#FPLetsMove: Enter Your Fitness Studio for a Chance To Be Selected for a Free People Takeover!

Our #FPLetsMove events have brought us to some pretty incredible places and taught us to move in ways we didn’t even know were possible.

from a day of Lithe in Philly to an evening of yoga in NYC, SUP yoga in SO Cal to cycling in Vancouver, dance in Sydney, cardio in London… but, we know that these cities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthy living — bodies and minds are being nurtured all over the world and across the country!

That’s why we’re giving you the chance to pitch your fitness studio to be selected for a full Free People #FPLetsMove takeover! Whether you’re pumped on your yoga studio in Portland, crossfitting in Colorado, dancing in the desert, or indoor surfing in South Dakota, we want to know why your studio — whether it’s one you own or simply attend and love — deserves the full Free People treatment. Learn how to enter below:

To Submit:

  • In the comments, pitch us your studio in no more than two paragraphs. Tell us why you love it, why it’s important to you, how it fits in the community, and most importantly, why it deserves an FP takeover. We want to know anything and everything that sets it apart!
  • Leave the studio name and a link to its website within your comment and be sure to provide your email address in the form so that we can easily contact you should you be selected.
  • A studio will be selected by a Free People committee and notified via email.

Open to US residents only








  1. I want to nominate Ballet Hawaii!! Located in Honolulu, the most unique aspect of the school is the diversity in cultures and backgrounds of the Hawaiian students!!! I also love how Ballet Hawaii accommodates the toddler who is in their first pair of ballet shoes all the way to the adult who wants to embody the ballerina they always knew they were. I feel so fortunate to be on their staff!! We deserve a Free people takeover because I feel that Ballet Hawaii exemplifies the diversity, magic, and passion that is Free People!! Please come visit us and witness the magic of the dream makers that is Ballet Hawaii!!!

  2. I nominate Hosh Yoga! Hosh is a health and wellness non-profit based in Brooklyn, New York, committed to making people’s lives better by healing bodies and minds through movement. Hosh’s mission is to make health and wellness a right of life rather than a luxury. Over 17,000 yoga students come to their NY and VT studios every year and over 30 outreach programs reach over 4,500 people every month with a team of over 60 staff and volunteers.

    Hosh’s suggested donations and sustaining membership studios allow our outreach programs to cost significantly less to schools, senior centers, and underserved communities that need it most and can afford it least. This allows Hosh programs to make universal health and wellness accessible to all. Hosh Kids gives over 3,000 children in NYC the opportunity to participate in enrichment and yoga programs at an early age addressing their health, wellness, and academics needs. Hosh Seniors will offer training and programs to senior citizens in communities all over NYC and beyond.

  3. I nominate Hosh Yoga! Hosh is a health and wellness non-profit based in Brooklyn, New York, committed to making people’s lives better by healing bodies and minds through movement. Hosh’s mission is to make health and wellness a right of life rather than a luxury. Over 17,000 yoga students come to their NY and VT studios every year and over 30 outreach programs reach over 4,500 people every month with a team of over 60 staff and volunteers.

    Hosh’s suggested donations and sustaining membership studios allow our outreach programs to cost significantly less to schools, senior centers, and underserved communities that need it most and can afford it least. This allows Hosh programs to make universal health and wellness accessible to all. Hosh Kids gives over 3,000 children in NYC the opportunity to participate in enrichment and yoga programs at an early age addressing their health, wellness, and academics needs. Hosh Seniors will offer training and programs to senior citizens in communities all over NYC and beyond.


  4. I believe it would be more than lovely if the dance studio I attend, The Dance Collective, could have an FP takeover. The Dance Collective is a sweet, little studio hidden beside a carpet shop. Though, if you happen to drive by and peek into the studio windows, you’ll catch a glimpse of passionate dancers leaping, stretching and embracing each movement as a gift they share with each other. The teachers are incredibly wonderful, for they teach contemporary to hip hop to ballet while maintaining a positive attitude. Really, they want to help their students be the best dancers they can be and make sure everyone has fun. They’re also super affordable and have a variety of age groups for each class, which gives everyone a chance to participate.

    That is all so important to me because they allowed me to start dancing despite the fact that I’m 15…which could be considered very late for ballet. They all treat me with such kindness and there’s nothing better than being surrounded by gentle souls who share your love. All the teachers, including the ones that don’t teach me but have seen me dance, encourage me to stay on my toes, for dance is a lifestyle, and a good one too. I believe they are free spirits, and that is why they deserve a FP takeover. They embody the peace and healthy spirit as dancers, but don’t mind taking a risk every now and then. They accept mistakes and allow their students to learn from each step, making us wiser beings. The Dance Collective is an admirable star in the night sky to me, much like Free People, which is why I believe it would be amazing if they were selected for a FP takeover.


  5. I nominate Dailey Method – Chicago Bucktown location!

    I have been going there for over a year now, and it is literally the only place I have gone to exercise and stuck with it. Normally I’ll go to a place and be over it in a week or so, but honestly, they mix up the routines all the time so it never feels boring, and the instructors are all so POSITIVE and kind, you never feel judged by going there and not being “the best”. They combine barre, cardio, yoga, and pilates in all their routines, and I just love it so much. It’s honestly the instructors that keep me going back too — I’ve never had a negative experience. Emily B is probably my favorite there.

    I struggle at times with anxiety and they always say that exercise helps and I was always like “yeah yeah yeah” but it’s true! The Dailey Method has helped me a ton, and I see results and I’m fit and happy with my body. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being strong, and when I go to class I always feel so positive about going and happy I went. It would be so great if Free People took over for a day!

  6. I nominate the amazing teachers at New Orleans Dancing Grounds. This is a studio that truly serves it’s by water community by providing transformative powers of dance. I can’t say enough good things about this team. I hope you check out their studio

  7. Studio One Yoga

    I nominate Studio One Yoga located along the St.Croix River in the small historic town of Stillwater, Minnesota. I park my car along Main Street and grab my yoga mat. Heading towards the studio my energy begins to shift immediately and I know that in this moment I made the choice to come to my mat to nourish my mind body and soul.. I learn something new at Studio One each and every time I go which is one of the reasons I adore this studio. No matter what I always carry home with me a beautiful message and sense of peace within myself. Importantly, this studio has helped me make leaps forward towards my commitment to my spirituality. The classes are taught by compassionate and unique teachers who always instill in us a beautiful knowledge of what it means to practice yoga and what it means to be a part of this world. An array of classes are available ranging from yoga sculpt classes, to candlelight yoga with the use of essential oils to a 60 minute hot yoga class and simply put, this studio has changed my life.

