15 Things You Didn’t Know About Shanina Shaik

Meet Shanina Shaik. This chestnut-haired bombshell is the face of our latest seaside lookbook, Gold Coast, and we could not have chosen a more perfect model to frolic in the waves wearing some of our most coveted summer swim styles. Born in Melbourne, the Australian beauty moved to New York City at the young age of seventeen to pursue a career in modeling, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Having worked with Shanina on several occasions, this laid-back shoot offered the perfect opportunity to get to know her — and her home country — a little better. She even taught us a some Australian slang! Read on to learn what makes this Aussie gal tick and to discover a few of her favorite haunts — she might just inspire you to take a trip to Melbourne yourself!


Can you share 15 things we might not know about you?

1. I was raised in Melbourne, Australia in a suburb called Werribee.

2. I don’t have a middle name.

3. I was a tomboy growing up.

5. I played basketball for 7 years, and it’s my favorite sport!

6. I don’t know how to whistle.

7. I have 3 dogs back home in Australia and one of my own in NYC.

8. My guilty pleasure is chocolate and ice cream.

9. I moved to NYC when I was 17.

10. I love to cook.

11. My favorite pastime is SLEEP!

12. I love to dance.

13. My favorite color is purple.

14. I’m a huge Beyonce fan!!!

15. If I wasn’t modeling I would be a child psychologist.


Say we were about to take a trip to Australia – what are your top 5 ‘must see’ spots?

1. Peninsula Hot Springs: A natural hot springs and day spa based 90 minutes outside of Melbourne.

2. Icebergs: A beautiful fine dining restaurant in Bondi Beach, Sydney. The restaurant overlooks Bondi beach. Stunningly beautiful to dine and watch the sunset.

3. Sandalford Winery, Perth: A great place to visit to learn about wine, eat cheese, and dine at gorgeous restaurants. One of the best!

4. The Ivy Pool & Club, Sydney: A cool spot to have drinks and socialize. Best in the summertime.

5. Warner Brothers Movie World/Dream World/Wet’n’Wild : All the best theme parks to visit are based in Queensland, Australia!


We hear Australians have some pretty unique slang – can you share some with us? 

1. “G’ day” — meaning hey/hi/ good day

2. “You beauty” — meaning great/excellent

3. “A pash” — a long, passionate kiss

4. “Fair dinkum” — to query if something is true/real or genuine

5. “Chockers” — meaning  very full/packed



Thank you Shanina!

Be sure to follow Shanina on Instagram!

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That outfit on the first picture!! Love it! What is the brand or where is it from?! LOVE

She’s beautiful and inspiring! I love her style and all of the photos!


YES!! Finally you guys feature a non-white model!!!


oy vey. FP has featured plenty of non-white models, like jourdan dunn, joan smalls, and freida pinto.

Her eyes are gorgeous in everyone of these photos!


What are the names of the clothes she’s wearing?


Yes they have. But they are always always ALWAYS featuring white models. Compare the times PoC have been used to the amount of times white models have been used. Nothing against white models. But PoC deserve to be represented as well. We are all beautiful regardless of our color, so why can’t we all be represented in a more equal fashion? FP likes to use inspiration from other cultures a lot. But their FP stylists of the Week and other inspirations generally center around white women. It’s like they are trying to say only white people are inspirational. Once again,… Read more »


She is GORGEOUS…no matter, she looks to be Black and Asian, with blue eyes, I agree, more POC on Free People catalogues and websites…

A dark skin model would also be nice but love all.


Can you please remove me from your mailing list

Ken – You can email our customer service team at service@freepeople.com to be removed from the mailing list.

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