#FPLetsMove: Enter Your Fitness Studio for a Chance To Be Selected for a Free People Takeover!

Our #FPLetsMove events have brought us to some pretty incredible places and taught us to move in ways we didn’t even know were possible.

from a day of Lithe in Philly to an evening of yoga in NYC, SUP yoga in SO Cal to cycling in Vancouver, dance in Sydney, cardio in London… but, we know that these cities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthy living — bodies and minds are being nurtured all over the world and across the country!

That’s why we’re giving you the chance to pitch your fitness studio to be selected for a full Free People #FPLetsMove takeover! Whether you’re pumped on your yoga studio in Portland, crossfitting in Colorado, dancing in the desert, or indoor surfing in South Dakota, we want to know why your studio — whether it’s one you own or simply attend and love — deserves the full Free People treatment. Learn how to enter below:

To Submit:

  • In the comments, pitch us your studio in no more than two paragraphs. Tell us why you love it, why it’s important to you, how it fits in the community, and most importantly, why it deserves an FP takeover. We want to know anything and everything that sets it apart!
  • Leave the studio name and a link to its website within your comment and be sure to provide your email address in the form so that we can easily contact you should you be selected.
  • A studio will be selected by a Free People committee and notified via email.

Open to US residents only







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I want to nominate Ballet Hawaii!! Located in Honolulu, the most unique aspect of the school is the diversity in cultures and backgrounds of the Hawaiian students!!! I also love how Ballet Hawaii accommodates the toddler who is in their first pair of ballet shoes all the way to the adult who wants to embody the ballerina they always knew they were. I feel so fortunate to be on their staff!! We deserve a Free people takeover because I feel that Ballet Hawaii exemplifies the diversity, magic, and passion that is Free People!! Please come visit us and witness the… Read more »

What a fabulous project! Can’t wait to see who you choose :)

Warm Regards,

I nominate Hosh Yoga! Hosh is a health and wellness non-profit based in Brooklyn, New York, committed to making people’s lives better by healing bodies and minds through movement. Hosh’s mission is to make health and wellness a right of life rather than a luxury. Over 17,000 yoga students come to their NY and VT studios every year and over 30 outreach programs reach over 4,500 people every month with a team of over 60 staff and volunteers. Hosh’s suggested donations and sustaining membership studios allow our outreach programs to cost significantly less to schools, senior centers, and underserved communities… Read more »

I nominate Hosh Yoga! Hosh is a health and wellness non-profit based in Brooklyn, New York, committed to making people’s lives better by healing bodies and minds through movement. Hosh’s mission is to make health and wellness a right of life rather than a luxury. Over 17,000 yoga students come to their NY and VT studios every year and over 30 outreach programs reach over 4,500 people every month with a team of over 60 staff and volunteers. Hosh’s suggested donations and sustaining membership studios allow our outreach programs to cost significantly less to schools, senior centers, and underserved communities… Read more »

I believe it would be more than lovely if the dance studio I attend, The Dance Collective, could have an FP takeover. The Dance Collective is a sweet, little studio hidden beside a carpet shop. Though, if you happen to drive by and peek into the studio windows, you’ll catch a glimpse of passionate dancers leaping, stretching and embracing each movement as a gift they share with each other. The teachers are incredibly wonderful, for they teach contemporary to hip hop to ballet while maintaining a positive attitude. Really, they want to help their students be the best dancers they… Read more »


I nominate Dailey Method – Chicago Bucktown location! I have been going there for over a year now, and it is literally the only place I have gone to exercise and stuck with it. Normally I’ll go to a place and be over it in a week or so, but honestly, they mix up the routines all the time so it never feels boring, and the instructors are all so POSITIVE and kind, you never feel judged by going there and not being “the best”. They combine barre, cardio, yoga, and pilates in all their routines, and I just love… Read more »


Oh and I forgot the link to their website: http://www.thedaileymethod.com/studios/chicago-bucktown/overview/



I nominate the amazing teachers at New Orleans Dancing Grounds. This is a studio that truly serves it’s by water community by providing transformative powers of dance. I can’t say enough good things about this team. I hope you check out their studio

Studio One Yoga http://www.studiooneyoga.com I nominate Studio One Yoga located along the St.Croix River in the small historic town of Stillwater, Minnesota. I park my car along Main Street and grab my yoga mat. Heading towards the studio my energy begins to shift immediately and I know that in this moment I made the choice to come to my mat to nourish my mind body and soul.. I learn something new at Studio One each and every time I go which is one of the reasons I adore this studio. No matter what I always carry home with me a… Read more »

Great contest! :) Good luck to all the nominees!

I would love to nominate My Yoga Connection from Gainesville, Florida. Located in a college town, this unique yoga studio is in an old recording studio, with great acoustics and beautiful woodwork. My Yoga Connection strives to give you something amazing when you leave and an experience to remember. They support an Eco-friendly environment using Pthalate-free yoga mats and props, and reward yogi’s who walk, bike, or skateboard to class. I have never been to a studio with such an amazing atmosphere and such a welcoming family. “Yoga Connection came to me at a class with world renowned Yoga teacher,… Read more »

PHYSIQA in Piedmont, CA deserves a FP Takeover! PHYSIQA is a pilates, barre, and soon to be dance boutique studio. We also provide foam rolling classes by a massage therapist and a class called Posture IQ with which each client gets an individual assessment on their posture and learn techniques that are unique to their posture type to allow them more efficient muscle recruitment and proper alignment. The fusion class, barrelates, of pilates and barre keeps clients safe, as all the instructors care about posture. Finally, this studio is fun and unique! The classes are always evolving, no one class… Read more »