    How does Studio One fit in with the community? I think it compliments the little town I live in perfectly. The town is full of wholesome, old souls and I think many people often look outside of their home in search of peace with the idea they need to leave or move to a big city in order to find it. Studio One has helped me appreciate my roots and where I come from and reminds us all that home is where you can always find yourself again. It fits in the community to remind us all that peace can be practiced in even the smallest of towns, places that others don’t know exist. Studio One deserves a FP takeover because these teachers pour their soul into helping each and one of us fellow yogis and I just feel they would be ecstatic to be recognized.

    Thank you for listening:)

    email: Madel_segg@yahoo.com

  8. I would love to nominate My Yoga Connection from Gainesville, Florida. Located in a college town, this unique yoga studio is in an old recording studio, with great acoustics and beautiful woodwork. My Yoga Connection strives to give you something amazing when you leave and an experience to remember. They support an Eco-friendly environment using Pthalate-free yoga mats and props, and reward yogi’s who walk, bike, or skateboard to class. I have never been to a studio with such an amazing atmosphere and such a welcoming family. “Yoga Connection came to me at a class with world renowned Yoga teacher, Shiva Rea. She had about 50 of us, from all over the world, gathered on the floor in a circle. We started the class with a few boisterous Ohms. After warming up our vocal cords, Shiva then had us touch the person to our right on the center of the back over the heart space and continue our Ohms. The “ohm energy” vibrated into my hands, and throughout my WHOLE being. The compassion in the room was something from a Divine source. The moment in which each of our unique entities connected to one another is a moment in time that will always be with me. I feel that the whole world should be able to experience this connected feeling. Thus the creation of our Yoga studio, “My Yoga Connection” began.”

    My Yoga Connection continues to provide new options and is incorporating Ariel yoga with silks into their practice. Every instructor has their own style and each class is never the same. My Yoga Connection deserves a FP takeover because this studio has the potential to inspire so many people just like it has me. This studio has opened many doors in my life and has allowed my connection to yoga and health to blossom.

    “Live, Breathe, Connect.”

  9. PHYSIQA in Piedmont, CA deserves a FP Takeover! PHYSIQA is a pilates, barre, and soon to be dance boutique studio. We also provide foam rolling classes by a massage therapist and a class called Posture IQ with which each client gets an individual assessment on their posture and learn techniques that are unique to their posture type to allow them more efficient muscle recruitment and proper alignment. The fusion class, barrelates, of pilates and barre keeps clients safe, as all the instructors care about posture.
    Finally, this studio is fun and unique! The classes are always evolving, no one class is ever the same. Physiqa instructors range from yoga, pilates, and dance backgrounds. The owner, Annabel Castaldo has been teaching pilates and barre over 17 years and she is fabulous and hilarious, she also really cares about her clients and it shows. I’m a huge free people fan, more people need to discover this gem of a studio in Oakland. We harp on inner outer fines, not one size fits all. Love your bones!

  10. I nominate my happy place: Diva Den Studio in Portland, Oregon. Diva Den’s website will tell you that it’s a “boutique dance and fitness facility that was created for women by women.” It’s so much more than that. Diva Den makes you feel alive and so happy to be a woman. There are classes for everyone, from Barre and Zumba, to ones with names that are just as much fun as the class itself: Dance Party Hustle, ABS-olutely, Right to BARE Arms, It’s a Groove Thang, etc. These are all just facts, though.

    Much like the city of Portland does for its residents, Diva Den creates a genuine pride and happiness for the women who go there. I like to tell people that while I might not necessarily be in the *best shape of my life, Diva Den has absolutely helped me get into my *favorite shape I’ve ever been in. The classes and exercises are geared towards giving you a sexy, feminine figure that you want to flaunt. Every single instructor there shines in her own way, but they all do it with kindness, strength and grace (and maybe a little bit of sass!). Diva Den brings so much joy and happiness to my life, and I’m confident everyone who goes there feels the same way. The studio deserves a FP takeover because like Free People, Diva Den helps women celebrate who they are, in all of the small and special ways that make them who they are. Don’t believe me? Just watch! (See what I did there?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOSB1hKnOQ8

  11. Divinitree Yoga Studio is nestled right between the waves and the forest in the little beach town Santa Cruz, California. This studio is more than just a place to get zen. It is truly a community that spreads its light throughout the town. They offer classes at all hours of the day so there is always an opportunity to sink into some yoga even amidst a busy day. The teachers are amazing, openhearted people who put their souls into each and every class they teach. They are special in all of their unique ways from the one who makes ridiculous commentary so you can get a good laugh in as you flow through vinyasa to the ones who help you feel nurtured and loved with their grounding adjustments and touches. Every class is a complete surprise: sometimes we yogis are serenaded by a live dj or with sound healing bells and other times by a tibetan singing bowl. The more you go the more you want to show up and get to know genuine people who are devoted to their practice. This studio is about yoga but it is also about so much more.

  12. First and foremost, TITLE isn’t just a gym – it’s a family. When members join, they’re instantly welcome into to the TITLE Nashville family. The entire staff strives to make everyone feel welcome and to make everyone feel they can do the workout. Don’t get me wrong, the workout is super intense, but it’s in such a great environment that our family is so diverse – from the most in shape people you’ve ever seen to people who have never worked out a day in their life. Everyone has different goals and TITLE is great about encouraging everyone and helping everyone work towards their respective goals. The owner also has this ridiculous alter ago named Clark that makes classic first timer mistakes and is more embarrassing than any new person could ver be. Clark stars in a series of videos that are laughable while also super motivating for new members.

