Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 1–7

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May 21–June 20

Be flexible this week, as planets in your one-on-one angle and your sharing sector are quibbling with planets in Gemini, which could cause some friction between you and others. Try not to focus too much on what you’re getting from a particular person. If you want help accomplishing something or are looking for a companion for an activity, broaden your thinking and increase your contacts. Burrowing deeper into a matter will frustrate you, whereas looking ahead and staying optimistic will give you a sense of progress. The full moon emphasizes the need for compromise and could spell a climax or ending in a relationship. You’re reminded to accommodate other people’s feelings now. Be willing to shift your mindset and the various connections you have with people. Remember that you and your interests are always changing, and the same goes for other people. Sometimes the flow of life will bring you closer, and sometimes it will carry you in different directions.



June 21–July 22

Be mindful of what’s stirring in your subconscious this week, because Mars and the sun in your subliminal sector are quarreling with planets in your efficiency and relationship houses. In particular, look out for self-defeating actions and buried anger. Are you giving your power away to someone or sabotaging a relationship with regressive behavior? It’s better to confront yourself rather than confronting another person during this period. The full moon could bring a turning point related to your job, health, habits, schedule or responsibilities. If you feel way too busy, note what is pushing you over the edge. Can you take it off your plate? With several planets in the last house of your chart, you’re more interested in spirituality, imagination, dreams and restorative downtime than you are in taking care of business in your day-to-day life. But something is apt to arise that reminds you to keep doing the work that will improve your security and your career.



July 23–August 22

Teamwork should be productive this week, with Mars in your group zone clicking with Jupiter in Leo. Do some professional networking and look for opportunities to collaborate. Group activities, socializing and taking action on a new goal will all be fulfilling. However, the full moon prods you to strike a balance between finding your place in a group and feeding your need for self-expression and personal fulfillment. A creative project could come to fruition, or a love affair may ripen. You’re in the mood to enjoy life on your own terms, but this opposition calls for you to aim for the middle ground between individuality and assimilation. Fortunately, as you become more yourself, you find your true tribe. As Venus enters Leo and syncs with Saturn, your commitment to creativity, a child or developing your unique gifts is emphasized, and you may attract a serious romantic partner. Be sure that fear has not led you to guard your heart too tightly.



August 23–September 22

This week’s full moon occurs at the bottom of your chart, drawing your focus to home, family, emotions, comfort and what makes you feel grounded. Several planets are at the top of your chart, revving up your ambition, but this lunation reminds you to balance outer accomplishments and inner needs. Pay attention to your emotional state, and embrace the concept that psychological insights and transformation, spirituality and self-knowledge are as important to your growth as your worldly pursuits are. Introspection is valuable now, and you may find that others don’t get where you’re coming from, so don’t get too hung up on trying to express your feelings to someone. Taking action on a goal motivated by inner wisdom or compassion for others can lead to success, as mobilizing Mars in your ambition angle gels with expansive Jupiter in your spirit sector. Taking care of a relative or spending valuable alone time at home will also be gratifying.



September 23–October 22

Venus crosses into your network zone this week, highlighting the pleasures of friendship, group activities, large gatherings and meeting people with common interests or goals. Her meeting with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking house suggests that you’ll be able to communicate with intent and cooperate well with others. Being conscious of how you convey your message will help you to connect with people. And seek out those who will share the benefit of their experience with you, helping your thinking to mature. The full moon could bring new information to light, and you might feel inundated with facts or a flurry of tidbits to attend to. This lunation challenges you to balance the small picture and the big picture and will surely keep your brain busy. You may feel fuzzy on the details, and it’s good to remind yourself that there are plenty of people out there who can open your mind to new worlds and guide you on your path.



October 23–November 21

Your attempts to come to grips with something in your head this week probably won’t give you the sense of control you want, due to Mars and the sun sparring with Pluto in your mindset zone. Adjust your thinking to accommodate the complexities of close relationships. If you’re grappling with an issue around sex, trust, sharing, jealousy or anger, your drive to get to the bottom of it probably won’t yield the desired results. The full moon further highlights the tension between mine and ours, calling for you to honor your own needs, values and self-worth while also respecting those of others. A financial turning point could come about, coalescing with your aspiration to grow your career and your willingness to change things about your work. With Venus ascending to the top of your chart and syncing with Saturn, attracting success and working to build up your resources will dovetail. Keeping a higher profile, charming higher-ups and doing something creative can firm up your finances.



