Where’s Your Ultimate Getaway?

In 38 days, we can officially welcome the summer of 2015.

I feel as though I’ve already treated myself to a little taste of it. It’s been a warm spring, and going to the shore these past couple of weekends has made me jump the gun — I’m definitely in summer mode and really happy about it. Most of my fondest memories happened during the summer — it’s as if warm weather brings with it a sweet curse. I truly believe that vitamin D makes everyone smile a bit brighter. It’s the season for vacations, cook-outs, long nights… oh summer, you are just so sweet. Now is the time to start planning those ultimate getaways to destinations all over the world, and we’re here to lend you a little hand when it comes to choosing where to go and what to pack. To the tropics or to the mountains, we’re ready for the next adventure…

Poolside in Palms Springs


Get the look: Florence Printed One Piece, Slouchy Vegan Tote, Stubborn Love Sunglass, Off the Grid Ombre Rancher Hat

California is calling, and poolside in Palm Springs is exactly where we want to plant ourselves. Bright fluorescents against green palms and clear blue water make a summer statement that’s nothing short of supreme, and a bold printed one-piece has cali-vibes written all over it. Beating the desert heat is easy when you’ve got all the right accessories…pool included.


Get the look: Florence Printed One Piece, Krishna One Piece

Cliff Jumping in Jackson Hole


Get the look: Bare Essentials Bikini, FP Vintage Bandanas, Florida Birkenstock, Royale Distressed Backpack, Round Top Ranger Hat

Wyoming is one state that I’ve bordered a number of times, but still have yet to explore. Normally I think of mountain vacations in cooler months, but visiting the higher altitudes in the summer is when you can actually beat some of the crowds. Now is the perfect time pack up and hit the cliffs. From hiking about to jumping into the lakes below, a bathing suit, backpack, and bandana are essentials you’ll want to take with you.


Get the look: Zip Army Jacket, Round Top Ranger Hat

Beach Bound In Beliz


Get the look: Mesa TopCasa Bottom, Irreplaceable Cut Offs, Easy Breezy Belt, Dune Diamond Tote, Cruise Blanket, Coast to Coast Cateye, Great Lengths Sandal , Ocean Vibes Bracelet

Summer isn’t over until you’ve stepped foot onto a beach in my opinion, and this year, we’re Beliz bound. This culture-rich country is packed with all the best sights and leisures. I made a pit-stop here a few years back while on a cruise, and this was my favorite port I had the opportunity to explore. Beautiful Carribean coastlines + the Mayan history left us with a never ending list of things to see and do. To always be prepared, layering up is best on this getaway. Be sure to pack your bag with a swimsuit and sunnies, some practical sandals and easy coverups!


Get the look: Great Lengths Sandal Dune Diamond Tote

+ Now it’s your turn! Where is your ultimate getaway taking you this summer? Please let us know in the comments — we love hearing your travel suggestions!

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  1. I’ve always found myself at the beach come summer, and this year will be no different, except now I’m thinking a little detour to the mountains for a while might be a nice refresher.


  2. I’d love to head over to Glacier National Park to see some moose, a lot of trees, even more trees and mountains but hopefully no encounters with grizzly bears! I’m a-one-hike- in-the-forest-and-I’m-in-a-state-of-bliss type of girl! Or perhaps a trip to do a few easy day hikes and hang out in the laid back vibe of Orcas Island in Washington, no rushing around is allowed in that magical place, it’s absolute heaven!

    The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

  3. We used to vacation on a small lake in the UP, Michigan. We loved it because it was so far from the hustle and bustle of towns. It was quiet and such a restful time. Now, since we live so close to California, we are thinking San Diego would be a fun vacation! A little mix up but we love the beach!


  4. I dream of going to Bali, but Hawaii is one of the most perfect getaways for me! I also love NYC, San Fran, San Diego, Rome and Paris!

  5. My heart soars to seek out water, every time. A lake, a beach, a river – no matter. Anywhere I can slip into cool waters, like mirrors of liquid mercury – I’m happy!

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