    While TITLE Boxing Club may be a franchise, TITLE Nashville has worked to make it feel like a unique Nashville gym. The manager started an initiative called “BOX NASH” and made customized shirts and social media campaigns that emphasized the Nashville pride that each and every one of their members has. Seeing how proud everyone is to sport a BOX NASH tank is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Each member really is so proud of being part of the TITLE Nashville family and proud of what that means… especially because Nashville Guru just ranked TITLE Nashville the best workout in Nashville :)


  13. I am nominating Sweat Yoga in the heart of Santa Monica, CA for your FP takeover. This is by far the most pristine studio I’ve ever taught and practiced in. It is brand new and has been created with meticulous attention to detail. The studio is music and passion driven and strives to empower its students to find their own yoga path and be creative with their flows and most of all to HAVE FUN!
    Not only is the practice space well thought out, with its high ceilings, inspiring sound system and machines that move the air around the room, it is also a carbon neutral studio! We support Terrapass, carbon offset company that helps reforest once living forests, and aids in installing solar power panels all over the world. At Sweat we offer the ultimate, luxurious and Eco friendly experience that is sure to leave you with a full body work out and a full mind & soul work “in.”
    Thank you for your consideration!! Learn more about our amazing studio at Sweat-Yoga.com

    Thank you! Best, Miki Ash @mikiashyoga

  14. Thank yoga is an experience. It is community. It is raw and real. It is a place where people go to practice yoga and realize their lives are quickly changing in ways they never thought possible.

    I opened the studio on my own just three years ago, and have watched it, along with the community grow in ways that continue to blow my mind.

    All I can do is share my vision in hopes that it lands with some people…and I guess it is.


  15. My name is Erin, and I design upcycled clothing in Portland Or. I work in a tiny room in the house my husband and I own with next to no space to create.. I am extremely passionate about safeguarding the earth, and that plays into what I create. Americans send 105 million tons of discarded clothing to landfills every year. That is why I know that there is life in something old, and I can lovingly turn it into something new.

    As a small business owner, and creator of handmade items I would love to have the opportunity to have a beautiful sanctuary to create in. Help me turn my “old” space into “new, and to continue to reduce, reuse and upcycle.

  16. I nominate the best studio in Park City, Utah, Yoga Kula Project! Like the name says it, it’s about the community! Trudee, the owner is one of the best and most generous humans I ever met! A small and beautiful studio, Yoga Kula Project brought me back to Yoga, after a back injury, were I couldn’t teach or practice for almost a year, I came back to my practice at this studio, were each instructor took care of myself in a very healing and supporting way! In this studio I grew as a student, I learned to be a teacher, I met amazing souls that till this day I call friends! Inspired place that can defenitly have fun with the FP Crew taking over

  17. I nominate Buddha B Yoga! What better area than our nation’s Capitol to have a compassionate and welcoming space to further your yoga practice! I love buddha b because it not only welcomes any person of age, gender, and race–but also makes you feel as if you have belonged all along. Washington DC is such a transient city. Everyone is busy, everyone has just arrived or is about to leave. Everyone has a story, everyone is walking the path of their own journey. I feel at Buddha B, for just that one hour so of asanas and breathing, our paths intersect. No matter the distance traveled or the journey ahead, we come together to understand the unifying human experience that inhibits each and every one of us. I think Free People should come to Buddha B for a takeover, not only because the people of DC deserve it, but because Free People are just as much of a part of this unifying experience as anyone else! There would be no better place than Buddha B to share it! I have found my time at Buddha B to be inspiring and enlightening, and I know you will too!

  18. I would like to nominate Bend Chicago A hybrid studio that has such a variety of classes. Classes that you’ve never taken before, Dance Bootcamp, Cheerobix, Yogalates, Housercize, And much more. This studio is so special. Everyone is welcome and in such a big city it has such a tight community. This studio should be in the top to be considered.
    I believe that my students as much as me would be honored to have free people takeover in Bend. We want to share why Bend is such a special space that hold classes that are not just fun, but an incredible workout. I guarantee the faster hour of fitness you have ever experienced.

  19. The studio that I believe needs the biggest makeover is one that hasn’t been created. It is now just an imagination. In the year 2050, an estimated 1 and 25 people will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This new population will need highly skilled and passionate teachers.
    The Jordan Weber Yoga Studio serves all ends of the spectrum and teaches all learners and ability levels. This vision for inclusion will help alleviate the stress put on populations that are rarely recognized or introduced to new therapies. Yoga for autism spectrum disorders needs to be at the forefront of studio making, I have the vision, goals and expertise to make this happen.

  20. Global Breath Studio
    Durham, NC

    Global Breath Studio is a quite unique little space in the bustling historic tobacco district in the gentrified city of Durham, North Carolina. The studio itself was remodeled with sustainably sourced materials and doubles as a working and living space for co-owners Bart and Nina. Classes and workshops offered here are donation based, as to be made accessible to all community members. The opportunities and resources that are offered here are just as unique as the space creating a community in of itself. Theres a weekly meditation, as well as creative monthly workshops, including tarot & tea, Alexander technique, creative movement/body awareness, and mindfulness workshops as well as yoga teacher training programs that attract not only yogis but a collective group of individuals from all across the community. Along with all the great things happening in the studio, LiveGlobally, a nonprofit founded by the studio’s owners, extends that greatness into the surrounding community and worldwide. This charitable and educational organization is committed to promoting sustainable inter-connectedness. Some projects include a women’s prison yoga program, Ingrid school in Kenya, orphaned elephants, educational laptops, and other fundraisers supporting local musicians.

    Mind body centering yoga is the empowering practice that is shared at global breath. This inviting therapeutic practice enables individuals to access their true potential and find their personal sanctity. Global Breath Studio is deserving of a Free People take over because their mission is to do exactly that, free people, into liberation of the mind and total enjoyment in the present moment. One thing everyone finds upon entering the studio is balance, authentic expression, and peace. The authentic, unique, and inspiring organization of Free People mirrors the vision of Global Breath and LiveGlobally and would be excited to share in a Free People takeover to help this small business!

  21. I nominate Bird Rock Yoga in San Diego! We offer yoga for all levels, community meditation, and paddle board yoga every week! We are dedicated to giving everyone an opportunity to practice yoga through donation based community classes. Bird Rock has some of the most wonderful teachers in San Diego and has created an environment filled with compassion and connection. I know that FP would absolutely love taking over BRY because it is such a positive and inspiring place.

