The Beautifying Experience: 3 Ways To Relish In Your Daily Routine

Slowly but surely… it’s happening. As a whole, I believe that we as humans are beginning to realize that beauty and perfection are not synonymous; that less is more; that natural is best; that listening to our own intuition and trusting ourselves are habits essential to thriving in this life.

I’ve always been infatuated with beauty products. I love the scents… the textures, they’re like magical little potions. But it’s not the physical results that I crave so much… it’s the experience as a whole. To me, the beautifying experience is one of self care; self love. It’s about taking time each day to treat our senses in ways that leave us feeling filled to the brim with love.

To some, I may seem like I’m living in a dreamworld… but why would I want to live anywhere else? These are some ways to turn beauty rituals into your own unique meditations:




Set aside time and create your ideal atmosphere: I do little beauty rituals all throughout the day, but the time in the evening is my absolute favorite. I light a few candles… some incense, put on whatever chill music I’m craving, and do it up. Face masks, hair oil treatments, oil pulling, Abhyangas… you name it. When we’re able to take our sweet time, we can put our full attention and enjoyment into every step of what we’re doing… and feel incredible throughout.

Choose your products with care: What goes onto our bodies ultimately goes into them, and for that reason, I love using products made with natural ingredients – especially ones made in small batches by inspiring women and men. And while we mustn’t judge a book by its cover… a beauty product with gorgeous packaging certainly enhances the experience. After all, the beautifying experience is best lived when it involves all the senses at once.


Some of my absolute favorites…

Lulu Organics / This lavender & clary sage hair oil is absolutely intoxicating.

Mullein & Sparrow / This lavender hydrosol will bring you instant relaxation.

Hi Wildflower Botanica / I can’t get enough of this night blossom scent.

Rodin / This lip balm smells like a blossoming garden.

Caru Skincare Co / This rose facial serum is my secret weapon… and everything is on major sale right now!

Forager Botanicals / I’m dying to try island lei next.

Osmia Organics / I’ve never been so excited to use a spot treatment every night.

Alohatherapy / I discovered these gorgeous Hawaiian oils while I was on Maui. I’m already on my second bottle of pikake oil.

Sisters of the Black Moon / This moonshine essential oil blend (a collab with Naked Eye Beauty) will instantly connect you to your witchier side.

Fat and the Moon / This eye coal is next on my list.

Juniper Ridge / This cabin spray has me constantly dreaming of an adventure in the woods.


Make your own uses: Who says a hair oil can’t be used on your nails, or facial scrub can’t exfoliate your legs? They certainly can. Sometimes we limit ourselves to the confines of how a product is supposed to be used. But you, my friends, are creatures of creativity. Let your intuition guide you, and you’ll find that there’s a universe of uses inside one little bottle.


+How do you live out the beautifying experience?

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Megan b.
8 years ago

So dreamy….thanks for sharing all these amazing beauty products.

8 years ago

Love this! Being picky about the products we use and what we surround ourselves with is certainly key!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

This is so beautiful and mystifying!

8 years ago

I love this post so much. Very inspiring. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Jessica

8 years ago

I always like to shower in the dark, cold water and a few candles leaving my senses alive as if I’ve just showered in a cave

8 years ago

This is awesome. Such a great list of beauty products! Thank you Brigette – and I had so much fun with you scoping away the other day :) xxx

8 years ago

This is awesome. Such a great list of beauty products! Thank you Brigette – and I had so much fun with you scoping away the other day :) xxx

Karen Wojcinski
7 years ago

I believe you want to say “revel” in your daily routine, not “relish”.