In The Studio With Grace Loves Lace

Wedding days create memories that are held onto forever.

No matter how big or small the ceremony, it’s always special. Every little moment is cherished and held safe in the hearts of the two that are bound. Love and beauty should be felt throughout, and when the bride looks down, she should feel like her most perfect self. The dress… the dress needs to be her dress. The one that makes her feel pure joy, and free in her own skin. When it came time for Free People to start developing FP Ever After, we needed to work with the ones who breathe our lifestyle. The finest of fabrics… unique details… free-spirited at heart… Grace Loves Lace was the perfect fit for an exclusive collaboration. Below, we get to take a peek inside their Australia-based studio and learn what goes on behind the scenes at Grace Loves Lace from founder, Megan Ziems!


What first sparked the idea to create a line of beautiful wedding dresses?

When I was looking for my own wedding dress 4 years ago, I really couldn’t believe the lack of variety of what was on offer. Everything was very traditional, almost like a uniform. I really didn’t want to wear an uncomfortable dress that didn’t feel anything like ‘me’. I was completely inspired to fill that gap for sophisticated, effortlessly beautiful dresses that were luxurious but not overpriced. I felt obliged to show brides ‘Hey you don’t have to wear that, and you don’t have to style it like that just because everyone else is’.

How did the name “Grace Loves Lace” come to be?

I had a strong sense of who our customer would be and the word Grace resonated. It’s also a family name. The rest rolled off the tongue over a few cups of green tea and banter with friends.



Where do you seek inspiration?

Everywhere and in everything! Particularly beautiful textiles, travel, beautiful imagery, music. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the creative world.

IMG_3671 copy

How would you describe the style in Queensland? Does this influence any of your designs?

Australians love the beach and outdoors, so by nature we design dresses with outdoor weddings in mind. Queensland is the Sunshine State and everyone is very image-conscious with a strong emphasis on health and fitness. I think our dresses really suit the feminine woman who embraces her figure and keeps it quite natural.


From start to finish, do you have a favorite part of the design process?

I really enjoy the initial sketch stage and fabric sourcing, but mainly I love seeing the final samples. Seeing our vision completed is pretty special. Our design team is very passionate and talented so it’s always a mix of fun, stress and organised chaos.

IMG_3604 copy

What would you say makes each dress in this FP collaboration so special?

The luxurious textiles we have used, unique and flattering shapes and how they are so special but not over-done. I think our collection will appeal to every FP customer; whether they are the bohemian beauty or the chic fashionista


 Can you describe what a typical day looks like in the Grace Loves Lace Studio?

We have a head office, a showroom and our design and manufacturing studio, so each is very different. A typical day can be anything from having sales and marketing meetings, fabric sourcing, design meetings, hundreds of emails and phone calls, quality controlling and packaging orders.


What music could be heard playing in the background?

Sade, Carla Bruni, Tallest Man on Earth, Neil Young, Hozier, Jarryd James…

IMG_3613 copy

How do you hope the customer feels when she is wearing one of your dresses?

Confident, special and comfortable.


What are some of your favorite things to do or places to go when you’re not in the studio?

My favorite part of my day every day is my early morning run with my son. We live on the beach so we always swim and then make a fresh juice. I love having my girlfriends over for long chats and herbal teas, and I love going for long mountain hikes with friends — no phones, just fresh mountain air. And I love planning holidays! My home away from home is Europe where my family is, so of course I love being there.

 What does being “free” mean to you?

Being comfortable and confident within yourself. Not trying to be something you’re not and surrounding yourself with the right people.

IMG_3622 copy

Thank you for letting us in!

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8 years ago

This is such a gorgeous mission and feature. I love that she was inspired by her own hunt and that she did something to supply future brides with more original pieces – lovely!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

this is just the most amazing wedding studio i´ve ever seen <3

see you at

8 years ago

such an incredibly beautiful post!!! I’ve always loved the gorgeous designs of Grace Loves Lace!!! It’s so wonderful to finally see her gorgeous shop and hear about her lovely, inspired lifestyle…it is so very serene & magical….it makes me want to move to Australia and live on the beach……

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

Wow. What gorgeous wedding dresses! Go, Grace Loves Lace!

8 years ago

What are beautiful feature. Her studio is amazing and those dresses!

8 years ago

What a beautiful feature. Her studio is amazing and those dresses!

8 years ago

i love grace loves lace! i wore they’re loren gown for my wedding last july and Kinsey was my wedding photographer :) so happy to see you spotlighting both of these very talented individuals.

8 years ago

I would actually love her to design my prom dress. I love the wedding style for dances!

8 years ago

Oh these are so amazing! Absolutely beautiful! I am LOVING these wedding posts. I am not even engaged but I know I HAVE to wear one of her dresses.

I like the whole ambiance of the room. Reminds me of my sweet pre-wedding and honeymoon days.