  22. I nominate Reyn Studios in New Orleans!
    This studio has given me absolutely everything thing that I enjoy in my life and is truly space free of judgement and overflowing with kindness and acceptance.
    I started as just a student and after 5 years, i am teaching full time and a part of the management team.
    The commitment of the students who come to practice here and the unbelievable sense of community and love still overwhelms me each time I set food on the floors. I have met some of the most influential and important people in my life through the community that continues to come back to Reyn Studios, and it’s just so damn pretty.

  23. I’m nominating Bend Yoga in Chicago. The owner, Rachel has created such an amazing studio with so many fun, challenging and unique classes. The studio is full of energy and has become such a happy place to be. Bend Yoga really changed my views on working out. It taught me that it should be fun and you will want to do it. It is such a big hit in the community as well. Hosting gatherings and tastings after classes. Throwing themed parties to go along with the classes. Making sure we get in a crazy good workout before letting us have treats. Lol. Not to mention the best massages EVER!!! Seriously, check out bendyogachicago.com. This studio deserves the Free People takeover!!!!

  24. I want to nominate Trepta Yoga Studio!!! The owner, Erica Jung is incredible instructor along with all the other instructors there. The classes vary each day and every instructor puts a lot of efforts into bringing variety into their class. The individuals that come to Trepta are amazing and bring such positive energy. The people that go there create such a close environment and community setting so that you feel comfortable walking into each class. Trepta yoga studio is amazing and it’s something more than just a workout. You discover that there is more to yoga than just sweating and it puts meaning to the practice. The instructors truly care about you and your improvement. This is why they have so many people that come back and get yearly packages. It’s amazing!!!

  25. It’s been said that home is a feeling, not a place and that is exactly what pleasure point yoga in Santa Cruz, California is… HOME. Surrounded by our other HOME, the ocean, the studio always has the salty sea breeze flowing thru from sun up to sun down. You walk into the studio and are greeted with a warm “hello”or “Hey there” and genuine smiles..leaving you feeling like you just walked into your besties or sisters house on a Saturday. The owner Aimee Joy Nitzberg has created a HOME with amazing instructors who are free, fun, energetic, passionate, and excited to share their hearts and experiences with you. They all know your name and continue to push you and inspire you to be your best self… whether for fitness, meditation, to deepen your practice, or just to flow and sweat it out. There aren’t any rules except to have fun, not take yourself too seriously and to be kind to one another. The studio is filled with people who practice alongside you who then become your friends. There’s nothing like rolling your mat out after a long day and catching up with your yogi pals, or when the instructors are cheering you on as you continue working on for what seems like forever on your headstand practice. You know you’re at HOME when you miss your yoga practice and pals and cannot wait to share vacation stories and photos. You know you have found HOME when you are on work trips and visit new studios to practice in, but find yourself missing your regular weekly schedule and can’t wait to get back. Pleasure point Yoga is HOME to a lot of us in the Cruz. Whether it’s a simple hug from an instructor, a place to leave all of your emotions on the mat, or an inspiring play list that makes you run home and spotify some of the jams, it’s a place I continue to come back to day and day again… HOME.

  26. I nominate Grow Yoga, in Galloway, NJ.

    This studio is more than that, its a little happy place where you not only find yourself, but you also find the most amazing, kind hearted and loving people you will ever meet.
    Everybody that works and practices at this studio is commited to lift our community up and grow in love. These amazing human beings work really hard to bring everybody together and I would love for them to get this take over as a small way of saying thank you for always being there. There is no other place I’d rather be in my yoga practice than in Grow Yoga.
    In my studio, there is always a place for helping one another and growing together.

  27. I nominate Body Electric Yoga Company in St. Petersburg, Florida. http://thebodyelectricyoga.com/

    With the mantra “Keep Yoga Weird” Body Electric shines in an increasingly corporate, serious yoga climate. Teachers are free-spirited and joyful encouraging a honest, accepting, and playful expression of yoga in each student. At the BE practicing becomes a retreat, there is no cooler spot to get your sweat on with the reclaimed brick walls, incredible acoustics, and humbling decor. Every single time I lay out my mat I know I am in good hands, leaving shavansa with a smile and a yogi-high.

    BE is for the yogi/one-time practicer/kick-ass older adult/10 year-old/me – the yoga obsessed college student and it’s by the yogi. Katelyn and Jenny make the BE home to all of us. It’s a place you can stop in just to say Hey, or shop around the boutique for teachers handmade malas/ handmade jewlery/ local stiched yoga pants, or read a book in the back library, and of course take any kind of yoga you could imagine.

  28. The reason I started doing yoga so often was because of Trepta. The dynamic of the studio is so welcoming. All of the teachers do a great job at balancing an intense work out with having fun. You never feel judged and always leave wanting to come back again.

  29. I love The Body Electric I have learned so much about myself and how to heal my body from amazing teachers/friends. It’s a great relaxed atmosphere where you can topple over and giggle knowing everyone is giggling with you. If your unsure of a pose every teacher is willing to break it down and show you the proper way. The classes are fun and inventive. BE makes “working out ” a happy place. The SUP paddleboarding yoga is a blast. It’s a fun funky little place. Keep Yoga Weird mantra is perfect for us.

  30. I nominate the Body Electric Yoga Company in St. Petersburg Florida.

    The diversity of classes they offer/teach is amazing. Stand up paddleboard, Rocket, even yoga with cats! They offer a chance to learn and grow in your yoga practice that isn’t intimidating. I look forward every week to their 5 dollar Friday yoga classes. And every Sunday they have a mystery meat class where you never know what you are going to get week from week. They always have something going on or some new way to experience yoga. They find so many ways to incorporate yoga into the local St. Petersburg culture whether it be at local breweries or animal shelters.

    The yoga instructors at the Body Electric are so nice and welcoming. They are down to earth and it helps someone who is new to yoga not feel intimidating even when you are in an advanced level class. After classes the teachers are willing to explain a yoga pose you might be having trouble with and is it really nice to experience that one-on-one attention.

  31. I would like to nominate my favorite studio Beyond500 in Dallas, Texas.

    This studio offers classes that are a mix Pilates, high intensive cardio, and crazy kettle bell exercise. I always leave with a smile because I know I just kicked butt. I have always been more of a couch potato who only wanted to play video games and cringed at the thought of exercising but after joining this studio I learned to love and even look forward to working out. The atmosphere is super upbeat/intense and sometimes you just feel like high five-ing the person next too you because they just killed it and made you push yourself even more. The equipment there is just amazing too! They have some self propelled hamster wheel treadmills that actually don’t hurt my knees.The instructors know people by name and are actually genuinely interested in helping you reach your goals. I love that they adjust your form and give you little shout outs when they notice that you were able to go faster or do more reps than you used to.

