Like Father Like Son

I never knew I would have two sons, it was all a very, very pleasant surprise.

Everyday I wake up to greet these two little faces, I feel filled with joy. Asa is three and Austin will be two in August. It is funny how life goes, you meet your match, the one you love. I knew that I loved John’s patience, his quiet manner, his kindness, loyalty and humor, but to see him as a father has spread new light on my love for him. I see him as a great teacher, a guide, and he has a magnificent and playful nature. He is always playing music and singing to Asa and Austin. And they dance and sing and just revel in his presence. It is beautiful to see. He still loves Star Wars and E.T. and he loves introducing these loves to them. He likes to draw and roughhouse and embrace their imaginations. Dada is the King of Kings to our sons. All of Dada’s best friends are their best friends too, it is pretty cute. When we walk in public they love to hold Dada’s hand because Dada is cool.




Words by Free People Creative Director, Doub and photography by Ashley Randall. You can check out her photography website here! Collage by Holly Degen — find more of her here!

Happy Father’s Day John and to all the other Pops out there!


  1. my favorite thing Ive ever read on the internet. John one of the loveliest of papas. This family is one if my favorite and dearests. X

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest testament of love to one’s children and their Daddy that I have ever read. Doub you truly brought tears to my eyes. I do agree though, that John is one hell of man and I’m sure an awesome Daddy too.!

  3. One of the funniest, creative, talented of dads that I’ve met. Sharing it with his beautiful kids is cool.

  4. Our daddy was cool too ! He loved us very much , and he was so proud of Doub and me . I wish he was here to see Doub’s boys ! He was a free thinker that while he was alive , pushed us to be individuals with our own ideas . Our mother on the other hand is still enjoying being the most important part of our lives . When I’m with Doub I feel so so lucky to be her closest relative . Kindness is what makes a winner . Please try it !

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