Spotlight on Moon Canyon Flowers

Flowers play an integral role in weddings. 

The color, the size, the feelings they evoke… it all comes into play. Roses are classically romantic, daisies are simplistically earthy and, well, sunflowers are just fun. Flowers are like having the windows down on a road trip — an emotional and beautiful necessity. Today we’d like to introduce you to Moon Canyon Flowers, a floral design company based in Los Angeles. Moon Canyon was founded by floral designer, yogi, and nature lover, Kristen Caissie in Silverlake, California. With over 12 years of experience, Kristen has worked with, quite literally, every flower. You can see Kristen’s love of the outdoors, music, and poetry in each artistic floral display. “Our relationship with our surroundings is the direct inspiration and fuel for our growth” is what is written on their website. Moon Canyon’s arrangements are sophisticated and wild at the same time. Complex in their simplicity.

Moon Canyon recently provided us with the floral arrangements and bouquets for our FP Ever After wedding photo shoots in California. They brought the perfect touch; graceful, effortless, and elegantly moody pieces decorated each location. Scroll down to see the magic of Moon Canyon!









Be sure to check out Moon Canyon Design and follow them on Instagram!

+ What flowers do you love seeing at weddings? Personally, I love a colorful mix of freesias.

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6 years ago

Real, fresh florals, the music chosen, the things said, and the gown are my favorite things – I am so looking forward to wedding season here on the blog! My favorite flowers are things with big, lush petals.

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

Flowers are such a beautiful and powerful element to art and decoration. They can instantly brighten up a simple table or stand out in a giant dining setting. Hands down I think orchids are the most beautiful flowers of all! So elegant and classy–you can literally put them anywhere and they’d be appropriate for the occasion!

6 years ago

such gorgeous flowers……I love to see unique bouquets at weddings…something a bit rebellious, flowers that is not the typical “wedding flower” bouquet seen in all the standard wedding magazines…I especially love the wild flowers freshly picked from a spring meadow, flowers that are a bit unruly and untamed….something a bit more boho and free spirited than the “typical bouquet” is a breath of fresh air to me! .

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

6 years ago

Moon Canyon is such a beautiful brand full of talented creatives. I have SO loved following their journey on Instagram and I was so excited to see them here! I love a ton of greenery (herbs, succulents, eucalyptus) for weddings. I’m tying the knot in September and that’s definitely our plan!

Hazel + Scout

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