The Double Dutch Up-Do Perfect for Brides, Bridesmaids, and Wedding Guests

The right hairstyle is like the crown jewel of an outfit.

Without one, your final look often feels incomplete and no time is this more true than when weddings come into play. Whether you’re attending as a guest, playing a part in the bridal party, or the one walking down the aisle, we all want to look out best.

Wedding hairstyles have a tendency to call to mind a certain look, so we turned to our girl, FP Me babe Lindsey Pengelly, for some fresh inspiration. On Monday she shared her Mohawk-inspired up-do, and today she’s back with another gorgeous styling option. Read the steps below and then let us know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see us tackle next!

Lindsey Pengelly Hair Tutorial 2 06

Step 1:

Lindsey Pengelly Hair Tutorial 2 02

This look works best with loose curls. Decide which side of your hair is thicker, that’s the said you will be doing the two braids on. Start the first dutch braid more toward the backside of your head, you want to keep enough room in the front of the braid so another dutch braid will fit. Braid the hair, secure with an elastic, then pull apart the braid! the bigger the braid the better so don’t be afraid to pull it out and make it big!

Step 2:

Lindsey Pengelly Hair Tutorial 2 03

Start the second dutch braid right below the first braid, secure it with an elastic, and pull it apart just as you did the first.

Step 3:

Lindsey Pengelly Hair Tutorial 2 04

Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, I put the first braid in the ponytail then the braid closest to my face I wrapped around the ponytail and used a bobbi pin to secure it in place. Then add a few FP hair accessories to finish off the look.

Lindsey Pengelly Hair Tutorial 2 01

The products I used to help me achieve this look are UNITE MaxControl Strong Hold and Texturiza

Get the look: Girl Code Printed Dress

Photographs by Taylor Kern

Be sure to follow Lindsey on FP Me and Instagram!


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8 years ago

That braid is beyond amazing – I definitely need to try it out – pinning! Love the color of her hair too – and that dress!

Warm Regards,

Rachelle D
8 years ago


8 years ago

Incredible hairstyle–I love how carefree it looks!

Cassi j
8 years ago

Lindsey always has the best tutorials!! Great job!

8 years ago

I’m definitely going to be trying this out!
I love this look ! However I don’t think my finishing look will be as good as yours!!