Get The Look: My Mother The Style Icon

We all have style icons whom we turn to for inspiration.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to do something special with the one’s we cherish most; our mothers.

We dug through photo boxes and transported to the decades that came before us. Personally, seeing old photos of my mom when she was my age is a way for me to get to know her better. So much of her soul lives within me, it only makes sense that her personal style would be reflected in mine.

With the holiday coming up, The blog team and a few of our store girls found photos of our fashion muses back in the day looking stylish as ever. We re-styled their looks using a few of our favorite pieces to put a modern twist on their vintage styles. Like mother, like daughter, their style will forever stay present.



This image sums up my mother and her personal aesthetic perfectly: Sitting in the midst of chaos, dog on her lap, clad in quintessential jeans and a tee. While she continually disagrees with this statement, my mother’s style – particularly the finesse with which she navigated the ‘70s and ‘80s — has always been my greatest influence, and some of the most cherished items in my closet are pieces that were handed down from her to me. From what I can tell she has never fallen prey to fleeting trends, and while she may prefer sensible hiking boots to clogs these days, her DGAF attitude carries through as a reminder to always stay true to my own personal tastes, regardless of what everyone else is doing.


Get the look: We the Free Let it Go Tee, Morrison Washed Flare, Mariposa Wrap Belt, Kingslee Clog, Cascading Fringe Crossbody, Alene Sunglass



I’ve always admired my mom’s easy going and simplistic approach to style. From the way she naturally wears her hair to the sandals that are ever-present on her California feet. She’s a jeans and tee type of woman, a few pieces of simple gold jewelry decorate her hands. Some of my most treasured pieces now are things she’s passed down to me: a 1960s petite trench coat from Germany, a small leather clutch, a few gold watches, and an inscribed gold cuff with her initials. I love how they effortlessly fit into my wardrobe today. 


Get the look: Moon River Jumpsuit, Tassel Wrap Belt, Signal Slingback Heel, Reversible Vegan Crossbody



The above photo of my mom and dad was taken in 1976 and captures both of their essences completely. My mom would spend the summers on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, riding her bike down the sandy streets to the nearest beach access where she would escape to the sun. Her style had 1970’s beach vibe written all over it; Embroidered cotton tops paired with straight leg Levi’s, summer dresses worn with moccasins, corduroy overshirts tied around her waist that she’d steal from my dad…she’s always kept it cool and casual. So much of her style is reflected in mine. When I spend weekends at the shore where she grew up, I can’t help but feel as though I’m re-living her sun soaked days. I’ll look down and notice my rolled up destroyed vintage Levi’s…my dads old flannel tied around my waist. I stop and just smile.  


Get the look: FP One Modern Mexico Dress, Wild Horse Crossbody, Mila Embroidered Moccasin, Leather Poco Pendant

Christie-Free People Virginia Beach

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My mom is an optimistic and upbeat soul which is apparent in her everyday life and it shines through in her dress. I love that the way she dresses perfectly complements her aura and attitude because after all, fashion is an expression of who we truly are. She always rocks her signature rings and a petite watch, one of my favorite things, they are staples in her ever changing look.  Although her clothing tastes have evolved and changed through the years, she always stays true to what suits her best and tops it off with a infectious smile. Her support and love has always made me look up to her throughout my life so I can’t help but look to her style to inspire me as well.


Get the look: Stripe Boyfriend Shirt, Easy Cable V Neck Pullover, Concord Loafer, Goodnight Moon Sunglasses

Nikki-Free People Providence


My mothers style has always been ‘fun’…which sounds like such a vague word to describe the entirety of her style but this is exactly what I have always saw and more importantly I identified with…I say this because she always involved me in her wardrobe since I can remember and now I incorporate a part of her into my everyday style …I can recall sitting on her bed as a child idolizing her as she got ready for the day or an evening out and she would be twirling around the room music in the background as she whipped clothes on and off till she found the perfect down to earth and whimsical outfit that always had that one standout detail that made her unique to anyone else walking down the street…no outfit was complete without my stamp of approval and I cherish that to this day!


Get the look: Heart It Printed Skort, Priscilla Top, Toreo Wide Brim Straw Hat, Poolside Sandal, Sisal Tote, Heidi Sunglass

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Bailey Fray Dejong
5 years ago

I ADORE this. Such an amazing idea… And such a beautiful mum!!

Gigi G
5 years ago

This was amazing!!!!!

5 years ago

Such stylish mommas! I love this – especially the 70s embroidery :)

Warm Regards,

5 years ago

Lovely recreations of mom style :) I did notice in the picture with the modern mexico dress, the moccasins are not the same as the ones that the link takes you to. The stitching is different and the fringe is different. Does anyone know which moccasins are pictured in the thread?? The Mila moccasins on the website are ok, but not as cute as these :p

5 years ago

This is one of my favorite things; flipping through older photos recreating the past with a present flavor. Love this post, ladies!

5 years ago

I LOVE these Awesomely Retro Mom photos!!!! There’s something so incredibly startling about seeing your Mom when she was young. Perhaps it’s because you’ve only known your Mom after she was a Mom not before….I also Love how your Mom’s style is retro yet so wonderfully current…. Such a Wonderfully Fun Post!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

5 years ago

I still wear the same type clothes as I wore in my 20’s…my daughter now feels comfortable coming home & going thru my closet…she used to be embarrassed of my easy going cotton style…oversized shirts & Sweaters, flowered sundresses, embroidered dresses & Dr. Scholl sandals,,,my original Levis from High school ,faded white with holes….I am 57…still wear the same clothes…mostly leggings & billowy cotton shirts in summer & cotton oversized sweaters in winter! My daughter works for Free People…she could easily write a Blog…her gift is writing, mine photography! We make a good team…..<3 my daughter…she's a Gift!

5 years ago

But how do I order that dress in the Jana photo? I need that dress! The link takes me to a different dress. :(

5 years ago

This was such a great article. I love old Polaroid type images, and you had some great ones here. Thank you for th is beautiful commemoration to mom’s everywhere!

Lindsey Nauta
5 years ago

Loved this post so I took the inspiration and did a Mother’s Day tribute to my mom by allowing her style to inspire mine today while at work:) great post!
VM Free People Walt Whitman Shops

Instagram: ltnauta

5 years ago

so gorgeous! what a dime.

5 years ago

What is that dress from Jana’s post?? will it be online soon? :) would love to purchase it!