Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 4–10

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April 20–May 20

The sun in Taurus is quarreling with Jupiter in your roots angle and jibing with Pluto in your expansion sector this week, setting the tone for you. You might have a problem with family expectations, or your quest for peace and security could keep you from shining your light the way part of you wants to. Or you may come on quite strong if you get a burst of confidence. The hard-earned knowledge that you’ve slowly gained over the past several years can guide you to channel your energy properly. Travel, learning, religion, philosophy, new experiences, a fresh perspective and encounters with foreign people, cultures, ideas and beliefs can change you on a profound level and alter your perception of your place in the world. With Venus moving into your cognition-and-communication house, the love and beauty in your encounters and environment comes into focus. Close relationships may feel like work now, but the pleasure you get from everyday interactions should be rewarding.


May 21–June 20

Mercury is in your sign and squabbling with Neptune in your ambition angle this week, so you could have a hard time reconciling your current thinking with far-off, perhaps idealized, goals. You might not be able to articulate your objectives as clearly as you’d like, or maybe you’ll find yourself in disagreement with someone in authority. Or a superior—like a boss or parent—or a system that you need to work within might confuse you momentarily. Focus on not being deceived by your own aspirations or by someone in power. Your subconscious mind may also be at odds with your conscious optimism, open-mindedness and plans for the future. You need some quiet time alone to sift through what you’ve been pushing to the back of your head, intentionally or not. Shining a light on these subliminal feelings and thoughts can empower you and transform your psyche. Be honest with yourself, and don’t be afraid to get uncharacteristically dark and deep.


June 21–July 22

With the sun in your network sector sparring with Jupiter in your worth house this week, overconfidence, avarice or self-righteousness about values could keep you from being in sync with friends or another group. The sun is naturally egoistic, and when it’s in this house, the challenge is how to be yourself and also play a cooperative role in a group. Can you maintain your individuality while being a team player? The sun’s harmony with Pluto in your relationship angle points to a solution. Allow the dynamics at play between you and others to continually evolve. Embrace powerful connections that transform you, but don’t get into power struggles. Avoid projecting content from your psyche onto others. Venus’s arrival in Cancer boosts your magnetism, sociability and desire to be around people and enjoy life. You’ll naturally draw others to you now, although Venus’s skirmish with Saturn hints that work and responsibilities could temporarily mar your pleasure, requiring you to make a quick adjustment and move on.


July 23–August 22

The sun is at odds with Jupiter in Leo this week, calling for you to contend with an authority figure, a system you must work within or the dizzying height of your own aspirations. You want so much to shine, and this is definitely the season for it. But Jupiter may be expanding your Leo pride and confidence to the point where they could work against you. Rule out the option of being less than you can be. Given the personal growth spurt you’ve been experiencing, it would be a tragedy to hide your light under a bushel. You simply need to draw upon the deep resources that you’ve been building for yourself. Your own hard work is what will enable you to shine now. The changes in your daily life are thankfully in sync with your ambition at the moment. Work is a humbler path to recognition than showing off a new side of yourself, but it should be effective now.


August 23–September 22

Talking about your goals, communicating with an authority figure and conceiving a plan for success could be confusing this week, especially if you’re counting on someone’s counsel. If you’re seeking a specific response, Mercury’s run-in with murky Neptune implies that will be hard to come by. You could end up feeling deceived or bewildered if you can’t keep your thinking firmly grounded. Fortunately, as a Virgo, you should be able to handle that. A sun-Jupiter battle again alludes to a possible problem of perspective. Unconscious expectations may interfere with your ability to broaden your horizons through learning, travel, unfamiliar experiences and new people. You could get carried away by an urge for freedom and escape, or your current understanding of the big picture may not mesh with a personal truth. But a deep determination to get more out of life will serve you well. Creativity, play, love, children and self-expression will inspire you and give you a sense that the world is full of possibility.


September 23–October 22

The sun in your depth-and-sharing zone is fighting with Jupiter in your hopes-and-humanity sector this week, so one-on-one closeness may compete with group socializing. Or digging deeply into something in the present could get uncomfortable, as you find yourself turning toward the future and what’s next. Or commitment and monogamy might conflict with freedom and playing the field. But don’t shy away from intimacy and self-reflection. Powerful emotions are involved and shouldn’t be swept under the rug, even if they seem too dark or heavy. Getting in touch with your inner self or sharing your inner self with someone will be cathartic now. On a different note, Venus is ascending to the pinnacle of your chart, putting the law of attraction on your side in a public or professional context. You can make a favorable impression on higher-ups and show off your creative flair in the coming weeks, but you may need to get past the temporary stumbling block of a limiting mindset first.


