still important to tone and burn fat with HIIT intervals. A great way to do so is to find a set of stairs to use as your equipment. We can bet if you look around your neighborhood, town, or city, they will be easy enough to find. Once you’ve located a good set of stairs to work with, follow this workout from Katherine Greiner, NYC-based trainer and founder of KGBody. She shows us how to work muscles all over the body and how to get that heart pumping, just in time for summer! Uneven Squat To Standing Leg Lift Image 2 Works: Butt, thighs, and lower abs Reps: 20 reps each side. Directions: Start with right foot 1-2 steps higher than left foot with body facing parallel to steps. Lower body to an uneven squat, then stand up pushing off right leg, and pull left knee up towards chest while contracting lower abdominals. Squat-to-Standing-Leg Inclined Lunge to High Kick Image 3 Works: Legs, core, and improves stability/balance Reps: 20 reps each leg Directions: Stand facing up the stairs with right foot 2-3 steps above left foot with your body in a lunge position. Bend into a deep lunge with right front knee at a 90 degree angle (be sure to keep right knee above right ankle; do not let it extend out over your toes). From this position stand-up/straighten right leg as you simultaneously kick-extend your left leg forward. Lunge-to-High-Kick Bird Dog Image 4 Works: Entire body!! Reps: 2 reps each side (holding 30-60 seconds) Directions: Sit facing down the stairs with left hand planted on step at your side and right foot planted two steps below your hand. Lift your seat/butt off the steps and hover supported by left hand and right foot for 30-60 seconds. Switch sides and repeat. Inclined Wide-Arm Push Up Image 5 Works: Chest, shoulders, arms Reps: 2 sets of 10 reps Directions: Start facing up the stairs in an inclined plank (straight arm) position with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Bend elbows out to sides so that they come to a 90-degree angle as you lower the heart towards the step, keeping body in a strong plank. Push-up and return to straight arm position. Wide-Arm-Pushup Plank With Butt Lift Image 6 Works: Arms, core, and butt Reps: 30 reps each leg Directions: Start facing up the stairs in an inclined plank (straight arm) position with hands directly under shoulders. While maintaining the plank position, curl the right leg so that the knee is bent at 90 degrees. Holding the leg in this bent position, squeeze the glute repeatedly, which will result in a pulsing motion as if “stepping on the ceiling”. Tricep Dips With Glute Stretch Image 7  Works: Back of the arm and shoulders Reps: 2 sets of 10 reps Directions: Sit facing down the stairs and place palms on steps at your sides with fingers pointing down the stairs parallel to body. Cross left ankle over right knee. Lift seat/butt off the step and bend the elbows back to 90-degree position as you lower your body down. Straighten your arms to come up to original position. Switch legs for the second set. *Tips – 1) Keep the heart lifted during this exercise, do not allow the chest to collapse and the shoulders to round forward; 2) make sure the elbows bend back as opposed to flaring out to the side; 3) be careful not to “cheat” by using the leg to push the body up and down. Tricep-Dips Stair Sprints! (aka CARDIO!!) Reps: Do TWO sets of stair sprints between each exercise. Directions: Find the tallest flight of steps you can and run up and down! – remember to smile! “Happy mind – happy body!!” Sprint Katherine is Wearing: Lovin Long Short and Chevron Bra For more workout inspiration, follow Katherine on Instagram: @kgbody

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8 years ago

These are so inspiring – I love the active wear!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Great workout with a strong and lovely woman!!

8 years ago

These are awesome! Love the gifs, along with it!

Ripped Jeans

8 years ago

Looks like fun!

Judy Corr
8 years ago

These look awesome, can’t wait to try!!!

8 years ago

Great workout idea! Will be posting this for other to view on a blog! :)

7 years ago

Love this!