Pup of Honor: DIY Bridal Dog Leash

When it comes time for the big wedding day, your chosen audience should be filled with the cherished and most-loved.

The most important ones are more than likely up at the alter, maintaining a strong presence of support for the bride and groom. Amongst those special guests, there might just be a pup of honor, too.

Pets are family, and as everyone else gets dressed up to look their best for a wedding, we shouldn’t leave them out. Now, going as far as suit and tie might be a little much, so accessorizing is what it’s all about. Decorative collars and leashes are common place for pups these days, and we’re here to show you how to get the ultimate bridal dog leash before you tie the knot. Our display team gathered some materials, worked their magic, and made an incredible DIY leash and collar set that will fancy up any pup. Get inspired by what they made below!


You’ll Need:



Decorative trimmings

Bendable wire

Silk flowers

Glue gun

Modifying a leash and collar set is easy if you have the right materials. Colorful trimmings and silk flowers will stand out the most, and we love a lot of color here at FP, so we chose hues that were bold and statement-making. Pinks and metallics contrast nicely against soft greens, but feel free to modify what we’ve done to fit your theme!


Rope is easy to work with, so find a collar and leash that’s made from this material, preferably in a natural color.


We wrapped the entire length of the leash in different trimmings, using hot glue to secure the ends when switching from one material to the next.


Bendable wire is great to fasten on silk flowers and other trinkets. We broke down a coin garland and added some in here and there for a more dramatic look.


Continue to wrap and add in decorations as you please!



You can personalize it by adding in a dog tag or other charms.




For the collar, we added on some pearl and rhinestone trimmings all along the edges. A hot glue gun works best for this!




How pretty does this look against the intricate lace on the Casablanca Lace Halter Gown?!




Get creative, and have fun!




The perfect accessory for a girl’s (or guy’s!) best friend. A big thank you to Daisy for being our beautiful dog model!

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