    Not only is it a great work out studio but they also try to give back to the community. Recently one of the instructors was part of a charity where the proceeds of her classes went to helping a village in Africa. They also partnered with a child care place … for …well free child care (you can tell I have no kids but I’ve heard the other ladies mention it). Beyond500 deserves a FP takeover because of all the above reasons and for being awesome. (there is also a snow cone place near by that has THE BEST natural coconut flavor and softest ice)

    Website: http://thebeyondstudios.com

  32. The Body Electric Yoga Studio in St. Petersburg is one of my favorite places on earth. To understand how important and amazing this studio is you need to know a little bit about the city. St. Petersburg is a cool (I love it) but aggravatingly developed city on Florida’s Gulf coast. We have fantastic craft brewing, art, an amazing farmers market, incredible food, all juxtaposed with an excess of dilapidated strip malls, traffic, drug problems, and serious poverty. The Body Electric is a wonderfully grounded and unique studio housed in a renovated ice factory that provides both a reprieve from the cookie cutter-new development and chaos of daily life, as well as a much needed beautiful haven to practice the mindful effort, acceptance, and fun we all at times forget to incorporate in our lives.

    The culture of the studio is fantastic. There’s no dogma, no judgment, just instructors and students doing what they love, in a place where they clearly love to be. I always leave happy, and if you choose to takeover you will too. I’ve only been practicing yoga a few months, but everyone from my wife to my students (I teach middle school :) ) noticed a change in my personality. I’m happier, more flexible, more relaxed, and stronger, in (as Jenny one of the owners likes to say) mind, body, and spirit. The studio is engaged in the community through fundraisers, community events, etc. and they offer such a diversity of classes that, even attending classes at least 3+ days a week for months, I’ve never felt bored. There is something for everyone here (Beginners, Hot Addicts, Rocket lovers, Mysore Pros, SUPers, even Kids!) and if nothing else, I hope they know how much we all love and appreciate their part in the lives that they touch.

    Website: http://thebodyelectricyoga.com/

  33. I would like to nominate Glow Yoga in Gulf Shores, Alabama! We offer a place for the local community to come together in a positive way, all ages, all sizes. We don’t have to look the same to be friends. We have yogis in their 80s who do multiple hot classes a day keeping the young people on our toes! Our community is so loving and full of light. We offer regular hot, beach, kids, yin and restorative yoga classes, plus we host unique workshops taught by teachers from all over the world!

    Our 3 beautiful studios overlook the marshes of Gulf State Park, and we are just .6 miles from the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico! You will see lots of wildlife from our windows. The boutique is constantly getting new apparel and merchandise from brands like Lululemon to one of a kind buys from local artists and craftsmen. The teachers love and support each other and are committed to the transformation of themselves and their students. We provide a world class teacher training experience and have a dedicated and fantastic staff with varied interests! You just have to come check it out!

  34. i want to nominate Sweat Republic in San Francisco (www.sweatrepublicsf.com) because it is more than just a fitness studio and community! We bring people together who may not meet in other ways (friendships, relationships, etc) through having fun while doing fitness and feeling great! With unique workout formats like SurfSet and Beyonce dance classes, we are truly different and celebrate the differences in each and every one of our members.
    We really like to have fun with our members and hold lots of different types of events at Sweat Republic. On Friday nights, we have workouts followed by socials and have done everything from glow-in-the-dark yoga to capoeira. We also have the best instructors in town – they lead Sweat Republic fitness retreats in Lake Tahoe, dance for the Golden State Warriors, and really love their passion for fitness and you can tell in each and every class! Free People, we hope you choose us for a takeover!

  35. Mama’s Wellness Joint, Philadelphia PA

    Mama’s Wellness Joint equipped my heart with the inner strength and grace to birth a healthy, gorgeous son into this world. Only hours before labor begun, I surrendered on the studio floor, full of peace, sharing dreams and fears, hopes and tears. While the prenatal yoga practice settled in the nook of my own soul, the studio embraces the entire community and Free People vibes of movement, wellness, freedom, and the vibrancy of life.

    Mama’s Wellness Joint deserves the full Free People Treatment because it will directly impact our spirited souls with an environment that inspires daily movement and wellness. It offers a versatile space to shoot future lines, MWJ has previously opened its space on several occasions for Free People‘s Movement Line. A FP makeover will nurture the earth mama’s and their children and improve upon a dynamic gathering place of everyone in the community. Come spend time with us again, bring your love into our studio, it will light a fire within and far beyond our doors. xxo!

  36. I would like to nominate Bikram Yoga Lancaster. This is a one of a kind studio in the town of Amish county, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This studio brings something new to everyone. They allow people to express themselves through the practice of Bikram and are always welcoming to new people. They allow you to find healing and happiness while getting an amazing workout. This studio has helped me find my happiness and I know it has for many others as well.

  37. Hello, I am writing to nominate Flow Yoga. I joined the team of beautiful yogi Energy Exchange members this past winter, who never stop inspiring and amazing me. The reason why this studio means so much to me are the people. The community and level of personal connection is something unmatched. This studio has two locations, both in Northern Virginia; one in Ashburn and another in Leesburg, VA. I would also like to include their 10th year anniversary video, which truly shows the soul of this studio! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jgPb4NL55M ).
    We appreciate your consideration !

  38. In the last year and a half I have been OBSESSED with Believe Fitness Studio, often taking multiple classes a day. At Believe there are many different types of work outs to choose from but what I find most people go for and what I’m obsessed with is the Aerial Workouts. . . Whether it’s aerial yoga on a hammock or aerial fitness on a hoop or on silks it’s all so fun and makes you feel like an acrobat. I have also gotten so much stronger from coming here everyday and am inspired by my teachers to work even harder. I love the community at believe, nobody is judging each other and putting each other down, everyone (teachers and students alike) just want you to succeed. Come try it! I assure you it’ll be the most fun workout and one of the most challenging that you’ll ever do!

