Dadspiration: My Dad, Style Icon

If you can remember back a few weeks ago to Mother’s Day, some of our ladies here at home office sifted through old photo albums in search of frozen moments of their mother’s style. You didn’t think we were going to leave dad out, did you?

So back we went, time hopping to earlier years to get a glimpse of our fathers back in the day. Like father like daughter, it’s fascinating to see little specks of our own personal style existing in the vintage photos of our dads. Washed denim, disco pants, aviator shades… there’s nothing like seeing the old man in his prime.

In celebration of pops’ 24 hours coming up this weekend, we’re here to give you the ultimate dadspiration. Take a trip back with us as we recreate looks inspired by our male predecessors and give a warm shoutout to them in their honor!

Jana, Editorial Specialist




Get the look: We The Free Stripe Me Down Tee, Spencer Wide Brim Boater

“To be honest, I laughed a little bit when I found the above photo of my dad. Mainly because it concreted my desire to have known him when he was my age. I would give anything to go back in time and share a beer with Brillo on the beach. That’s where you would find him on almost any given day, either surfing the breaks or lifeguarding one of the avenues on Long Beach Island. I’m so grateful for all the plaid shirts and the laid-back attitude he’s passed down to me. Dad, you are a legend <3. “

Alissa, Web Merchandiser

AlissaDad (2)



Get the look: New Moon Babydoll Dress, Head West Buttondown, Hunt the Plains Boot, Glen Canyon Straw Boater

“The ‘70s are back and better than ever! Looks like dad had denim dressing down to a science – can’t wait to make him proud this Fall. My dad taught me to work super hard and enjoy good food, two of life’s most important lessons. We are the first up in the morning and the only ones going back for thirds during dinner – I am a lucky girl to have him as my guide.”

Katerina, PR/Social Media Intern




Get the look: We The Free Sailor Tee,  Arizona Birkenstock, Bolen Long Cut-Off Shorts

“My dad moved here from Greece when he was a teenager. He is constantly inspiring me, and taught me that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.”

Arizka, Merchandiser




Get the look: Hold You Closer Drippy Pullover, Night Out High Rise Flare

“My dad was always pretty busy growing up, so one thing I really cherished was when my brother and I would get treated to Disneyland or other amusements every couple months.”

ChrissyEngagement Assistant




Get the look: Border Print Bell Bottoms, New Frontier Boot, We The Free Selena Tank

“My Papa is a true style icon! From his beach swimsuits to his striped flares he always knew how to dress. When I was a kid he was the one who would take me shopping and pick out my outfits, and I always loved his choices. As kids, our Father’s Day tradition was that we’d all wake up before him, run into my parents’ room in the morning and shower him with homemade cards and gifts, brunch and golf to follow! He is the best!”

Dee, Social Media Specialist




Get the look: Jasmine Dress, Bryant Distressed Cutoff

“I remember as a kid I was always volunteering my dad to give my friends and I rides everywhere because he was, and still is, the coolest dad. Whether I realize it in the moment or not, my dad inspires everything I do. Every step I’ve taken in life has been with his guidance and love. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without him. Love you dad! #shoutout”

Julie, Editorial Specialist


IMG_9705 copy

Get the look: Rails Longsleeve Crop Buttondown, Olivia High Rise Boyfriend, Arizona Birkenstock

“Both of my parents are incredibly utilitarian in their style, which over the years has sneakily influenced my own wardrobe. They wear what makes sense for the occasion, and my father is the perfect reflection of this. Before he retired he was a merchant marine, and he can still be found sporting navy jumpsuits as he works on his cars or does work around the house — maybe this is where I inherited my love of one-pieces! I actually have an old pair of his standard-issue denim bells from the ’70s that fit me perfectly, a throwback to his days at the maritime academy; along with a few of my mother’s calico dresses, those jeans will forever be a cherished piece of my wardrobe.”

+How are you all celebrating Father’s Day? Let us know, and give a shout out to your dad in the comments below! 

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Love how you took a masculine old look and turned a feminine look with a modern twist.

Such a beautiful and inspirational post. This was so clever as well–what a great way to commemorate your father!

i love this ! such a cool idea, I feel like I should probably do something like this today for Dad’s day! nice job Jana #dadbod ;) xox


This post makes me so happy! Dads are the original hipsters ♡