Desert Oasis: Moab Under Canvas

I have been a camper all of my life… but never like this before. 

Usually it starts we me sitting on the edge of my seat, eyes peeled for the perfect spot, as the car slowly crawls around the campsite. Then, as if being stung by a bee, someone (ok, sometimes me) always yells out, “GAH! There it is! That one! Let’s take that one!” We pull in and with the slamming of the car doors behind us, we check out (strut around) the area that will be our living quarters like we are some sort of proud land owners. “Yep, the tent can go here, next to the trees, because, well, y’know, shade. Our chairs will fit nicely around the fire ring, and oh yeah, great, the picnic table is the perfect distance to our car. Yep, this spot’s the one.” And then the unloading begins… the tent goes up, the table is made, the chairs circle the fire, and the outdoor shower is hung. It’s a ritual I know too well.

Ahh, but this, this is something completely different. And I love it. Moab Under Canvas is a camper’s dream and an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The camp sits on 40 acres of desert land, seven miles north of Moab, Utah. White safari tents and teepees are peppered in throughout the area. They live under magnificently colossal plateaus by day and under a canopy of stars by night. A gravel path connects us to each other and leads to the reception tent where there are two types of coffee available: strong and double strength… options for the authentic camper. (There is also water, tea and hot chocolate options too.)

The staff is welcoming, accommodating, helpful and always friendly. Moab Under Canvas describes their camp as, “camping as it should be” and I really can’t help but agree! I promised myself I wouldn’t use the word glamping in this article… comfortable camping, luxuramping… oof, I’m open to suggestions. But Moab Under Canvas hit the nail on the head with their description. The community campfire and picnic area only add to the charm. If you are thinking about exploring Moab, The Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks, then I highly recommend checking this place out.









We held our most recent FP Me escape at Moab Under Canvas. Check out more photos of the event here!

+ Has anyone else ever been here? If not, where do you love to camp? I would love to check it out!

Photos by Camila Cordoza and me. Check out Moab Under Canvas on Instagram!

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I am loving the lace balls on that article. Couls you please tell me where I could find them?
Picture 8 and 9 of this article

Megan B

I absolutely love this!!!! It’s so beautiful and looks so peaceful!….

Vanessa the lace balls are from Terrain…

Camping is such a gorgeous activity!

What a great place! :)

Oh that looks like so much fun! Back to nature, back to basics.

Wow. So incredibly amazing. That’s my style of camping!!! I would love to spend a few nights there with a crackling campfire telling tales under an expanse of stars…

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

jamie ann

OMG! Looks and sounds perfect!
Can you believe I never camped in my whole life? It’s not a common thing here but I always wanted to try, even if we don’t have that variety of camping to choose.
I need to try! And create a tradition to do it once in a year at least.

Besides that, in my next trip to America maybe I’ll visit Moab under Canvas! I need to find time for that!

The scenery is beautiful! Not a big camper but this would make me want to camp! :)