  39. I’d love to nominate The Painted Elephant Yoga Studio in Visalia, CA. In the middle of the Central Valley, Denise Head (owner of Painted Elephant) has created more than a place to workout or find balance; she’s created a place to belong. As soon as you walk through the doors you feel at home, like a part of the family. In an area where yoga is still foreign to many, she’s created a space that draws all types of people. With the mantra that yoga should be FUN, the Painted Elephant delivers! Denise recently brought YogaWorks teacher training to the studio and gave 17 aspiring teachers the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Denise shares the studio space with a CrossFit retail space owned by her best friend, who recently passed away unexpectedly. Despite going through her own grief, Denise works so hard to make people feel welcome. She’s a natural caregiver, giving her all to her family, friends and students; it would be amazing to see her receive the Free People treatment!

  40. I’d love to nominate The Painted Elephant Yoga Studio in Visalia, CA. In the middle of the Central Valley, Denise Head (owner of Painted Elephant) has created more than a place to workout or find balance; she’s created a place to belong. As soon as you walk through the doors you feel at home, like a part of the family. In an area where yoga is still foreign to many, she’s created a space that draws all types of people. With the mantra that yoga should be FUN, the Painted Elephant delivers! Denise recently brought YogaWorks teacher training to the studio and gave 17 aspiring teachers the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Denise shares the studio space with a CrossFit retail space owned by her best friend, who recently passed away unexpectedly. Despite going through her own grief, Denise works so hard to make people feel welcome. She’s a natural caregiver, giving her all to her family, friends and students; it would be amazing to see her receive the Free People treatment!


  41. I opened The Yoga Underground in Provo, Utah about five years ago. Yoga is relatively new to the Utah Valley community, and the changes I’ve witnessed in my students are absolutely remarkable. Being a facilitator in this process has been the most rewarding thing I’ve experienced in my life; helping my students find themselves has also helped me turn inward and uncover who I really am, where my passion lies, and what my soul needs.

    I recently had to move my studio, as the building I was in was sold unexpectedly. My new studio still needs a lot of work, and I can’t afford to finish it all at once. One of my main focuses is helping my students stay “real” or “raw” — yoga is not about how you look, having fancy yoga clothes, or how anything appears on the outside. The Yoga Underground deserves a Free People makeover because my students need a comfortable, raw, calming place to practice being present, to practice feeling and loving and embracing. I keep my training classes small, because I think everyone needs one-on-one attention, and an intimate setting is best for that — but therefore I don’t make a ton of money! I believe my students and I deserve some Free People-style help in the creation of a more compassionate, aware and loving community. Namaste:)

  42. Consider yoga80 in San Diego, California for your Free People take over. We are an all levels yoga studio with a huge emphasis on personal practice in fact, our mission statement is to help people cultivate personal practice. We teach our students poses, breathing exercises and cleansing techniques they can do on the days they are not able to attend class. We offer inspiring vinyasa classes, yoga with ropes classes and rollout classes were we use black foam rollers and lacrosse balls. At yoga80 we have a very comprehensive teacher training program registered with the yoga alliance. We also offer class for people on the autistic spectrum.

    My name is Reegan Lessie and I am the owner of yoga80. Eight years ago with a dream and very little capital I opened my first location in Sorrento Valley. Most everyone discouraged me from opening my own business when the economy was down but I did it anyway. Now eight years later we have opened a second location in Carlsbad and are rocking! With a sea of studios in Encinitas, California yoga80 stand out as the studio to go to to learn how to do the poses correctly and gain the tools you need to be comfortable in your body. As a young entrepreneur in a world of corporate, hedge fund run studios it has challenged me to think outside of the box and given me to confidence to know I am capable of impossible things. Thank you for the consideration. I also have my own blog californiayogaliving.com

  43. If dance and fitness had a baby, her name would be OnStage Dance Company! After renting studio space for a few years, our dancers kicked off ( with pointed toes) a grass roots fundraising campaign and we were able to find our own home in Somerville,MA. Our studio not only offers a space for our Boston based dancers to rehearse for our semi annual company performances, but many opportunities for the Boston community to come and shake , leap, and jump their calories away! We are proud to offer a wide range of weekly classes and specialty workshops like Zumba, BollyX, Glam Jam, Hip hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary,Tap AND MORE… you name it!

    Currently in our ninth season, we rely on fundraising, performance ticket sales and weekly class participation to keep the lights on. We would not be able to operate without the support of our community… so we make sure it’s THE place to be for fitness, dance and a kickass time!
    Since we started from the bottom ( now we’re here) we are HUGE on giving back to our community. We have worked with the American Heart Association, Somerville Homeless Coalition and we have sent military care packages to troops overseas. Spolier alert: we love everyone. Choose us for the #FPLetsMove takeover and come feel the LOVE!


  44. I would like to nominate Yogaflo Studio in Orlando, FL! This studio and its amazing instructors changed me profoundly. I started going to the studio in hopes that I could help with depression and anxiety. After I finished my first class I already knew that I had to keep coming back. I’ve been going about 5 times a week for 4 months now and have never felt better. The teachers are all so sweet and welcoming, and they all greet me by name the second I walk in the door. Each has their own style and I know there is always a class for whatever needs I have. Beginning my yoga journey at Yogaflo was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve watched my fellow yogis grow in their practice beside me and I’ve seen my teachers change and grow as well. Yogaflo deserves to have a Free People Takeover after all they have done for me and my community!

  45. I am nominating Joywheel Yoga Studio in East Aurora, NY. The owners of this studio are a lovely couple with 4 children who, quite simply, seem only to want to make the world a better place for everyone. Their offerings not only include fabulous and inspiring yoga classes of all types (Vinyasa, Prenatal, Nidra, etc.), but they offer community events that nourish the bodies and minds of ALL types of people. You can find mediation mini-retreats, Pathways to Family Wellness Connect Groups for new & seasoned mothers, mindful art and yoga classes, inspiring “Joytalks” from local leaders, and nourishing mandala-making & henna gatherings, just to name a few!
    Not only do I feel like I’m coming home every time I walk into the studio, but I truly feel as if I’m entering a new and more wonderful world every time I leave. I would absolutely love the opportunity to honor this studio and give back to their amazing owners. I know they deserve it more than I can express in two short paragraphs!

