The Joy of Being a Mother

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

There is no love as strong as a mother’s. When a woman steps into motherhood her life certainly changes forever. She is now a caretaker, a protector, and a role model. Little joys start popping up in unexpected scenarios of her life and her heart is always full of love. She beams with happiness just knowing the undeniable connection with her child that will only grow deeper with time. Becoming a mother is a monumental step in life, and it’s certainly a point to be celebrated!

In light of Mother’s Day, today I asked a few Free People girls from our stores all over the country what it feels like to be a mother. A difficult question to say the least, but these loving moms were all clear on one thing… being a mother is one of the greatest joys in their lives:

Kelly F

Kelly F_1s

My favorite part about being a mom is seeing Ryker (my 6 month old) for the first time at the end of a long day or trip. His greetings are always the same: He sees me come in the room and immediately stops, stares and then flashes his gummy little grin at me. It melts my heart and makes me fall more in love with him every day.

Nicole S

Motherhood – nothing can prepare you for the feeling you have the instant that little bundle is placed in your arms for the very first time. I can remember how everything stood still and silent around me as my brain caught up to my heart trying to process what this little guy is, who he looks like and what the heck I am supposed to do next. I spent so much time throughout my pregnancy focused on what size fruit he was at the time that I forgot I also needed to research what to do after he arrives! Well let me tell you, any moms to be out there, that is a normal feeling and the saying is true that those motherly instincts do kick in!  And with the help and much appreciated guidance of the nurses, you suddenly arrive to that magical moment when you realize, no this isn’t a purchase you can return but a gift that you get to keep and cherish forever. One of my first “parental learning moments” came very early on when we were given the green light and discharged from the hospital. Here we were all packed up, Wynston was dressed in a onsie whale outfit specially picked out for his big arrival home and my husband went to get the car seat… and then it dawned on us. We had never even looked at the manual to learn how this car seat contraption worked! The first lesson of parental patience settled in as we proceeded to Google the instructions and spent what felt like half the day in the hospital room working out how to move the straps, adjust the settings and work out how the infant head support fit. One feed and outfit change later, we were in the car and headed home for what has since been the hardest, yet most fulfilling, year of my life. So to all those new or soon to be mamas out there- know that you will never, nor could you ever be, fully prepared for the surprises parenthood will bring, but with a loving community around you, a lot of patience, and grace for yourself, know no matter what happens, precious memories are always being created… and you’re not alone! Happy Mother’s Day xo

 Photo by Cathryn DeLaFuente

Jessica L

Jessica Ls

Ayden was in kindergarten and I was asked to come in and read a book to his class for something called Star Of The Week. This was a week-long celebration, during their birthday. Parents could come in each day and do a variety of activities with their child. On the last day, I came in planning to read to the class, with Ayden sitting beside me helping with some of the story. Ayden chose The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, and when I started to read the first sentence, Ayden grabbed the book from my hand and began reading all on his own, word for word. I immediately started to cry, I knew he could read sentences and we would read books together at bedtime, but I was completely caught off guard. I had no idea he could read an entire book! Looking at his teacher for confirmation of what was really happening, she shook her head yes and I continued to cry even more (the rest of the class probably thought I was crazy – ‘why is Ayden’s mom crying over The Cat in the Hat?’ ) I was just so overwhelmed with joy, I couldn’t process it. Realizing that your child can read on their own is a milestone you will never forget. 

After Ayden had finished reading I squeezed him so tight (fighting back more tears), and he said to me ‘Mom, I wanted to show you that I could read all by myself’. At that moment I knew I was doing something right.

I could write forever about Ayden and my motherhood journey. It is something I am so proud of. There is no rule book on the correct way of parenting, but if I did share some of my successes, they would be: lots of love, endless amounts of encouragement, and confidence that you are making the best decisions for your little one. Also, be prepared to love something more than you could ever imagine. Because that type of love is an unexplainable thing.  

+ What does motherhood mean to you?

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So incredibly beautiful!

Ripped Jeans

Lovely post!! Not a mother yet but…can’t wait – some day!

This is beautiful! Motherhood means all these things and so many more things — it’s a truly amazing bond. It’s selfless and wanting to encourage another being, even if they turn out very different from you. I love Ayden’s story!

Warm Regards,

I love inspirational stories about a huge transition in one’s life. Motherhood is definitely one of them! Anyways, God bless such a beautiful family!

Oh this is so sweet! I love these mothers day posts.