Welcome to the Gypsy Caravan

Hidden away in the Echo Park hills of Los Angeles is the infamous “Gypsy Caravan.”

I’ve heard tales of this deliciously bohemian and perfectly curated home for years. “The backyard is to die for!” “The furniture is so cool!” “I want to housesit forever!” I could only imagine the authentically radical home after hearing nonstop rave reviews. So who is so lucky to call this magic sanctuary home sweet home? It’s no surprise that it belongs to LA Senior District Visual Manager, Elaine Strawbridge, one of the coolest free spirits I know. Elaine oversees all aspects of the visual aesthetics you see in every Southern California store – no easy feat. She’s a leader, mentor, and a true artist. And one heck of a home decorator.

There are far too many things I love about Elaine’s house. The outside patio?! I mean, come on! Can I live back there? I have never thought to bring art outside but now I’m thinking my garden might need a little wall decor pop. Genius! To add a more cozy feel outside, I also love the mismatched seat cushions on the wooden patio furniture. Each piece in the backyard is perfectly placed and creates a comfortable and happy energy. Inside is no different — the mixed prints, multiple pillows, hanging frames, and wallpaper establish a space for creativity. The plants add a sense of calm. I love seeing Elaine’s dog, Ferni, snuggle up at her feet under the vintage cocktail table. I think to myself that the rumors were true: the Gypsy Caravan is a bohemian dream (home) come true.

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Elaine, Mitch, and Ferni – thank you for sharing your cool and cozy home with us!

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Photography by west coast contributor, Tina. Words by me.

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8 years ago

Holy moly her patio is stunning – I want nothing more but to be there with pink lemonade and all of my closest friends – or a book! :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Love this home! So inspiring and cozy. Thanks for sharing! :)

8 years ago

This place looks amazing!

Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

8 years ago

Love this house! Lovely and cozy and dreamy <3<3<3 I love echo park too <3<3<3

8 years ago

Amazing! So beautiful and inspiring!

8 years ago

Amazing art wall, I would love to have something like that in my flat. Just need to meet more amazing artists!


8 years ago

PLEASE please tell me about the beaded curtain in first photo! I WANT!!!!

8 years ago

my dream home!!!

8 years ago

This is beautiful! Looks so peaceful… :)

7 years ago

What an absolutely cool place! Friendly place, good vibes.

An Actual "Gyspy"
5 years ago

I quite like this home, however, I wish you wouldn’t use “gypsy” as a way to describe it. I am of Romani, or “gypsy” descent, and this word has been used as a slur against our people for ages. Now to see it reduced to an adjective is frankly a little insensitive to our lush culture, that is far more than a fashion trend, and ignores the decades of discrimination that this word conveys. Thank you for reading and understanding, and again, it is a lovely home!

5 years ago

Thank you for your comment. Please know that we take your concern seriously, and will refrain from using cultural appropriation to embellish the mood of any story we feature.