Free People Horoscopes By Tracy Allen, Week of May 25-31

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May 21–June 20

Practice patience this week when three planets in your sign spar with foggy Neptune in your ambition-and-authority angle. A boss or parent could throw you off, or you may feel like you’re not making much progress on a goal. Confusion about your life direction or career could also get to you. An awareness that you’re not devoting all your time and energy to your ideal calling can be discouraging, but use idealism as motivation rather than as a measuring stick. Rethink a particular course of action. Ponder what would give you a greater sense of purpose. You’re better off musing than trying to communicate now. If you think change is in order, don’t jump into anything new. Do more thinking than talking. Get plenty of rest. Write. Daydream. Your mind is working overtime, but the external world probably won’t conform to your ideas and actions. So focus on your personal process, and use common sense to channel excess energy appropriately. This can be a fruitful period for you, as long as you don’t insist on circumstances or other people meeting you halfway.


June 21–July 22

Venus in your sign is quarreling with Uranus in your ambition angle this week, triggering a desire for change and freedom. Career unpredictability or erratic progress toward a goal might upset you, or a boss or parent might throw a curveball at you. You could get an urge to break free from a system or a societal norm, since you don’t want anyone or anything to have power over you right now. So the slightest provocation from an authority figure could unnerve you. Your best bet is to make your own excitement—perhaps flirting with someone unexpected or playing around with a new idea related to your life direction. With planets in your subliminal sector disagreeing with murky Neptune in your perspective house, you could unintentionally say or do something misguided. A false belief, travel-related chaos or a state of uncertainty could undermine you, especially if you find your intuition and a supposed truth to be at odds. Use this energy to engage in a spiritual practice, muse about the future, write down your dreams, work by yourself and tune into your inner wisdom.


July 23–August 22

A planetary gathering in your network house is apt to put you in a social mood, but with those planets clashing with Neptune in your sharing sector, one-on-one interaction may not deliver everything you’re hoping for. Misunderstandings, boundary issues or mistrust could create problems, or group activities and friendship may compete with an intimate relationship. Merging your priorities and values with those of other people will be challenging, but with some imagination and flexibility, you can find common ground. Withdrawal is not the answer, as these planets are prodding you to engage with others and collaborate. Reconnecting with people you’ve drifted away from and losing yourself in a shared experience can be gratifying. Take your ego out of the equation, and go with the flow. Everyone is feeling rather muddled thanks to Mercury retrograde, so encourage yourself to mingle with no expectations. Notice how your perception of a conflict can shift if you don’t take it personally and if you interpret it allegorically instead of literally. It’s appropriate to rethink specific relationships and affiliations now, but don’t make any changes until mid-June.


August 23–September 22

Your ruler Mercury is in the middle of the action this week, meeting up with Mars and the sun and fighting with Neptune in your relationship angle. With several planets at the top of your chart, you’re probably feeling ambitious, but that could interfere in some way with one-on-one interactions. Make sure not to talk down to or dominate anyone, as that will exacerbate tension. You may feel people aren’t holding up their end of the bargain, and it’s natural to experience some disappointments with others when Neptune is in this part of your chart. If someone doesn’t share your agenda, it’s best to pursue your own goals and let it slide if you think someone is coming up short. If you’re trying to help or save another person, step outside that dynamic and rethink your motives . Ask yourself if you’re truly being of service or if you’re simply trying to fix someone. Review a plan to improve your own situation, and if you’re neglecting someone close to you, make a point of valuing the connection you share.


September 23–October 22

Venus is at the top of your chart and skirmishing with unpredictable Uranus in your relationship angle this week. So you could experience some turbulence in your rapport with an authority figure like your boss or your parent. Or you may worry that upsets between you and another person will mar your public image. Flexibility is essential, because the planets are throwing everyone a bit off-kilter at the moment. Mars, Mercury and the sun are all in your expansion sector and feuding with Neptune in your efficiency house, meaning your job, health or other responsibilities may infringe on your ability to travel, experience adventures and remain optimistic. Daily duties may be taking up a lot of your time and curtailing your freedom. Check in with your body, and make sure you’re getting proper rest, eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. Part of you has an urge to take on the world, but part of you is feeling drained. Strike compromises throughout the week between setting off on your own quests and doing what needs to be done.


October 23–November 21

With Venus in your expansion house, you want to broaden your horizons through travel, learning, cultural experiences, meeting new people and sharing exciting adventures. But erratic Uranus in your daily-duties sector is quibbling with Venus this week, implying that your ability to explore the world will be curtailed by variables connected with your job, health, schedule and responsibilities. Adapt to the circumstances, as something could suddenly arise that prevents you from enjoying life exactly according to plan. Planets in your depth zone are battling Neptune in your pleasure zone, so closeness could suffer from disenchantment, or intensive work could veer off track because you’re distracted and long to escape. Someone may not live up to your fantasy, but you could decide it’s worth it to get to know the real person. If a connection turns out to be less spiritual than you’d hoped, consider how Neptune may have lured you into worshiping or saving someone or pining for someone who can’t be your partner. Happiness can seem out of reach in such cases. If you seek a relationship between equals, you’re likelier to be gratified.


