Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 18–24

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May 21–June 20

With Mercury going retrograde in your sign this week, some personal reflection is in order between now and June 11. You may misspeak or find yourself tongue-tied, and it’s appropriate to turn inward now. Ponder the way you express yourself and consider whether your image reflects the whole of who you are. The sun is entering Gemini, giving you extra permission to focus on yourself in the coming weeks. Although Mercury retrograde can make it difficult to get your message across verbally, the sun helps you to exude personality. His opposition to Saturn in your relationship angle implies that a person or a relationship could be wearing on you, and you may feel thwarted, blocked or tested. You might need to slow down and focus your strength where it’s most rewarding. Aim to balance your needs with your obligations to others. A Venus-Pluto opposition echoes this theme, and the intensity of your desires could lead to a power struggle. You should be able to find middle ground, given that you’re not an all-or-nothing sign. Happy birthday!


June 21–July 22

Mercury turns retrograde in your seclusion sector this week, giving you a few weeks to take one last look over your shoulder at something you need to release. Change your interpretation of the past, and let go of regrets and guilt. You’re more in tune with your psyche, dreams, spirit and intuition, and the outer world will seem fuzzy at times. You could easily say something unintended, so opt for quiet reflection as much as possible. The sun is entering this house, initiating the month when you wrap up your year and recharge your battery. A sun-Saturn opposition suggests work and responsibilities will weigh on you and prevent you from relaxing as much as you’d like. Conserve your energy and attend to crucial obligations. Venus in Cancer is facing off with Pluto, hinting at strong desires, obsession, jealousy and the possibility of attracting someone who has a powerful effect on you—good or bad. A relationship that begins now is likely to be very intense. If an existing relationship is in turmoil, try to accept the inevitability of change.


July 23–August 22

Mercury turns retrograde in your hopes-and-humanity house this week, increasing the odds of reconnecting with friends and professional contacts. Rumors and misunderstandings may crop up, and although this is an appropriate time to reexamine your associations with people, guard against a falling out based on misinterpretation and false assumptions. Reflect on your goals and wishes, and revise them to suit a new path in your life. You may decide to shift affiliations accordingly, but don’t act on that just yet. A sun-Saturn faceoff implies you could hold yourself back from shining in a group or you may want to be around people but have trouble letting loose and enjoying life. Teamwork, friendship and socializing are likely to be affected by your need to withdraw and work on your own stuff. Jupiter and Venus have tense encounters with Pluto that call for you to tweak your aspirations to accommodate the reality of your health, job or responsibilities. You’ll also need to balance your desire for peaceful retreat with the need to take care of business in the outside world.


August 23–September 22

Mercury is going retrograde at the top of your chart this week, compelling you to watch what you say around authority figures and review your goals, career path and public image. Put off making big decisions that will affect your professional life. Instead, research possible career moves and revise plans that aren’t working. The sun is also ascending to your ambition angle now, and he’s facing off with Saturn. Although you’ll be able to shine in a professional or public setting, you’ll have to get past a block such as insecurity, negative emotions, domestic or family responsibilities or a limiting pattern stemming from childhood. You may feel that your family or your emotional state isn’t backing your success. Try to balance ambition with downtime and introspection. Potential difficulty with friends or another group could be connected with an intense romantic relationship or obsession with someone who’s not good for you. Or your desire for transformative experiences could be at odds with more superficial socializing. You might meet someone who has a powerful effect on you, so do get out and mingle.



September 23–October 22

Mercury turns retrograde in your expansion zone this week, making travel particularly challenging, so if you’re going away, be patient with detours and delays. This is a good period for revisiting places, relearning things, reexamining your beliefs, revising written material for publication, rethinking your future and regaining your perspective. The sun is moving into this house as well, inspiring you to broaden your horizons, but his opposition with Saturn implies that a negative attitude, a limiting mindset, a lack of communication or the need to work out a plan could hold new people and experiences at bay. Try to find a balance between practicality and excitement, and don’t let yourself get discouraged. A Venus-Pluto faceoff suggests your public or professional appeal could be affected by turbulent emotions, family issues or living conditions. A power struggle with a parent is also possible. You want to appear agreeable and happy, but disagreeable feelings are upsetting you, and repressing them can make matters worse. Acknowledge that you’re not all sweetness and light, and what you may consider unattractive is what makes you real.


October 23–November 21

When Mercury goes retrograde this week, he’ll be backtracking in the house of your chart that’s naturally associated with Scorpio matters. This is a good period for reclaiming your personal power and rediscovering an old source of passion. You may find yourself reflecting on a past sexual relationship or a past loss. Review issues concerning give-and-take. A grant or loan could be delayed, and this isn’t a great time to borrow money. Better to do something conservative, like paying off debt. An old mystery could resurface, and as the sleuth of the zodiac, you’ll probably enjoy digging into it. Misunderstandings might occur in an intimate relationship, requiring patience and an open mind. A sun-Saturn faceoff implies possessiveness, insecurity or rigid values may block closeness and sharing. Try not to shut out something that could be good for you. Jupiter and Venus are feuding with Pluto, suggesting that your intense mindset is out of step with your optimistic ambition and your desire to enjoy new people and experiences. Keep advancing in your thinking so you can keep growing on other levels.