  46. I nominate the Prancing Peacock Yoga and Wellness Center located in Langhorne (and Yardley), PA! This entirely family run studio is unlike any other in the area. It all began with one teacher and a handful of students gathering to practice in a converted living room. Today, on a hidden farm and in a breathtaking castle, their community includes all levels of yoga students and encourages a healthy lifestyle of physical and emotional wellbeing. Lovingly referred to as the Peacock, this studio boasts the most vibrant, diverse, and loving community of yogis and yoginis in the area and have proudly held the title of Best of Bucks: Yoga Studio for the last four years!
    I have never felt such powerful love from walking into a room of strangers. It’s not unusual to find yourself in a hug after just meeting someone- we follow the teaching of namaste and know each person who walks through the door has a light in them that deserves to be honored and loved. You’ll deepen your practice under the guidance of enthusiastic and knowledgable Yoga Alliance registered instructors, raise your vibration with thoughtful energy work including Reiki and crystal bowl baths, and carry the Prancing Peacock experience with you when you leave. If you’ve ever felt out of place walking into a studio, this sacred space is ready to call you home!

  47. If the idea of practicing yoga in a virtual treehouse located in a salty little beach town off the coast of North Carolina sounds appealing, then Village Yoga’s got you covered. Started in the quaint Outer Banks community by two incredible instructors, Katie & Jess, this one room studio aims to offer a rich yoga experience to all levels of practitioners in an accessible and authentic way.

    I’ve practiced and taught at the studio since it’s inception in 2013, and have seen firsthand the positive impact this space has had on our community. I love Village Yoga because of its friendly vibe and inclusive atmosphere: brand new practitioners, long time yogis, locals, vacationers, seniors, kids, those recovering from injury – all levels have found a home at Village Yoga. I would love to nominate Village Yoga for the #FPLetsMove takeover, and think it deserves some FP love because of its open-minded approach to the practice of yoga, its welcoming and knowledgable instructors, and most importantly its dedication to being a socially conscious small business. The studio embodies a “Kunga Yoga Vision” – “Kunga” is a Kenyerwandan word meaning “to serve or help,”, and their Kunga Yoga mission is to offer the teachings of yoga as a path to encourage, inspire, and support healthy living, community building, volunteering, and positive activism. Their mission is supported by Kunga Yoga public classes, in which proceeds are donated to local and global social causes, such as Surfing for Autism, the Surfrider Foundation, the food bank, and the Home of Hope Orphanage in India. Thanks for considering this gem of a studio, FP!


  48. I want to nominate Blast Buckhead because the instructors are amazing. And the interval workout that they provide is unlike any other. Not only are the workouts fun but they also make you feel healthy and strong! I am in the best shape of my life and it’s all thanks to Blast.

  49. I want to nominate Ignite Yoga for this contest! The reason I want to nominate this studio is not for myself, the owner, but for the students who create the studio Every day the students walk in and immediately create a sense of community amongst themselves. I have been in the greater yoga community a long time, and this type of behavior is such a gem. There is not a person who walks through the door at Ignite Yoga that isn’t introduced to someone else and or reached out to by a fellow student. Everyone recognizes new faces and has non-verbally committed to creating a community that can impact change.

    I am so proud of these students for their growth, their commitment to each other, and their commitment to impacting the community outside of the studio walls. They are dedicated to taking their yoga practice off of the mat, which is where it it creates the biggest impact in our society.

  50. 3B Yoga
    Website: 3byoga.com
    Instagram: @3byoga & @3byogashop

    Breathe, Bend, Be. 3B Yoga is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Provo, Utah. Through yoga, our studio inspires people to see themselves as creative, strong and free individuals; not only within the walls of the studio but through out the community, by supporting local events and promoting a happier valley.

    We could go on and on about how we feel a kinship to the Free People brand but we really just want to say WE LOVE FREE PEOPLE and it would be a dream come true to collaborate with you and more fully bring the Free People esthetic into our space. Namaste.

  51. 3B Yoga
    I would love to see 3B Yoga and Free People Unite. I LOVE both of these companies and their ability to make everyone feel like family. From the moment I walk into 3B I am always greeted with warm smiles and kind words. I know even if I’m having a bad day, I will always feel better after one of their AMAZING yoga classes.

    3B Has changed my life and this is why I want to Nominate them. Their Yoga classes are always inspiring me to become, and be, a better person. They do such a good job reminding us that we are all connected. The community this studio has built up is astonishing. You can just feel it by the dedication and love that radiates from the students in class. So I Just want to say Thank You Free People and Thank You 3B Yoga for always inspiring me.
    http://www.3byoga.com/ @3byoga & @3byogashop

  52. 3B Yoga
    After my first amazing class at 3B Yoga, I knew that I had found another home. After a couple more classes, I realized that I had found another family as well! That is why I want to nominate them. 3B inspires and encourages me to be kind, open, and live my truth. The classes that they offer are heart opening and life-changing. Everyone in the room radiates devotion to the studio and the Yoga practice as a whole, it is truly amazing to be a part of!

    I have seen first hand the effect that 3B Yoga has on our community here in Provo, UT. I could go on and on with a list of things that they sponsor and support to help people draw closer and enjoy life, but it is enough to say that they have changed our small part of the world. I love free people and I love 3B Yoga, it would be a dream to see them collaborate and make something even more beautiful! Namaste!

  53. BarreAmped has changed me for the better. I’ve never been athletic, and have always felt awkward in gym situations. When I started BarreAmped, I was in a mental place where I was constantly criticizing my body, and BarreAmped has helped me realize that there is so much more to my body than my looks. Each BarreAmped class leaves me feeling empowered, capable, and beautiful. I can honestly say that I learn something knew about form, a position, or my body with each class. An instructor will say something during class that will cue me to shift one muscle in a certain direction, or visualize something differently, and just the slightest movement will make me go, “Aha!” and allow me to feel a position or stretch more deeply. What has kept me coming back regularly and consistently over a year is the exhilarating mental focus, calm, and relief that I experience during class. As someone living with OCD, I cherish how centered each class makes me feel. I never though of myself as someone who could find community in a fitness studio, but the BarreAmped Nashville instructors acknowledge each client so personally that you instantly feel like you belong. There have even been times when I have come to the instructors with personal health questions and they have done all they could to help me find answers.

