The Significance Of Circular Shapes

Something about the circle always seems to lure me in. Looking around my home, it’s hard to find a piece of décor that’s angled and rigid in nature. Everything seems to be spherical, round, flowing…

It got me thinking about circles and what they represent. What is it about them that can make one feel such peace?

The universe thinks and speaks in circles. Eternity. Infinity. Think about the moon, the sun, the earth; the pupils and irises of our eyes. When a flower blooms, it’s in an expanding, circular way. Circles are all about movement; yang energy at its prime.

In Sanskrit, the word mandala means “magic circle” or “from the essence.” Creating a mandala is a wonderful way to bring peace to the mind at once.

I love the line in this beautiful song by Jhene Aiko that says “There’s really no end, there’s really no beginning.” A powerful idea that goes right back to the concept of the all-encompassing circle.

A circle is inclusion, wholeness, unity, completion. It’s everything all at once. Care, support, affection, protection. A circle has no end.








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  1. I love this! It makes me remember that life goes on, and that every situation that feels like the end really isn’t.

  2. I loved this post, unfortunately as I looked upon the screen around my living room I realised that everything is square… need to change that I think. love the comparison between circles and planets :)

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