The Real Life Love Story of Corey & Emily

“She was wearing a white sun dress and brown leather ankle boots, her hair was long and flowing. The sun was beaming in and she was just radiating in the light.”

 Corey remembers the first time he was completely captivated by his now wife, Emily. It’s as clear as day for him. One look and it just hit him — he was hooked forever.

Meet Corey and Emily Petrick, two artists living in Los Angeles, brought together by their mutual love for the simple things in life. They are avid travelers and nature lovers, seeking out the quiet and uncomplicated. Both also bear the need to create with their hands; the two are founders of Whisk & Whittle, a company they run out of their home in Echo Park. Emily is a professional baker and Corey noticed her unending need for kitchen utensils and accessories. Corey, experienced in wood work and furniture design, decided to make her a set of walnut spoons and cutting boards. He loved the process so much that the two decided to start selling his hand carved wooden kitchen utensils — Whisk & Whittle was born.

When we first started to talk about FP Ever After here on the blog, I immediately thought about sharing the wonderful story and breathtaking wedding of these two souls. They are both fascinating and witty  individuals and together make up a beautiful partnership. From the way their first date started, to the special proposal (and post proposal) and their gorgeous wedding stories and photos, these two are sure to inspire. Read on and enjoy the Petrick story.


How did you two meet?

We met through a mutual friend. We actually knew each other for years before we finally went on a date, in truth, because we didn’t like each other. We both had these really silly misconceptions about the other. Thank goodness we realized we were both totally wrong!

Corey, what was it about Emily that initially drew you in?

I remember the exact time very clearly. Our mutual friend, Pamela, was having a birthday party. I am Pamela’s best guy friend and Emily is Pamela’s best girl friend. We were both there helping her out and for the first time in years both Emily and I were single at the same time. Because we were both single I guess I was starting to look at her in a different light. She was being so selfless and helping Pamela with every little thing she needed. There was this moment when I was out on the deck that opened to the kitchen and I looked in at Emily; she was wearing a white sun dress and brown leather ankle boots, her hair was long and flowing. The sun was beaming in and she was just radiating in the light. It just hit me and I couldn’t believe I have not seen this amazing woman who had been around me for years.


What did you do for your first date?

Emily: Our first date was very casual. He had made these really sweet romantic plans to take a sunset walk to his favorite spot in the park. He knew I loved horses so he wanted to show me the horses that live in his neighborhood and then he was going to take me out to a nice dinner. But then I totally cancelled on him at the last minute! Chickened out really. When I called up my girlfriend and told her what I had done she told me that it wasn’t a big deal because there was another girl that Corey really liked and it was probably going to work out with her. I was so mad! I immediately hung up with her and called him back. He had already met up with some friends to get drinks, so I got in my car and I met them. And that was it! We ended up talking all night. He was going to Africa the following week and I saw him every day up until then and then e-mailed every day after that until he came home. I later found out that my friend totally made up the part about the other girl!

You are both artists, creators — do you pull inspiration from each other?

Emily: Absolutely. There is so much creative freedom that comes from the knowledge that there is someone who loves me and supports me completely and unconditionally. He believes in me. That in itself is really inspiring.

Corey: I feel like we are constant sources of inspiration for one another. We are always either collaborating, offering advice or being supportive. Whether I am carving something new and she helps with the design, or she is making a new recipe and I am her taste-tester. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!


What do you have most in common?

Our love of simple pleasures. Nature, good food, good wine, friends, family, helping others, living cleanly.

Emily, do you mind sharing how Corey proposed?

Not at all! I love telling the story. We were up at his family’s cabins in Moosehead Lake in Maine. It was an absolutely beautiful day and it is so peaceful up there. The only noise you can hear is the sound of the water gently lapping at the shore and the loons calling in the distance. We canoed out to this little island in the middle of the lake where he had loved to play as a boy (he swears he had been planning this proposal since he was a kid.) He had carved a little box for the ring out of a piece of wood he cut from the center of a 1,000 year Sequoia tree. The piece of wood had one ring for every year I had been alive. He hid the little box in a fire ring that had been set up on the island. I am a treasure hunter by nature so it is completely and totally bizarre that I didn’t pick up the box when I saw it! I just passed right over it. I was sitting on a log nearby and Corey kept trying to lure me past the fire ring in hopes that I would pick up the box. I didn’t budge because I was completely transfixed by this really beautiful yellow mushroom that was growing in the moss. Finally he gave up trying and grabbed the ring, got down on one knee and proposed. I thought he was kidding! I think I asked five or six times whether or not he was joking and whether or not he was talking to ME (no, the other Emily on the tiny island in the middle of the lake…) Once we got that all cleared up I said yes, of course I will marry you! He was so excited that he fell off the island and hurt his hand. I had to row us both back to shore and drive him to the emergency room. Still, it was the best day of my life!




Your wedding photos look incredible! Do you mind describing your big day?

Big Sur is one of our favorite places on earth. It is so beautiful and it feels so magical and eternal. We both knew that that was where we wanted to get married. And autumn in Big Sur is our favorite time of year. We decided to get married on Pfeifer beach. It’s our favorite beach in the world. We had spent some really special time there together before and it didn’t hurt that it is practically the only place in Big Sur where we could bring our dog/ring bearer. We chose that particular cove because it was the perfect balance between forest and beach. We also loved the symbolism of all of the rock cairns.