    BarreAmped Nashville has the most affordable prices I’ve seen for a private Barre studio in Nashville, which makes this method accessible to the community. You will see women (and the occasional man!) of all ages, shapes, and sizes in class. There are three locations in growing parts of Nashville that connect clients all across our city, and the studio also hosts regional instructor trainings. BarreAmped Nashville deserves a FP takeover because they have grown so much in just three years of being a studio, and their client loyalty is apparent in its client retention. BarreAmped Nashville makes me feel so beautiful and free, so Free People is a perfect match!

  54. What does Samadhi Center for Yoga mean to me and why why I/we love it, why it’s important to me/us, how does it fit in the community, and most importantly, why it deserves an #FPLetsMove takeover is best explained with these personal #SamadhiStory videos:




    To quote:

    “Samadhi to me is everything” – Lillie

    “Samadhi to me is a source of inspiration” – Melissa

    Choose Samadhi to move the body to still the mind.


  55. I want to nominate Koru Power Yoga studio in Oakdale, California. This studio is ran completely on donations, which makes it possible for EVERYONE to be able to attend. The owner Korin is amazing and has created a beautiful community, she just opened second in Turlock, California.
    I fell in love at my very first class. Yoga has completely changed my life and I’m so grateful that Korin has made yoga classes accessible to everyone. Every time I go I’m able to find peace and then take it home and spread it around. ( I’m a mom of 6 kids, and my life is chaotic. Yoga has helped me find peace in my chaos)

  56. In Las Vegas, NV there is a studio called TruFusion. This is not only a building where one can enter to take a yoga, pilates, or bootcamp class…it is a place of inspiration, a place of motivation, and a place of spirituality and love. This sanctuary as I like to think of it, has helped me through a dark time in my life with my father’s passing away. Suffering from depression for many years, I worried my life would take a turn for the worst if I didn’t do anything about it. Trufusion has given me not only physical strength but mental strength as well. Each instructor is so unique, fun, and willing to help, a sense of comfort washes over you. There is no judgement at Trufusion. There is only acceptance through the challenges of each and every class, no matter the skill level. Getting into fitness and yoga for my mental health has led to physical changes and strength as well. Just when I think I’m not strong enough, mentally or physically to get into a pose i’ve never tried…the instructor pushes you just at the right moment and the ability to transform yourself into a pose you never thought possible is exhilarating. This is a studio that loves its community, loves its clients, and it is truly felt by those that walk through their doors. This place has made such a positive impact on my life through such a deep dark time, I wish it nothing but the same in return.

  57. I nominate TruFusion studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the past couple of months this studio has taught me to love and care for myself more than I ever have. Not only have I emerged myself into a fitness-loving atmosphere, but also a sanctuary for happiness and good vibes. Anything could happen throughout the day and I still have a smile on my face as I drive to TruFusion to take a class, because I know the positive impact it will have on my body and soul. The staff members love their jobs, and it shows. They have great attitudes and share their loving spirits with everyone that walks through their doors. The instructors are knowledgable and inspiring to help each student reach their potential and feel good about themselves, no matter what level of fitness they are at. In a studio of hundreds of different students I still feel like I am recognized and appreciated as if I was the only one in there. TruFusion deserves all the praise in the world as it is an incredible facility that fosters each individual’s personal journey.

  58. Plain and Simple Tru- Fusion stands alone !!! I will pit this model against any in the Country! This place not only gives u physical and mental health but a spirit of Love and Kindness I was never a yoga person for all of my life until i was transformed here im so thankful and grateful to Martin for reaching out to me! The instructors are nothing less than amazing!! their training is amazing !! who has 40 classes a day ranging from Battleropes, Yoga, Pilates, Hot Barre, Kettlebell, TRX, No one does! You want to come here ! You feel bad if youre not here !! Have u read about dying and gong to Heaven?? ive found my Living Heaven im gonna try and remember everyones class i have taken Love to you all with out you i would not be me !! i hope i didnt forget anyone !

    Martin Hinton, liz Steers, Cristina Osorio, eddie guerra, kate koval,lawrence fernandez, patrick mason, zeeke vincent, ashle worrick, reagan pfiffer, chidima , nikki salifu, lindsey greishaber, myya suhl, dana kay josh gray, christin bartles, kathy lee, jaqueline reinhardt, mark balfe taylor, jill, stephanie , Sammie Mack, Sidny Weite, Samantha Bellerson These are all gifted and giving people they Teach and help us get better They do it for the love its clear to see I said LOVE !!!!

  59. How amazing to write about my favorite studio, on one of my favorite brands blog!!! Trufusion Is the best !!! this is my second year there and I am addicted !! Instructors are well trained , stidio is clean and smells great ! Different types of yoga. Mark, Samantha , Randal , Liz,Jaqleen and Christeen are my favorite Instructors !! Wish I had more time to spend there! Definitely check them out! They have it all. Because of them I was able to move forward in life and find new me ! so glad we have this studio ! Great work guys !!! http://Www.trufusion.com

  60. TruFusion studio in Las Vegas

    Cool, hip, diverse, clean, busy studio that is going through an amazing expansion, opening over 10 new studios in becoming years. It has a smoothie/snack bar, amazing retail corner carrying its own branded items. It truly is a fun place to come to. It offers so many different classes such as barre, kettle bells, partner yoga, trx, yin (hot and regular), Pilates, vinyasa, ash tanga … I think it’s easier to tell what it doesn’t offer :)

    Anyways, this studio is Tru-ly the best!

  61. I moved to Las Vegas in the search of something equally challenging and exciting – and I did this alone without knowing a soul. Coming to work at TruFusion as the Creative Director has enabled me to see it from all sides and it’s so refreshing to know a place like this exists.

    I wake up excited to come in each day, to be with everyone involved in making this studio so great and welcoming, and knowing that each time I enter a room I am working on creating a better me. You’ll walk out after a workout with a new friend, a heartfelt conversation, or inspired by the ceremony that had just unfolded. I feel free here — free to be myself, free to discover my body’s edge, and comfortable to continue exploring my authentic self.

    This is why I nominate TruFusion.

  62. As someone living with OCD, I cherish how centered each class makes me feel. I never though of myself as someone who could find community in a fitness studio, but the BarreAmped Nashville instructors acknowledge each client so personally that you instantly feel like you belong. There have even been times when I have come to the instructors with personal health questions and they have done all they could to help me find answers.

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