How to Get the Perfect Wedding Photos with Kinsey Mhire

Some people just have a gift for capturing love and life on-camera. As a lover of all-things still-life, I have a deep admiration for those who so effortlessly shoot with the not-so-still, evoking mood and memory and freezing time, creating snippets to be reminisced over for years and decades to come. Kinsey Mhire is one of those supremely talented photographers who just seems to get it, in each and every image she captures, you can feel the warmth and love spilling forth, unabashed. On the day you marry the one you love, arguably one of the most important milestones in your life, this is what you want in a wedding photographer, someone who captures the natural emotion of the day.

But before you get there, you have to find that perfect wedding photographer, which is arguably one of the most difficult and at times frustrating milestones in your wedding-planning process. The wedding photographer’s job isn’t quite so cut and dry as showing up with camera in tow, they’re there to capture your day, and at times may even end up acting as referee (maybe Aunt June’s jumped into a few too many couple’s pics), so you’ll want to find a photographer who you can trust and rely on, who is not only talented and vision-filled but understands your vision as well. To get the scoop on finding and choosing a talented photographer, I asked Kinsey for her tips and tricks and to share a little bit about herself:

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 06

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from and when did you discover photography as your calling?

Hi there! My name is Kinsey Mhire. I’m currently rooted in Kansas City, Missouri. I discovered my love for photography as a teenager when I purchased my first camera, constantly taking photos of everything and everyone. It wasn’t until college that that love and passion became a career. While there were bumps in the road, it was something that really happened so naturally and organically. One day I realized this doesn’t just have to be a passionate hobby. This can really be my career.

Was wedding photography always something you were drawn to specifically? How long have you been shooting weddings?

Absolutely. I’d like to think I’m drawn to people, and what other way to better capture people than on their wedding day, surrounded by those they love most? I’ve been photographing weddings since I was 19, so almost five years.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I would describe my style as emotion-driven documentation. I want to capture those real moments. That raw emotion. When photographing weddings, my focus is to capture my client’s story. The moment when your future spouse sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. Your dad crying as he walks you down the aisle. Or laughing with your best friends while telling stories about “the good old days”. Those are the photos, the memories, you’ll keep forever.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 09

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 20

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 11

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 19

You’ve shot in some incredible locations – any particular favorites?

Most definitely the wedding I photographed in India. It was the most magical, surreal experience I’ve ever had.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 18

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 16

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 14

One thing you wish every couple knew before their wedding day?

From a photographer’s perspective, lighting is going to either be your best friend or your worst enemy on your wedding day. Find venues and bridal suites with great natural light. Big windows and bright walls. A lot of brides are inspired by wedding photos they see floating around the web and expect their photos to look just like those. It definitely takes a great photographer, but we’re not magicians. Take into account what the backdrop will be in your photos. Do you want bright photos but have a venue with no windows and red wallpaper? Do you want moody photos but are in a room with florescent lights? Once you’ve booked your photographer, talk with them about your vision and what type of lighting/venue space will work best for your day.

And from the hopeless romantic in my perspective, focus on enjoying every second. There are going to be flaws and mistakes. It’s bound to happen. But when you get your wedding photos back, you aren’t going to be thinking of how the ceremony started five minutes late, or the centerpieces didn’t match the table cloths perfectly. You’re going to be thinking about the love you shared and the people that celebrated such a special day with you. If you’re overwhelmed and stressed on your wedding day, not only will it affect how you remember the day, but it will translate that way in photos as well.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 15

Could you offer some tips and tricks for brides-to-be who may be searching for the perfect photographer? Questions couples should ask, words of wisdom, sage advice…

The most important advice I can give is to find a photographer you feel you can trust.  By this point you’ve seen their work already and know you like their style. So now it’s important that you know you can trust them and feel comfortable being in front of their camera. If you’re not comfortable with your photographer, it will really show in the photos.

Another thing that is really important to me is to protect my clients’ time on their wedding day. I always allot extra time for delays and mishaps. I don’t want to sacrifice photo time or have a stressed-out bride and for that to translate in her wedding photos. When creating a photo timeline with my couples, I make sure we have extra time for bumps in the road.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 08

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 12

What is your favorite thing about photographing couples?

I love how each couple is so uniquely different, yet all brought together for the same reason. Love.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 13

How has witnessing so many ceremonies impacted your own outlook?

I truly am a die-hard romantic. I cry at almost every wedding I photograph. Each ceremony is such a beautiful reminder of how love brings people together. No matter who you are, where you live, how big or small your wedding is, it’s going to be beautiful. Because love is such a beautiful thing.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 02

All time favorite shot you’ve taken?

Oh, such a tough question! I feel like this answer is consistently changing, and I like that. I want to constantly strive to take my best photo ever. The photos that tend to be my favorite are the ones that make you feel connected to the subject. Whether it be people or landscape, a good photo is all about making you feel connected to something bigger than yourself.

What keeps you feeling inspired?

The people around me and the places I’ve traveled. Nothing gets me going like photographing two people in love in a beautiful location.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 17

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 01

What does it mean to be ‘free’?

To me, to be free is to live an authentic life. Travel often, and love well. To live life passionately, peacefully, and adventurously.

Kinsey Mhire Wedding Photographer 05

Thank you Kinsey!

Be sure to check out Kinsey’s website, Instagram, and her fantastic blog!

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7 years ago

Eeee! She is so talented and has such fabulous perspective – love that she gives time for mishaps and has so much experience. I’m definitely going to go look through her work – esp. the India wedding!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

Wow. What an awesome photographer! I love how Kinsey captures so many wonderful authentic emotional moments of the weddings that she photographs. And that she is a die hard romantic and cries at almost all weddings. How Incredibly Awesome is that? Do you cover weddings in Cali? ; ) Thank you for sharing!!!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

7 years ago

can’t wait for my own wedding to come
this pictures are just to die for <3

see you at

7 years ago

Wow! Gorgeous photos!! Such a talented photographer!

7 years ago

This was such an inspirational post in so many ways!
I love each photo, they’re so natural !

And I especially loved her meaning of being free:
To me, to be free is to live an authentic life. Travel often, and love well. To live life passionately, peacefully, and adventurously.

Awesome ! Thanks for sharing

Saphia, Lifestyle Blogger

7 years ago

These are awesome tips! Enjoy the experience as well, and be a part of it!

7 years ago

Go, Kinsey! Go!

7 years ago

Oh I’ve always loved her! I am shooting my first wedding in two week and I can’t wait.

7 years ago

I love Kinsey so much. She is so talented, and beautiful inside and out. So happy to see her featured here.

7 years ago

Good tips! I’m a wedding photographer too and agree 100% .
Greetings from Denmark :)