The Ultimate Travel Guide to Cape Town, South Africa

This post comes from blogger Amy Scheepers, Author of Fancy Pants!

A while ago I packed my bags and moved to what I honestly believe to be one of the best cities in the world, Cape Town – and just over a year later I still get excited by the smallest things.

Things like walking out my door and seeing Table Mountain still blow me away, as does the fact that I can squeeze in a hike, freezing ocean swim, and take advantage of the brilliant coffee shop culture – all in the space of a few hours. I guess it’s the variety of things to do, combined with an undeniable beauty, that this city has totally won me over. There are a few specific parts of Cape Town that are especially close to my heart though – the city center, the gardens, the beaches and a little town called Kalk Bay.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the city center, it always reminds me of when I used to visit on holiday and knew nothing about the city; I’d walk up and down Long Street for hours exploring every corner. While I’m very familiar with all its secrets by now I still can’t resist going for a stroll and taking in the views, seeing what the vintage market has that I haven’t noticed  before and popping into the local designers boutiques. Whenever I’m asked where the best shopping spots are for local goods, my answer is always the same: Long & Kloof Streets!




Kalk Bay was an easy one to include – it’s a tiny coastal town just outside the city, it’s always humming with tourists and the main road is lined with all sorts of antique stores, art galleries, and delicious places to eat. My favorites? Cafe Olympia for the pastries, Wauhaus for all sorts of vintage treats, and an amazing Moroccan store up one of the side streets for incredible rugs and jewellery. I’m pretty sure this is where I’m going to become an old eccentric lady with the most phenomenal bohemian style one day, that’s the dream at least!







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I’m a big fan of gardens within cities, as much as I love city life there’s few things that beat strolling around a beautifully curated cacti garden or napping on a picnic blanket! I have 2 that I visit whenever I can think up an excuse: Kirstenbosch Gardens which is pretty central and makes for a lovely afternoon picnic and it hosts summer concerts every weekend during summer, which is something you have to experience. And my absolute favorite: Babylonstoren, which can be found about 30 minutes outside of the city. I go there for the views, an amazing bakery that’ll have you taking home all sorts of crazy loaves to try out (gorgonzola & pear is my favorite!), lunch inside the greenhouse and cactus maze – but there are so many other treats to discover, as well as a hotel I have yet to try out.


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To round out my favorite places, I had to include our beaches – seeing as we have some of the most beautiful shores in the world. My favorites are probably a toss up between The Hoek and Lundudno – although Glen Beach and Clifton are all kinds of amazing too. Nothing beats a Cape Town beach sunset in the summer, and all my free moments are inevitably spent on the beach or in the car looking for waves with my boyfriend and our pug-child, Neville.




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  1. What a beautiful post! I lived in South Africa for almost a year & this brings back such beautiful memories. It is an incredible country & Capetown just might be thee best city there! I still have treasures from a favorite shop called Gypsy, in Simons Town. I wonder if it is still there…?! Thank you for sharing the beauty of Capetown.

  2. You have wonderful photos in your post! I love the styling, colors, and emotions evoked in every picture. I loved learning about Cape Town, since South Africa has been of interest to me for a future travel adventure. I enjoyed seeing all of the local shops, boutiques, restaurants, and jewelry. Looks like there’s a great deal of variety in Cape Town!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful story of Cape Town. I’m going there next winter and I’m so excited. I’ll be sure to keep track of all your interesting suggestions for my trip. Thank you for sharing your favorite places.

  4. I’m from Cape Town, SA, and i LOVED this!!! You make me see my own city in a new way.

  5. You have done an amazing job of compressing your trip like this into highlights through words and pictures. What a fascinating place Capetown must be. People, food, culture, heritage, scenery, architecture – everything. Fabulous post. I am ready to go there right now!

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