November 22–December 21

Mercury goes retrograde this week, and for Sags, it’s apt to have an effect on your close connections and one-on-one interactions. If you’re not absolutely sure what someone means, ask for clarity instead of forming an instant opinion. It may be time to renegotiate the terms—spoken and unspoken—of a relationship or rethink one altogether. Old interpersonal issues could pop up, especially those related to communication. Compromise is the solution to various dilemmas now. With the sun opposing Saturn in your sign, people might perceive you as shutting them out, so be aware of the walls you’re putting up if you’re feeling isolated and wondering why. You do need plenty of space lately to focus on your own agenda, but let people in once in awhile to stay engaged with the world. Your need to maintain control over what belongs to you might prevent intimacy and sharing, so try to balance control and trust. Last, if you’re aiming too high in your expectations for future adventures, make some adjustments to accommodate the reality of your resources.


December 22–January 19

With Mercury turning retrograde in your efficiency house this week, scheduling snafus and crossed wires on the job will become more common, so double-check info and stay flexible. This is a good period for researching a health matter, finding a new solution to an old problem, reorganizing your calendar or workspace and reviewing your habits, daily regimen and methods. The sun in this house is opposing Saturn in your subliminal zone, suggesting that burnout, guilt or doubt could be depleting your energy and keeping you from fulfilling your responsibilities. Your need to withdraw and find closure or finish a project might also keep you from executing today’s tasks. Venus and Jupiter are quarreling with Pluto in Capricorn, another reminder to be aware of your unintentional contribution to a problem—in this case an interpersonal one, not a work one. Control issues or obsession could be marring your relationships. Try to right a power imbalance by compromising. Work on understanding yourself and letting others be who they are. Show people a softer side of you, and watch your rapport improve.


January 20–February 18

Mercury goes retrograde in your fulfillment sector this week, which could get you thinking about past loves or things that used to give you pleasure. Rediscovering an old source of joy is a great use of this period, but since everyone’s judgment will be somewhat impaired for the next few weeks, rekindling an old flame isn’t the best idea. Use this time to rework a creative project, play more spontaneously, find new ways to express your personality, meander down unfamiliar avenues to inspiration and reacquaint yourself with your inner child. The sun is moving into this house and facing off with Saturn in your network zone, so you could feel inhibited expressing yourself to a group. Or you may find it difficult to maintain your individuality and also integrate with others. The tension between being a star and being a team player is emphasized by this opposition. A Venus-Pluto opposition calls for you to try to enjoy what you’re doing in the moment without completely ignoring the heavier undercurrents in your psyche, lest they intrude on your daily life in indirect ways.


February 19–March 20

Mercury is turning retrograde at the bottom of your chart this week, luring you into thoughts about the past. An old family issue could resurface, and you may gain insight into something from your childhood. Sift through memories with the aim of understanding how you got to where you are now and making peace with the past. Reconnect with relatives, rethink your décor and rearrange the furniture. The sun is entering this house as well and moving into an opposition with Saturn in your ambition angle, alluding to possible tension between your home life and professional life. Much of your attention is on getting ahead, and you’re probably taking on additional responsibilities. But you also need a peaceful haven that makes you feel centered. You don’t want to get so caught up in chasing your dreams out in the world that you forget to take your emotional temperature and tend to your inner needs. A Venus-Pluto faceoff similarly reminds you that you must strive for a balance between personal pleasure and the power that a group holds for you.


March 21–April 19

With Mercury going retrograde for the next few weeks, you can expect glitches with communication and transportation, so be patient. Double-check information, and make sure you understand people correctly before getting into disagreements. You may have a lot to say, but will have difficulty saying exactly what you mean. This is a good time for reconnecting with siblings and revising old ideas. The sun is entering the same house where Mercury’s backtracking, increasing the busyness of your mind and your environment. And a sun-Saturn faceoff hints at a mental block—or possibly writer’s block. Your words and thoughts may be challenged by a teacher, publisher or elder, or you may be trying to fit your thinking into a structured belief system. Blend new ideas with more traditional truths instead of scrapping them. Also strive for middle ground between relaxing at home and working to achieve your goals. Part of you is craving peace and quiet, while part of you is determined to control the direction your life is headed in. A comforting home base will support your hard work.


April 20–May 20

Mercury turns retrograde in your worth zone this week, calling for you to review your values and priorities. Avoid splurges, as your financial judgment could be off. Instead, think of new ways to make money and save money. Look at the stuff that you’re holding onto, and rethink what you really need. Consider how your self-esteem impacts your attitude toward finances and possessions. Payment could be delayed, and you might find something you thought you lost. The sun is beckoning you to make full use of your resources, and his opposition with Saturn highlights the tension between taking care of your own needs and relying on someone else’s support. Outside help feels hard to come by, and the more independent you can be, the more secure you will feel. A Venus-Pluto faceoff means a pleasant mindset could be threatened by concerns about the big picture. You want to be happy and innocent in the moment, but a more jaded side of you is seeking the greater meaning and grappling with what to believe. You can shed naïveté and still enjoy life.

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6 years ago

Yikes! Mercury in retrograde does not sound fun – thanks for the head’s up!

Warm Regards,

Jamie Ann
6 years ago
6 years ago

I do need some more people in my social circle. Doesn’t seem like it but I really am an introvert :(