FP Me Stylist Of The Week: HaileeB

Cacti, Cali, and sunshine…  

That’s just what comes to mind upon first glance at HaileeB’s FP Me profile. This west coast beauty seems to exude a golden quality, just like her home state. If California isn’t already your state of mind this summer, allow Hailee to brighten up your perspective. Get to know a little bit about this FP girl below!


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Describe your hometown. What’s one of your fondest memories of growing up there?

I grew up in a small suburban city in the East Bay where everyone kind of knows everybody: Dublin, CA. Not to be mistaken for Dublin, Ireland, although a lot of the people from here seem to think it is Shamrock City during the month of March. I’m definitely not complaining though because ever since I was little, St. Patrick’s Day has almost been just as exciting as Christmas and there has always been a really tight sense of community.


Where do you currently live? Any hidden gems you’re willing to share with us?

Right now, I am living in my hometown and even though it’s a smaller city, I am surrounded by some amazing not-so-hidden gems like SF, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley. My favorite spot in Berkeley would have to be to see my man, Twiggy, who designs and creates custom hair wraps with sea shells and beads that he collects from around the world. But I would say that my most favorite hidden gem is a cute little drive-in theatre about 15 minutes from my house.


How did you find your way to Free People?

My store manager at one of my very first jobs actually introduced me to the brand, who happened to work for FP previously. She always joked that I was her style “mini me” and that I would be obsessed… I was. I loved what the brand exuded and the entire lifestyle of the FP girl. It was love at first visit to Freepeople.com haha. Soon after that, I started reading BLDG 25 everyday and would have 50 things in my shopping cart at all times, dreaming up my ideal closet. And then shortly after that I started working for the company!

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What’s a typical day in the life of Hailee look like? What are you wearing, who are you with, where are you going?

Well… A typical day in the life of Hailee can mean many things but if I’m not working or in school… you would probably find me trying to sleep in, making some breakfast and listening to some oldies. I like to start my days off relaxed and refreshed (but who doesn’t). Then I’d probably get dressed in my most favorite FP One floral maxi dress with red fringe booties or some printed bell bottoms, a comfy tee, with a ton of jewelry of course! My friends and I are always trying to explore new places around the bay area; whether it’s a cool ice cream shop in downtown Santa Cruz or a local brewery! I have a yellow beach cruiser named Daisy so I like to take her for rides when it’s nice out and if there’s a car show in the area you will see me there with a cotton candy in hand.


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What do you think are three key ingredients for creating a great FP Me Pic?

I’m actually somewhat new to FP Me but I have quickly fallen in love with this styling tool thanks to the managers and girls on my team. I have always been really into capturing my daily style/outfits on Instagram and Tumblr,  but as for my top 3 ingredients I would have to say:
1. You’ll need a cute outfit

2. Find an awesome backdrop

3. Get your mood across through the photo, make the viewer feel what you feel!


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If your best friend were doing an impersonation of you, how would they quote you?

So I had to ask my best friend to answer this one for me and she went with: “I just want to live in Disneyland but I’m for sure moving to Australia… like soon.”


How do you think your personality is reflected in your personal style?

My personal style IS my personality. I probably look like a crazy person getting dressed in the morning. I never really plan, I just kind of pick out as I go along, shuffling through my clothing racks and closet and then I’ll pile on some rings. One day I’ll be in high-waisted bell bottoms with chunky wedges and then the next day I’ll be wearing a maxi dress and a kimono. I definitely dress depending on whatever mood I’m feeling, but I like to turn to my favorite era — the ’70s — for inspiration.


What’s an ideal weekend consist of for you?

If I have a few days off, for the weekend my little group of friends that I’ve been hanging out with since high school will all get together, maybe go out in some downtown city, check out new places to find good food, or have movie marathon dates with pizza, which usually end in a dance party!

What songs have you been playing on repeat recently?

I’m still that girl who asks friends to make me mix tapes or should I say CDs? Or playlists? Because I am terrible with new music unless it’s, like, Toxic by Britney Spears or No Doubt and those aren’t even new! I recently just saw Lana Del Rey’s “Endless Summer” tour and currently my girl Janis is in my record player.


What does being “free” mean to you?

Being “free” to me means being your original true self, loving yourself, and not being afraid to express who you are, your opinion, and your style!

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Be sure to follow Hailee on FP Me, Instagram, and Tumblr!

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Ya!!!! Hailee is such an inspiration to us!!! Love you little petunia!

LeBron Jamesssssss

Hella hot


Hailee you look amazing. Can’t wait to see you in Hawaii. So proud of you! Love FP!!!



Hailee has such an amazing style. I absolutely loved the photos and her interview. You’re lucky to have someone like her work for you!


Good job Hailee!!! I can’t wait to spend time with you in Hawaii. Also, you have such a great taste in fashion.

I kinda wish she dropped the information for her head wrap guy! She painted such a lovely picture for what they look like!

Oh God. That huge hat is absolutely amazing! Hailee is so gorgeous!

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Why would you advertise your brand here when it’s a direct competitor to the company that creates the styles that you’re claiming to admire? You gotta advertise on a competitor’s board to get business? Not cool, bro.