November 22–December 21

This week’s temperamental full moon lands in Sagittarius and interacts with most of the other planets, so you’re likely to be wearing your emotions on your sleeve. With several planets traveling through your relationship angle, you’re focused on coordinating your efforts with someone else’s, but the moon reminds you that sometimes you must put your own needs first. Because it’s syncing with expansive Jupiter in your adventure sector and liberating Uranus in your joy zone, you have a green light to indulge your whims and go a little overboard in the pursuit of freedom and pleasure. Just try not to step on anyone’s toes in the process. Venus is segueing into your exploration house, further emphasizing how much you value adventure, broad horizons, learning and travel. Her encounter with Saturn in your sign stresses the importance of your personal development and hints at growth stemming from new experiences. You may also feel a strong sense of commitment to your education or to someone different from you.



December 22–January 19

Mars and the sun in your productivity zone are both challenging Pluto in Capricorn this week, so you’re called to adjust your efforts rather than attempt to control a situation. Your work, health or efficiency could be affected, so figure out how you can take it down a notch and align with current circumstances. Venus’s entry into your depth sector stimulates your desire for closeness and sharing and could intensify a particular relationship. Her harmonious encounter with Saturn suggests intimacy and personal healing are related to working through issues from your past and finding closure. You could be feeling extra serious and private about a close relationship now. The full moon lures you to spend some time alone recharging your battery and checking in with your psyche and your spirit. Introspection can lead to liberating emotional shifts and beneficial self-knowledge. This lunation reminds you that there’s much to be said for simply being, as opposed to doing.



January 20–February 18

The full moon lands in your hopes-and-humanity zone this week, turning your attention to new objectives and the feelings of others. You’re more oriented toward self-expression, personal happiness, creativity, fun and love right now, thanks to several planets occupying your fulfillment house. But this lunation calls for you to also consider the roles you play in other people’s lives and what they need from you. Friendship and philanthropy are natural priorities for Aquarians, so this balancing act shouldn’t be overly challenging. Flexible thinking and faith in your relationships will prove useful. Getting out of your own head and focusing on the network of connections in your life will boost your optimism and help you to look to the future. Venus is crossing your one-on-one angle, further stressing the importance of equal partnerships. Appreciating companionship and nurturing positive feelings for individuals will enable you to feel more tied into the fabric of people in your life, however near or far.



February 19–March 20

The full moon lights up the top of your chart this week, placing an emphasis on your ambition and perhaps nudging you into the spotlight. A goal could come to fruition, or you might reach a crossroads in your professional path. Although the moon is luring you to focus on outward success, its clash with Neptune in your sign alludes to the fact that you may be confused about where you’re headed. Balance is essential, because several planets in your foundation angle are calling for you to also tend to your home, family, emotions and inner security. Your willingness to juggle more and more and your flexibility with your resources will help you to succeed on more than one front. Venus is moving into your productivity zone, signaling the value of healthy habits, discipline, realism and being of service. Her harmony with Saturn underscores the importance of enjoying the process of your climb to success.



March 21–April 19

It might not be easy to convert your ideas and efforts into professional progress this week when doer Mars in your mindset house clashes with powerful Pluto in your ambition angle, so you may want to tweak your thinking and/or actions when it comes to your career. Fortunately, Mars is clicking with Jupiter in your joy sector, so imaginative, playful, funny and romantic expression won’t be a problem. You might take a calculated risk and win, saying something bold for the sake of your own happiness. And you’ll probably have a flair for selling your creativity now, so put your talents on the line. The full moon reminds you that you need to get out of your own head sometimes and immerse yourself in new experiences and worlds. Travel and other adventures can shift your perspective and scratch your itch for change. Hopefully you’ll feel like you’re enjoying life while also getting serious about the future. Commit to learning what makes love work.



April 20–May 20

Your ruler Venus dips down to the bottom of your chart this week, emphasizing the pleasures of home and putting you in the mood to redecorate, entertain, spend time with family or housemates or just enjoy some peace and quiet. Her harmony with Saturn in your depth sector could refer to working out an arrangement of give-and-take with a relative or someone you live with, or you might get a commitment for financial assistance from family. Time at home by yourself or with someone close to you can result in psychological growth or a solid feeling of intimacy. The full moon lures your attention to another person’s needs or brings something in your psyche to light. Intense emotions or a close relationship might cause you to question where you stand with a group. But detaching from the past and cultivating faith in your security can help you to find a healthy middle ground between self-sufficiency and interdependence.



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7 years ago

Hands down you have the best horoscopes! Always so helpful and accurate. I just started the summer and I have plenty of freedom!

7 years ago

for me post this post is a blessing!

7 years ago

Actually, REALLY helpful! I can see what you mean. Thank you!

7 years ago

Ah actually so good. Always the best horoscopes!

7 years ago

This was hands down the most accurate/insightful horoscope I’ve ever read!

7 years ago

Actually so so accurate!!!