Alena Blohm: Model In The Groove

Who IS that bombshell gracing our new In The Groove collection? You know. The one rockin’ that vintage denim jumpsuit in front of the cherry red hot rod.

Or maybe you noticed her dancing barefoot and playing records in the Sexy Back Blues Tunic. Well everyone, meet Alena Blohm — a German born, New York living, globe trotting mega model. Not only does Alena possess that beautifully raw and authentic ’70s look, she has the laid back personality to match. Always smiling and flashing peace signs, this positively mellow babe was as much of a pleasure to meet as she was to photograph.

We had the chance to catch up with Alena and even played a fun game of “Would You Rather: 1970s Edition!” Keep reading to check it out:



Where are you originally from? How has it shaped who you are today?

I’m from a small town in Germany. My family always supported me and taught me to be appreciative and to stay grounded.

Where do you live now and what do you love most about it?

I moved to New York awhile ago. I’m so in love with the city; the vibes, the people and the opportunities.

How long have you been modeling?

I was discovered at age 16 in Germany. As soon as I finished school at 18 I went to Paris for a month to see clients. That’s how it all started…

You are always smiling! How do you stay positive?

I think I’m just positive in general! I’m so lucky that I can live this life surrounded by amazing people! How can I not be smiling all the time?

What do you love most about the 1970s?


What does being free mean to you?

Not to think about tomorrow — just to live and enjoy the moment.


So Alena, we’re going to play a game of “would you rather”, where you have to choose one option over the other… are you ready?!

Would you rather be a 1970s model or 1970s musician?


Would you rather be barefoot in LA or wearing over the knee rocker boots in NYC?

Barefoot in LA

Would you rather spend a day with Jane Birkin or Janis Joplin?

Definitely Janis!

Would you rather wear bell bottoms or maxi kaftans?

Bell Bottoms

Tough one! Would you rather attend 1970s rock concerts or 1970s pool parties?

Rock Concert!


Thank you Alena, great choices!

Photographs by Jason Lee Parry.

Hair by Tony Vin. Makeup by Samuel Paul.

+ Now it your turn! Leave your “would you rather” answers in the comments below!

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6 years ago

Pretty please do a makeup breakdown of the summer looks in the catalogue! They are out-of-this-world stellar.

6 years ago

Jane Birkin is my style icon forever, so I definitely would have opted for her! ;)

6 years ago

She’s beautiful and has a lovely fashion sense! I think she seems pretty down-to-earth unlike other models in the industry.

6 years ago

Love this interview! She’s sheer perfection and 70’s magic. In love!

6 years ago

Her skin is like butter! She seams like a really chill person.

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