So Much To Be Seen

My fear of flying has a tendency to surprise people. Despite the knots in my stomach and the thoughts in my head, I’ve hopped around the US, jetted across the Atlantic, and once spent 16 hours in the air en route to Japan. I refuse to allow an unsubstantiated fear bind me to one place. The thought of not seeing the entire world before my time on this earth draws to a close is too tragic, the amount of places to be seen and discovered too fantastic and beautifully overwhelming.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

– Carl Sagan

Sagan may have been referring to the cosmos when he uttered that quote, but I believe it pertains to so much more. This past week I discovered a city I knew very, very little about. As is common with, I believe, most people, I had an idea in my head of what it would be like before I arrived. Maybe a bit industrial? Less shiny? Certainly containing nowhere near the amount of trees as it did. And as is so often the case, Atlanta was full of surprises. Beautiful neighborhoods, a thriving food scene, the kindest people, and lush, verdant greenery that overflowed from the trees onto highways and overpasses and sidewalks like waves and waterfalls.

Yesterday as I rode to the airport, palms no less clammy than they always are, roadsigns flashed before my eyes. Marietta, Alpharetta… towns with the sweetest sounding names that I would not be seeing on this trip. And the knowledge of those infinite cities and towns that I will likely never see in this lifetime came to mind, along with the determination to explore as much as I possibly can. Down the street, across the world. There’s just too much to discover, too much waiting to be known to allow ourselves to be bound to one place…

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I really like that quote by Sagan.

In the past, I’ve allowed fear and my assumptions to keep me from exploring new places and trying new things. Overthinking or feeding into unsubstantiated fear is such a disservice. Hooray for not letting those things hold us back. There really is so much to discover.

Dee |

Marietta is kind of lovely tbh, but the whole Atlanta area is like my home away from home. I would give anything to live in Atlanta near a train stop.

My jittery, nervous attitude towards flying always makes flying a bit more stressful… but it’s always worth it ten fold once I’ve landed somewhere incredible. There IS so much to be seen. And if hopping on a plane (despite my fears) means that we can see more of this world, I’m totally on board. Thank you for this beautiful post!

This quote goes along well with my current resolution of spending 30 minutes a day to learn something new — try bellydance videos on Youtube, go on a walk some where different, attempt to better my Spanish. It’s inspiring to have a sense of yearning & wonder. :]

// ▲ ▲

Beautiful post – every defect of mine, every time I procrastinate – it all stems in fear. Even being aware of the fear is helpful at first!

Warm Regards,

Planning ahead and thinking about the future. My mother and I got into a heated fight where I had to admit a lot of terrible truths to myself that I refused to accept before. I realized how flawed of a person I am and it’s something I will work arduously on to better myself.

So many adventures just waiting to happen!