November 22–December 21

A Venus-Uranus spat spells tension between sharing and independence this week. Although you’re enjoying one-on-one interaction, you could get the urge to go off and do your own thing. Intimacy may feel a bit too nice and settled, triggering restlessness and an impulse to seek a change. You might suddenly want to be with someone else who brings out a different side of you, or perhaps you just want some space to express your individuality. Planets in your relationship angle are having their own spat with Neptune in your foundation sector, so again, one-on-one interactions could feel the effects. Your emotional state, family or home life may confuse matters between you and another person. Try to be extra aware of your feelings and how they color your communication and behavior. Continue to engage in dialogue, partnership and shared activities, and work on being a better listener and mastering the art of compromise. You may need some time alone, relaxing at home or catching up on your sleep. But in general, you’re feeding off other people’s energy now, so don’t isolate yourself.


December 22–January 19

You may find it hard to concentrate this week, with Neptune in your cognition-and-communication sector sparring with three planets in your efficiency zone. Misunderstandings with coworkers or people in your everyday life are a possibility, so listen extra carefully and think before you speak. Neptune promotes acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, so if you get frustrated, you may need to remind yourself that no one and nothing is perfect. And consider cutting yourself some slack most of all. You’re trying to do a lot right now, but with Mercury retrograde, not everything will go according to plan. You can find fresh solutions to problems by using your imagination or taking a breather from something and coming back to it later. Your daily life may not be living up to your idealistic vision, but if you coax yourself to stay in the moment, your disappointment could fade. A Venus-Uranus clash hints that disruptions in your family, home life or mood will affect your rapport with another person. You need some space to indulge your emotional state privately so it doesn’t harm a relationship.


January 20–February 18

Your enjoyment of your work, rapport with a coworker or healthy habits could be undermined by new information, nervous energy or boredom this week, when Venus in your efficiency zone fights with Uranus in your cognition-and-communication sector. Try to apply innovative thinking to your job, health or daily routine to keep things fresh and stimulating. Switch up your schedule a bit, building in more freedom and flexibility if possible. Three planets in your pleasure house are embroiled in a conflict with Neptune in your worth zone, so vague priorities, weak self-esteem, dwindling funds or a lack of clarity about what you have going for you could affect your ability to enjoy life now. Perhaps you don’t have enough money to do something you want to do. Or an opportunity for fun arises, but it doesn’t quite mesh with your highest spiritual values. Momentary pleasure and your soul’s best intentions aren’t likely to be on the same page, given the current planetary configuration. Try to have a good time and express yourself without damaging your self-image or your finances.


February 19–March 20

With unpredictable Uranus in your resources zone for the past few years, every time a planet travels through your pleasure house, it gets into a conflict with Uranus at some point. And that translates to erratic funds or confidence affecting your fun. Venus is clashing with Uranus this week, so love, dating, playtime, creative expression, joy and personal fulfillment may be tempered by the reality of your finances or the level of your self-esteem. But if you’re determined to enjoy life, you’ll find a way. Planets in your foundation angle are involved in their own feud—with Neptune in Pisces. So family, home life or your emotional state may be affected by confusion or idealism. If you’re tired, take a break from the action, unwind at home, contemplate your feelings and get some rest. If relatives or housemates are being intrusive in some way, try to maintain stronger boundaries. And if you’re simply feeling a bit lost, do something grounding and comforting. Perhaps write in a journal, cook a delicious meal or take a bath surrounded by scented candles.


March 21–April 19

With Venus hanging at the bottom of your chart, you’re craving emotional security or downtime at home. But she’s tangling with Uranus in your sign this week, so another part of you wants something different, and you could get pretty antsy as a result. Impatience, anxiety, independence or the changes going on inside you can have an impact on your rapport with family or someone you live with now. You may be shaking things up instinctively for fear of getting into a rut. If you sense that peace and quiet might be limiting the full expression of your evolving identity, you’re apt to act out in a surprising way or look for the nearest exit. Planets in your cognition-and-communication sector are at odds with Neptune in your solitude-and-spirituality zone, which could again trigger commotion in your interactions as a result of a vague yearning to retreat and reflect. Your conscious mind and your unconscious mind are not in accord, so you need to watch what you say. Take advantage of the fact that your brain is very active, perhaps by revising or rewriting something.


April 20–May 20

Although Venus has been beautifying your mindset and interactions, her skirmish with Uranus in your subliminal sector this week hints that unconscious impulses could disrupt positive thoughts and conversations. It’s important to tune into anything that might be disturbing your psyche and notice how it affects your outer life. Uranus is sometimes called The Great Awakener, as part of his purpose is to bring awareness to an area of life. He’s been stirring up your subconscious in the past few years, calling for you to face memories and feelings that you’ve swept under the rug. Meanwhile, planets in your worth house are quarreling with Neptune in your network house, causing confusion with people over money, possessions or values. Your ideals are evolving, and it may be appropriate to realign your priorities and your ties to others accordingly. Your friendships and your affiliations with groups will change as you figure out what’s most important to you. You might try to communicate something to that effect and feel misunderstood now. Pursue what you want, and accept that other people’s interests may not always mesh with yours.

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