Wanderlust, Melbourne Australia

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What is Wanderlust to you? Is it the strong desire to travel and explore the world?

Is it that familiar flame burning passion which gently embers in the back of the mind? Those daydreams drenched with longing for new experiences in far away lands?

This weekend we headed south to Melborne and braved the early morning cold on the water at St. Kilda for a day of music, meditation and movement. Wanderlust 108 is a yoga festival unlike any other, bringjng together a 5km run, outdoor yoga, meditation and incredible food.

Before the morning race, we swathed runners in shimmering metallic Flash Tattoos. Glistening artwork that united us all and reminded not take the race too seriously, because at Wanderlust, winning is measured in laughs shared and new friends made.

It’s about creating a community of like-minded people around the world to practice yoga in some of the most inspiring places. To eat organic and support local farmers. To remember to sit in silence and reflect on you and your life, not to get caught up in life’s challenges.

After the run, we had a fun yoga practice in the sunshine, then we sat through a beautiful guided meditation. The silence of the crowed paired with incredible live guitar created an ambience I’ve never experienced before. The air was thick with love and good vibes, almost as if you could reach out and grab hold of the positivity with your fingertips.


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Photo credit Katie Fergus and FPNikki

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5 years ago

This is amaaazing <3 I love the photos and the vibe!

5 years ago

What a beautiful scene! Love seeing those yoga mats all out.

Warm Regards,

5 years ago

It looks like such a happy place, I long to go there!

Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

5 years ago

Aw this looks so cool!!
Would love to attempt something like this one day! Especially visiting Australia

Lots of hugs, A

5 years ago

Yay! I’m so excited will be doing it this saturday in Brisbane!
Are @freepeopleaustralia going to be there this saturday?

5 years ago

Hi Jorjha,

Yes, we will be there looking forward to hanging out with you!


5 years ago

When will FP have an Android app? It’s been a couple years since the FP iPhone app launched. Even Urban Outfitter has an Android app. It’s just so hard to browse FP website without an appt. Please launch an Android FP up soon!