To: Mom

When I was young, I loved making cards from construction paper for my mom.

I would  grab my box of markers and camp out at the dinner table until I created what I thought was magic on paper. She would get a handcrafted card filled with misspelled words and over the top drawings every Mother’s Day. Sometimes I would add a handmade coupon for a “free five minute foot rub” as a token of my appreciation for her being a “reelly nice and funn” mom. Not much has changed over the years and I still love writing notes to her, though now they have taken the form of emails and texts (and are a bit more articulate). So this year, I’ve asked the other Free People bloggers to write a Mother’s Day note to their mamas, expressing their relationship and love. There is nothing like a love between a mother and her daughter and I am excited for you to share in these handcrafted notes — read on!


Free People Mother's Day

To the woman who taught me countless skills, including-but-definitely-not-limited-to: chopping wood, caring for injured wildlife, spotting and identifying wild mushrooms and layers of the earth, the right way to dig a fence post hole, how to make the perfect cream puff, that makeup is a choice and not a necessity, and how to drive stick; who single-handedly raised three children, one of them special needs; who so graciously handed down her enthusiasm for shockingly thorough Halloween costumes and clever April Fools tricks; who can always be counted on to offer safe refuge to neighborhood strays; who spent many torturous nights assisting in the completion of much-maligned and long-postponed science fair projects; who put up with strange phases and turned a blind eye to questionable fashion choices; who carted me to track meets, and snowboarding comps, and concerts, and jobs; and who is always there with encouragement and love, and always wants life to be special and fun, and who goes out of her way to make it so… to her I say Thank You. Those two words will never be enough, will never be adequate in encompassing my immense appreciation and awe, but here’s hoping it’s a start.



Dear Mom,

We all know I’m quite the sap and you’ve definitely received your fair share of heartfelt Mother’s Day letters through the years, but sorry this year isn’t any different! Recently I’ve recognized that the simple phrase “Like Mother, Like Daughter” couldn’t hold more true to our relationship. As a young teen I was easily agitated at the comments about our resemblance from various observers. However, as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize that I’ve developed a deep-rooted appreciation for the similarities between the two of us. The way we cross our legs in the same manner, the kinds of qualities we look for in others, the way we handle ourselves when emotions are high… sure they’re the root of why we bicker so much, but more importantly they’re the reason why we are so spiritually connected.
I hope that you realize how grateful I am for the countless opportunities you’ve been able to give me. You have put in so much hard work in all aspects of your life. Without a doubt on a day to day business you give me new ideas, or perspectives of looking at things. In the long run these ideas have transpired into dreams. You’ve inspired me to see the word, to find a way to help others, and pursue happiness for the rest of my life. I am so proud to have been raised by such a strong and inspiring woman. You are my mentor, my confidant, my best friend, and one cool mama (I truly don’t think I’ve ever met anyone cooler). Stay RAD. I love you.

Forever and always,






Hey mama,

Remember when you would throw Bob Seger on the record player to get me and Nat excited to help clean the house with you? And you would let us dance on the coffee table to “Old Time Rock & Roll?” Or when we attempted a garden on the hill and only the radishes were successful… and we put them in everything! Or when you would let me watch midday soaps with you when I stayed home sick from school? I remember those memories like they were yesterday and cherish them probably more than you know. It’s been quite a ride thus far and sometimes we may not see eye to eye but what do you expect from two strong-willed, stubborn, German women? You have taught me to work hard and to be brave, but have also taught me the importance of laughter and being able to find humor and positivity in all situations. I love you, I appreciate you, and I thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us.

Love, Jo

+ How are you saying Happy Mother’s Day this year? Any other homemade card makers out there?

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This is beautiful. I hope everyone has a lovely Mother’s Day!

This is so heartwarming!