Create Your Own Summer Adventure Journal

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie!

I have always loved looking back through old journals and photo albums, reminiscing on previous experiences, and laughing at the anecdotes I had found time to put into words in the several diaries I tried keeping over the course of my childhood. I was never able to fill the pages of the various notebooks I started, but rather seemed to just write during times when I was feeling inspired to turn my present into a permanent memory. Looking back, I wish I had documented more. These little glimpses into the past are some of my most cherished possessions.

So this summer, with all the excitement and plans that await me, I have decided to start an adventure journal. A place to house memories of the long days under the sun, impromptu road trips, weekend escapades around this new city, and most of all the unexpected twist and turns I encounter along the way. I invite you do all to do the same!

See below for simple steps to decorate and personalize your own journal:

adventure journal-1

What you need:


Fabric scraps

Crochet doily or lace


Hot glue

Leather cord

adventure journal-2

Begin by cutting rectangles out of the fabrics you have. Each piece should vary in size and length. I had four different fabrics, and cut 4-5 rectangles for each piece of material.

adventure journal-3

Layout the fabric pieces on the front side of the cover first. Make sure the pieces on the left side overlap slightly onto the back in order to cover the binding. Once you have laid the fabric over the entire area, start hot gluing! Take your time with this part to smooth each piece flat against the cover.

adventure journal-7

Once you finish the front, repeat the same steps on the back to cover the entire surface in your fabric pieces.

adventure journal-5adventure journal-4

The last step is to glue on your crochet doily! Center the doily on the binding, and hot glue the edges of the crochet on both sides to secure. Wrap your journal in a leather cord, grab a pen, and it is ready to be filled!

adventure journal-8 adventure journal-10 adventure journal-12

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8 years ago

Oh I love it! And you can do it with basically anything you like or have on hand!
I’ll definitely give it a try :)

Megan B
8 years ago

This is such a cute idea!! Thank you for sharing. I think I’ll fill mine with drawings and maybe photos of summer.

8 years ago

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Summer journals are a must. I love this DIY :)

8 years ago

Such a sweet idea! I’ve always been a big journal-er, so this would really be perfect for me! I’ve had special journals for trips before, but never for summer adventures.
Happy Summer!
xx Lane

jamie ann
8 years ago
8 years ago

The journal is quite lovely. I also made my first summer scrapbook last year, and I definitely want to make it a sweet little tradition for myself. Thank you.

8 years ago

I absolutely love this! I think I need to do one myself too!

8 years ago

Absolutely love this idea! Definitely going to get creative with this soon, such a good way to store memories x

8 years ago

Such a cute idea I love the different patterns and textures used. I would definitly try this sometime.

8 years ago

Such a cute idea I love the different patterns and textures used. I would definitly try this sometime.

8 years ago

So beautiful! I loved. And the most beautiful part is that it’s so simple to make. I need to try to make one.
It’s not summer in here actually, but winter also came with good stories :)

Thanks for sharing. :)

8 years ago

This is the most perfect post! I love printing my photos and collecting ticket stubs to put in a journal! The two I have made so far are my most treasured possessions!

8 years ago

That looks really nice! I think I’ll definitely try to do it this summer!

5 years ago