The two of us decided the spend the weekend camping. We had just gotten a really nice big tent as a wedding gift. Camping is one of our favorite things to do together. We love sitting by a fire at night, sleeping outside, waking up with the sun, being in nature. We really wanted to spend the weekend in our tent by the creek rather than a hotel room. We were so pleased that most of our friends followed suit. Almost everyone camped with us. Some of our favorite memories from the weekend are of sitting by the fire with friends and family on the nights surrounding the actual wedding.

Our actual wedding day was so wonderful. It was calm and relaxed and so full of love. We only invited about 45 people. Everyone gathered on the beach and walked out to the cove together. It was really beautiful to watch everyone walking together and helping one another over the rocks. After the ceremony we had a big picnic on the beach. The two of us went and had a cup of tea together and then took pictures with our wonderful, amazing photographer and friend Kate Rentz. We knew we didn’t want typical wedding photos and we both love the way Kate captures nature in her work. We were so lucky to have her!

We had the most amazing and relaxing dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Big Sur Bakery. If you haven’t been there, it’s an absolute MUST! It was another huge factor in picking our wedding location. The food was so good! They set up a bunch of long tables on their patio. Emily and her mom decorated them with vintage apothecary bottles with small stems of flowers and small votive candles. Emily, being a baker, insisted on making our wedding cake. It had been sitting in a cooler in our tent for four days. HUGE mistake! We each took one bite and then pushed it aside. Luckily the bakery had some great apple tarts for us!






Corey, what memory stands out most on your wedding day?

After we got officially married we were taking photos and we were on Pfiefer beach where we have both been many many times. We would typically climb up and watch the sun set on this rock there. I jokingly ask if she wanted to climb up there to have her photo taken, we both had bare feet and she was in her wedding dress. She said yes with no hesitation and we climbed up the rock. She ripped her dress but we got our favorite picture from all of our photos. I love that she is always up for anything!

Emily, same question!

Walking around the corner and seeing all of our friends and family gathered on the beach with Corey at the center. There was just so much love, joy, comfort and hope in that moment. I wanted to sprint down the aisle and hug Corey. Instead I savored it and took my time. Crosby, our dog, did not. He bolted for Corey the second he saw him. He was supposed to be walking me down the aisle!


Did you honeymoon?

We both had to go right back to work so still have not gotten around to it, but we have plans in the fall to travel from Italy to Turkey for about a month.

What’s the first thing you did together as a married couple?

We took an amazing trip to Zion at New Years just a month after our wedding. It was winter and freezing! But it was the best time we had both had in Zion. The beauty of the intricate icicle formations dripping from the deep red rocks was truly striking. There are also so many less people in the park at that time of year. It was a really great trip!

What does a typical weekend look like for you guys?

If we can’t get out of town and go camping or exploring somewhere, we will typically go for a nice long hike near our home in Los Angeles. Emily likes to go to the farmers markets. We like to prepare big dinners and share them with our friends. We tend to keep things pretty mellow though.

Emily: Corey did just build a wood fired pizza oven in our back yard! We’ve been having a lot of fun with that!




Your favorite time of day is…

Early evening. We walk our dog through the park. It’s a really nice time to sort of check in with each other after we’ve been working apart all day.

Favorite memory…

All of the time we spent together in Maine was really special. There isn’t very much to do up there so we were able to really relax and enjoy each other.

The soundtrack to your relationship is…

Laughter! And Buddy Holly.

The best part of marriage is…

Knowing we get to spend the rest of our lives with our best friend.

Emily, Corey is…

The kindest, most loving, supportive, honest, hard working, thoughtful man I have ever met. He is my best friend. He is the man that I am lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with.

Corey, Emily is…

Naturally beautiful, totally selfless, extremely creative, the hardest worker, adventurous, thrifty, and really knows what the important things in life are!

Being free means…

Family, friends, outdoors with great food and drink.




Thank you Corey and Emily for sharing your beautiful story with us!

Follow Emily and Corey on Instagram and check out their website, Whisk and Whittle!

Wedding photography by Kate Rentz.

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Ripped Jeans

Everything about this is beyond sweet – I’m so glad they got that photo on top of the rock, how beautiful! You can truly sense the love and adoration through their words.

Warm Regards,


This is such a beautiful post! I’d love to know where Emily’s wedding dress is from, it’s stunning!

The most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. And the best couple out there! Everything you two touch is beautiful. So happy for you guys! ❤️

Wow…so inspiring. The photos are simply gorgeous and they seem like a really cool couple! I loved this post!

What a peaceful and loving relationship!

Mother of the bride

These two are truly as special as they appear. All who know them are blessed. ❤️❤️❤️

So beautiful and meaningful! I love that the sincerity shines through!

What incredible photos and what an incredible story. This couple seems wonderful! Love!


May Mother Nature continue to love both of you.

Emily is gorgeous……would love to see both of you..

Sometime ???
Stay Happy and healthy

Stunningly beautiful, in word and image. I just had the great privilege of spending time with Corey in Rwanda (East Africa), and he shared this love story so tenderly that I fell in love with Emily, who I have yet to meet. Emily describes Corey as “the kindest, most loving, supportive, honest, hard working, thoughtful man I have ever met” …and I must agree with her. Corey describes his bride as “naturally beautiful, totally selfless, extremely creative, the hardest worker, adventurous, thrifty, and really knows what the important things in life are!” May we all listen, learn, and emulate such… Read more »