October 23–November 21

One-on-one interactions are tricky this week, due to a squabble between the sun in your others zone and Jupiter in your ambition angle. Chasing goals could intrude on time with a significant other or you may strike someone as arrogant, patronizing or preachy. Be mindful of a temptation to try to win or teach rather than relate. You’re very focused on success, and your aspirations are high. Just be aware of how that can impact relationships now. Fortunately, the sun is harmonizing with Pluto, enabling you to achieve a healthier balance of power in your connections. Thanks to Pluto’s transit through your mindset house, you’ve gotten into the habit of questioning your own thinking and not taking as much for granted. Use your evolving consciousness to take an honest look at the dynamic between you and others. Your perception of a relationship or the way you operate within a relationship may change as a result of your determination to understand yourself.


November 22–December 21

Your ruler Jupiter is tangling with the sun in your productivity house this week, suggesting that responsibilities are likely to curtail your freedom somewhat. The mundane details of daily life are competing with your urge to escape. You’re supposed to be devoting your energy to your job, your to-do list, exercise and various duties, but part of you wants to get out of your routine and do something different, be somewhere else and maybe meet new people. Try not to let your longing for escape keep you from taking care of business, lest you end up halfheartedly trying to accomplish things when you’re too distracted to be efficient. Take breaks instead, perhaps utilizing what these two houses have in common: physicality. One emphasizes the health aspect, while the other is more about sports and adventure. And the sun’s harmony with Pluto tells you to be willing to shift your priorities to get stuff done. Identify the value in each task in order to motivate yourself.


December 22–January 19

The sun’s interactions with other planets are a good indicator of how to get the most out of your week. He’s in your pleasure sector, encouraging you to enjoy life, but his clash with hopeful Jupiter in your sharing zone suggests that you may expect someone else to contribute to your happiness. Whether you’re seeking companionship, emotional or financial support or intimacy, your expectations could be too high at the moment. It’s tempting to try to make something into more than it is simply because you wish it to be. One example is trying to turn a casual love affair into a deep, committed relationship. Right now you’re much better off focusing on your own power to experience joy, love, fun, humor and creativity. In turn, such positive experiences can be transformative for you—given that the sun is in sync with Pluto in your sign. So savor the delights that life hands you or the ones you yourself can make happen.


January 20–February 18

With the sun nestled at the bottom of your chart, your focus is on home, relatives, comfort and feelings. The sun’s battle with Jupiter in your relationship angle this week means overestimating what you should be getting from people could disturb the peace. Partnership could clash with family, and sticking close to your roots could clash with broadening your horizons by being with someone different from you. Perhaps you want to stay home or play it safe, and somebody is encouraging you to take more risks and live a little. At a very basic level, this planetary configuration might refer to alone time competing with time spent with another person. Although your relationships have a lot to teach you now and are pulling you toward the future, the sun’s connection with Pluto in the last house of your chart hints at the need to work through issues from the past and deal with dark emotions. Channeling your energy into finishing something up would be wise.


February 19–March 20

Mercury is battling Neptune in your sign this week, so you could have a disagreement with a family member or someone you live with and feel like they don’t understand you. Given the elusiveness of Neptune and Pisces, you’re not wrong. People don’t have a crystal clear vision of you. Try to be aware of the signals that you’re giving off. You could easily become lost in introspection and thoughts of the past now, viewing memories through the prism of your imagination. Have compassion for yourself, without fictionalizing. A sun-Jupiter battle may affect your mindset and communication, especially if you get overwhelmed by a full schedule and a frantic pace. Your brain can spin out of control when you’re thinking about too many things at once. You probably want more freedom in your daily life than you currently have and may get distracted from details, longing to escape. Reach out to the network of people in your life, articulate your aims and get strength from their support.


March 21–April 19

Finances and fun may not go together very well this week, with the sun in your worth house clashing with Jupiter in your pleasure sector. Your assessment of what you need to make you happy is liable to be unrealistic, and identifying with your possessions could be at the crux of it. You may see something and think, “That’s so me! I have to have it!” Or you could get carried away wanting to show off in some manner. But the sun is gelling with Pluto in your ambition angle, reminding you to connect money and work; self-worth and a contribution to the world; possessions and purpose. And you can absolutely find ways to enjoy life with the resources you have at your disposal. Your conscious and subconscious thinking could be out of sync now, resulting in confusion or melancholy. If you feel lost, make sure you’re honoring your intuition and imagination. Your spiritual needs are as important as your intellectual ones.

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These horoscopes are always spot on!

This was so so spot on for this aries – thank’s for the head’s up!

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