I nominate my happy place: Diva Den Studio in Portland, Oregon. Diva Den’s website will tell you that it’s a “boutique dance and fitness facility that was created for women by women.” It’s so much more than that. Diva Den makes you feel alive and so happy to be a woman. There are classes for everyone, from Barre and Zumba, to ones with names that are just as much fun as the class itself: Dance Party Hustle, ABS-olutely, Right to BARE Arms, It’s a Groove Thang, etc. These are all just facts, though. Much like the city of Portland does… Read more »

…and the link to Diva Den Studio’s website is (sorry!)… http://www.divadenstudio.com/

Divinitree Yoga Studio is nestled right between the waves and the forest in the little beach town Santa Cruz, California. This studio is more than just a place to get zen. It is truly a community that spreads its light throughout the town. They offer classes at all hours of the day so there is always an opportunity to sink into some yoga even amidst a busy day. The teachers are amazing, openhearted people who put their souls into each and every class they teach. They are special in all of their unique ways from the one who makes ridiculous… Read more »

First and foremost, TITLE isn’t just a gym – it’s a family. When members join, they’re instantly welcome into to the TITLE Nashville family. The entire staff strives to make everyone feel welcome and to make everyone feel they can do the workout. Don’t get me wrong, the workout is super intense, but it’s in such a great environment that our family is so diverse – from the most in shape people you’ve ever seen to people who have never worked out a day in their life. Everyone has different goals and TITLE is great about encouraging everyone and helping… Read more »

I am nominating Sweat Yoga in the heart of Santa Monica, CA for your FP takeover. This is by far the most pristine studio I’ve ever taught and practiced in. It is brand new and has been created with meticulous attention to detail. The studio is music and passion driven and strives to empower its students to find their own yoga path and be creative with their flows and most of all to HAVE FUN! Not only is the practice space well thought out, with its high ceilings, inspiring sound system and machines that move the air around the room,… Read more »

Thank yoga is an experience. It is community. It is raw and real. It is a place where people go to practice yoga and realize their lives are quickly changing in ways they never thought possible.

I opened the studio on my own just three years ago, and have watched it, along with the community grow in ways that continue to blow my mind.

All I can do is share my vision in hopes that it lands with some people…and I guess it is.


My name is Erin, and I design upcycled clothing in Portland Or. I work in a tiny room in the house my husband and I own with next to no space to create.. I am extremely passionate about safeguarding the earth, and that plays into what I create. Americans send 105 million tons of discarded clothing to landfills every year. That is why I know that there is life in something old, and I can lovingly turn it into something new. As a small business owner, and creator of handmade items I would love to have the opportunity to have… Read more »

I nominate the best studio in Park City, Utah, Yoga Kula Project! Like the name says it, it’s about the community! Trudee, the owner is one of the best and most generous humans I ever met! A small and beautiful studio, Yoga Kula Project brought me back to Yoga, after a back injury, were I couldn’t teach or practice for almost a year, I came back to my practice at this studio, were each instructor took care of myself in a very healing and supporting way! In this studio I grew as a student, I learned to be a teacher,… Read more »

I nominate Buddha B Yoga! What better area than our nation’s Capitol to have a compassionate and welcoming space to further your yoga practice! I love buddha b because it not only welcomes any person of age, gender, and race–but also makes you feel as if you have belonged all along. Washington DC is such a transient city. Everyone is busy, everyone has just arrived or is about to leave. Everyone has a story, everyone is walking the path of their own journey. I feel at Buddha B, for just that one hour so of asanas and breathing, our paths… Read more »

I would like to nominate Bend Chicago A hybrid studio that has such a variety of classes. Classes that you’ve never taken before, Dance Bootcamp, Cheerobix, Yogalates, Housercize, And much more. This studio is so special. Everyone is welcome and in such a big city it has such a tight community. This studio should be in the top to be considered. I believe that my students as much as me would be honored to have free people takeover in Bend. We want to share why Bend is such a special space that hold classes that are not just fun, but… Read more »

The studio that I believe needs the biggest makeover is one that hasn’t been created. It is now just an imagination. In the year 2050, an estimated 1 and 25 people will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This new population will need highly skilled and passionate teachers. The Jordan Weber Yoga Studio serves all ends of the spectrum and teaches all learners and ability levels. This vision for inclusion will help alleviate the stress put on populations that are rarely recognized or introduced to new therapies. Yoga for autism spectrum disorders needs to be at the forefront of studio… Read more »

Global Breath Studio Durham, NC http://www.globalbreath.org/ Global Breath Studio is a quite unique little space in the bustling historic tobacco district in the gentrified city of Durham, North Carolina. The studio itself was remodeled with sustainably sourced materials and doubles as a working and living space for co-owners Bart and Nina. Classes and workshops offered here are donation based, as to be made accessible to all community members. The opportunities and resources that are offered here are just as unique as the space creating a community in of itself. Theres a weekly meditation, as well as creative monthly workshops, including… Read more »

I nominate Bird Rock Yoga in San Diego! We offer yoga for all levels, community meditation, and paddle board yoga every week! We are dedicated to giving everyone an opportunity to practice yoga through donation based community classes. Bird Rock has some of the most wonderful teachers in San Diego and has created an environment filled with compassion and connection. I know that FP would absolutely love taking over BRY because it is such a positive and inspiring place.