Celebrating 3 Of Our Favorite Free People Presents Films

If you’ve been reading BLDG 25 for any amount of time, you likely share the opinion that our short films are pretty spectacular.

From the cozy Nothing is Over, featuring Oh Land, to the ethereal Sand Dancer, each story is unique and enchanting. And with most clocking in at just under five minutes in length, it’s mind blowing just how much narrative can be packed into such a short amount of time, the lives of the characters fully realized, each world sprawling, mysterious and meticulously directed.


For fans of our ‘Free People Presents‘ series, we’re excited to announce that after reviewing 11,000 films, and making it through an extensive selection process, the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival Selection Group has nominated three Free People films for the following International Fashion Film Award (IFFA) categories:

  1. Best Picture (If the Shoe Fits)
  2. Best Director(If the Shoe Fits)
  3. Best Cinematography (Sand Dancer, A Letter)
  4. Best Editing (A Letter, If the Shoe Fits)
  5. Best Creative Concept (If the Shoe Fits)
  6. Best Actor (If the Shoe Fits)
  7. Best Music (Sand Dancer)

Exciting? You could say that! Six years strong, the LJIFFF is held on the final night of the La Jolla International Film Festival and is the world’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers, giving recognition to those who excel at their craft and breathe life into the world of fashion. The three films below just so happen to be three of our favorites as well, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to receive the honor. Check them out below, and be sure to take a peek at the full collection on our Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 4.05.01 PM

Free People’s Prince Charming, played by model Mark Wystrach, is on the hunt for his princess. He embarks on a journey in a strange new land – aka New York City – shoe in hand, hoping to find the woman that will win his heart.

Director: Duncan Winecoff @ All:Expanded
Co-director: CMCM
DP: Stuart Winecoff @ All:Expanded
1st Asst Camera: Jake Saner @ All:Expanded
Sound: Evan DeVitto
Concept: CMCM
Art Direction: Free People
Actor: Mark Wystrach
Producer: Carl Walters
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Colorist: Michael Rossiter
Sound: Steffen Wick “Logo Music” Courtesy of Music Dealers, and Cameron Ernst “Three-Instrumental” Courtesy of The Music Bed

“It’s ok to hold on tight…and to let go.” Sarah, played by Dree Hemingway, reads a letter from her deceased mother as she travels through the sweeping mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s a personal journey, but one she doesn’t have to make alone.

Creative Direction: Free People
Actors: Dree Hemingway, Angela Lindvall, Joel Danielsson
Film Director: CMCM and Duncan Winecoff @ All:Expanded
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff @ All:Expanded
Written By: CMCM and Free People
Editor: Ryan McKenna @ The Mill
Producer: Carl Walters @ The Mill
Color: Michael Rossiter @ The Mill
Special Thanks: Dornan’s, Moose WY

Surrounded by the cosmic energy of White Sands, NM, Laura Love transforms into lyrical sand dancer, bringing viewers into a world of emotion and spirit.

Director: Duncan Winecoff and CMCM
Creative Direction: Free People
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Producer: Carl Walters
Color: Michael Rossiter
Actress: Laura Love
Music Supervisor: Jonathan Hecht, Venn Arts

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.55.39 PM

Winners will be chosen on June 25th, until then, keep your fingers crossed for us!

+ Do you have a favorite FP Presents film? Please share in the comments!


  1. Such a Well Deserved Honor!!!!!…..My Favorite Film is “If the shoe fits”!!!! I’m such a sucker for happy endings, so I can imagine a sequel where Prince Charming hooks up with the playfully spirited woman that he encounters in the final moments of his quest in the film….you can just tell she IS The One…..

    The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

  2. I absolutely love love love all of your short films! I made a request on your latest one on YouTube that actually got a lot of likes and support – could you please possibly do a love story with a gay couple? Two girls? It would mean the world to me as a bisexual and many many other people in the LGBQT community who are fans of your work. Thank you!! X

  3. I agree with the diversity comment. Please give us an LGBTQ couple, or a mixed race couple or really just a couple who represents your diverse range of readers.

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