Go Behind The Scenes Of Our June E-catalog With Staz Lindes + A Playlist

It’s been some time since I last had the opportunity to be on-set. A couple weeks ago, I spent the day in a cool NYC apartment with a team of creatives who were all there to make our June E-book come to life.

Our main gal? Staz Lindes. She’s quite the stunner, and one super rad chick. She’s got an ease in front of the camera that’s effortless, and the location of the shoot that day couldn’t have been better. Shots were set up inside and out, and it was fun to see what the photographer was going to do next. It helps to feel comfortable when you show up to work, and lucky for him, this amazing space is what he calls home.

In between outfit changes, I had the chance to get to know Staz a little better. Model by day, but what some people may not know is just how musically inclined this beauty is. Being the daughter of Hal Lindes from Dire Straits, she may have picked up a few things from her father. Mom too though, feeding her kids Elliott Smith and The Cure for breakfast as Staz recounts her childhood. Music is what drives her, so I had to ask her about the songs that put her pedal to the ground. From her favorite albums, to what she’s wearing to her next show, Staz plays out a little bit more of her life for us below.

Do you think your musical taste has changed over time?

Not that much. When I started having my own taste in music, I got into No Doubt. I think I got into Nirvana when I was like, 10. Then when I got to 12 and 13, I started listening to The Cramps and the X, and Bikini Kill and a lot of Bowie. Then around 2008, I got into a lot of Bob Dylan, Hank Williams… kind of that folky thing. A lot of the live music around then was very indie and folky, so I stared listening to that genre so I could go to live shows. Now I like a lot of local bands. My brothers band Sad Girl, they’re really good. My other friends, Sunflower Bean, are great too.

Oh, and the Breeders Last Splash. That’s a pretty amazing album.

How would you describe your personal style?

I mean it depends on if I feel like being extra feminine, or boyish. I’m a tomboy for the most part, but I’ll throw on a nice pair of earrings to feel a little more girly. I’ve always kind of dressed second hand — never really got into shopping designer. My style is like a mix of Bowie and Audrey Hepburn, a good balance of both. My mom and dad are the same. My dad is totally punky with tight pants and leather jackets, and then my mom was very flowy, lots of chiffon dresses in the ’60s. I think I inherited both of their styles. I love layering, too. I take a lot of influence from the way Geroge Harrison and Keith Richards dressed, but at the same time, I take influence from the whole ’70s punk scene in New York, too.

Do you think your father had a lot of influence on you wanting to play music?

Yeah, my parents are both musical. They wouldn’t just have the radio on, my mom was always playing The Cure or Elliott Smith. They pushed piano on my brother and I at a young age, but I picked up the cello when I was 10 and played that for ages. I found the guitar at age 12 and have been paying for over 10 years now. Music was always encouraged.
Do you and your brother ever play music together?

We”ll play together and he’s recorded me a few times, but we like to do our own thing.
LA or NYC?

LA all the way.

Now, take a listen to some of the tunes off Staz’s all time favorite albums, and go behind the scenes below!

























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8 years ago

Such a gorgeous lady and location! She has fabulous taste – it was a surprise to see the Breeders on her list, that is a great, old album!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Love this post!!! If anyone has time make sure to check out my blog and this page: wp.me/p5eZN2-5e




8 years ago

Such a wonderfully interesting feature with such gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you for sharing Staz’s story!!!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

Oh my gosh! These are all so amazing. I cannot wait to see the full e-catalog. I am so excited to see that Stone Cold Fox jumpsuit. I’ll definitely be purchasing a lot of this! :)

8 years ago

I honestly don’t know if I’m a tomboy or a girly girl! I could say I’m a girly girl at heart with a tomboyish edge, since I love the color black and I hate glitter!

8 years ago

I love this photo shoot and the clothing. Staz looks like a young Brigitte Bardot!


8 years ago

LOVE these photos. She is so cool!


8 years ago

WHAM! :)