Austin Summer Must-Dos

Let’s be real, it has felt like summer in Austin since March (even with all the rain). It’s hot here, and it’s only going to get hotter.  I, for one, don’t mind one bit.  I’m a summer lover, a sun worshiper, a water baby. This is my season.  I’ve found my schedule getting busier and busier lately with work and freelance projects, so I want to be sure I make time to do certain things this summer whenever I have the chance, and take advantage of these long days and warm nights.  Here’s what is on my Austin summer must-do list, if you have any recommendations please let me know!

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First thing on my list: get a bike.  It’s been a long time coming, and it’s time I make it happen.  Austin is the type of city best explored by foot or bike, so that you can really take it all in.  There is so much to see – colorful wall art, beautiful houses, plants and flowers unlike anything I’m used to seeing back home. In the car it rushes by too quickly in flashes of color, but slow down a little bit and you’ll discover so much beauty in every nook and cranny of this city.



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This summer my goal is to hit as many swimming holes as I can.  It’s partially out of curiosity and a desire to see all of them in their beauty, but it’s also out of necessity.  It’s the only way to stay cool (outside) on these hot summer days!



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My goal is to take at least one road trip this summer.  Since I made the drive from Philly to Austin in November, I haven’t had much desire to go anywhere too far, and I’ve been spending my time getting to know my new city. But now I’m getting the itch to roam again, and I’m thinking a trip to Marfa/Big Bend is in the near future for me.



I can’t get enough of these small Texas towns.  They’re so quaint and again, unlike anything I’m used to from the Northeast.  This summer I hope to explore one, if not a few, new towns.  Pictured above and below is one that I only got to pass through briefly but fell in love with, Bandera.



This is something I’ve wanted to do since I moved here.  Every time I walk over the bridge between South Congress and downtown, I stare enviously at the people kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding below.  It looks like so much fun and such a great way to spend a hot day.  This summer I’m doin’ it.

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I had no idea that outdoor movies were such a thing in Austin! There are a few different locations that are offering summer film series, and last Friday I spent a pretty blissful evening watching Dazed and Confused on a blanket outside, beverage in hand.  To be totally honest, I’m not really a movie person.  I get restless sitting still for a while, and this setting solved that problem for me.  You can get up, walk around, get some food from a nearby food truck, and hang with friends all while enjoying a classic film.

+ Got any recommendations for me? Leave them in the comments!

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8 years ago

What a fun list! I would love to enjoy an outdoor movie!

8 years ago

Aw yes, I am SO ready for summer to start now! Bring on the holiday season please!

Gigi G
8 years ago

Reaaaaaally makin me miss the ATX with these posts

8 years ago

They have outdoor films and food trucks all the time here in Lex. I’ve always wanted to participate so I think I’ll make that happen next week!

8 years ago

Such a great list – I still need to make one of my own!

Warm Regards,