Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 15–21

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May 21–June 20

The new moon in your sign this week is aligned with Mars, motivating you to be proactive about revitalizing your image. Think about how you come across to others and what you might change in order to make the impression that you want to make. The moon’s link with expansive Jupiter in your communication sector and individualistic Uranus in your network zone urges you to connect with a wider range of people and to express your personality through a unique contribution that allows you to make your mark in the world. Set fresh goals for the coming year that suit who you are today, and let go of old ones that no longer resonate with you. Propelled by an optimistic attitude and a far-reaching vision, create action steps now for your personal reinvention.



June 21–July 22

The new moon in your solitude sector this week gives you the perfect excuse to spend time alone replenishing your spirit. Reflect on the past year, and ponder the ways in which you may have worked against yourself unintentionally. Commit to fulfilling your purpose by elevating your priorities so they are more in accord with your central values. If you are to heed the call of your soul, you must release that which no longer serves it. Try to identify any old patterns of behavior, unenlightened objectives or erroneous principles that ought to be left in the past, and put them behind you with full faith in the brightness of your future. As the sun enters Cancer, you’re encouraged to focus on yourself and what you want out of life this year. Happy birthday!



July 23–August 22

With Venus traveling through Leo, the law of attraction is on your side. But her skirmishes with Neptune in your sharing sector and Pluto in your productivity house this week suggest that you may need to tweak your expectations regarding relationships and work. Try to roll with it if you don’t get the exact results that you want. Fortunately, the new moon in your network zone is gelling with several other planets, including Jupiter in your sign, prompting you to take inventory of your friendships, professional contacts and affiliations with groups and examine whether these connections are healthy. The moon’s link with Mars and Uranus encourages you to meet new people who you can learn from and to nurture existing bonds that foster your growth and allow you to be your authentic self.



August 23–September 22

The new moon lands at the top of your chart this week and conjoins bold Mars, pushing you to reignite your ambition and plan decisive steps to achieve your goals. What do you need to learn in order to be more successful this year? With whom might you form a partnership? What unexplored source of support might be available to you? Is there a potential mentor in your peripheral vision? Is your attitude toward authority working for you or against you? Consider your public image and how you could actively improve it. With the sun moving on to your group sector for the next month, part of your attention will turn toward friendship, socializing, professional networking and finding a role that will benefit humanity—and perhaps the planet as well.



September 23–October 22

Venus is in your network house, increasing the allure of friendship and socializing, but her run-ins with Neptune in your efficiency zone and Pluto in your foundation angle this week imply that work, health, duties, domestic obligations, family problems or heavy emotions could curtail your pleasure. Be flexible, taking what comes your way rather than aiming for an ideal. The new moon in your expansion sector is pushing you to actively pursue the knowledge and skills that will put your aspirations within reach. If you feel a need for travel and other invigorating experiences that help you to transcend your everyday routine, promise yourself you’ll do your best to feed that need soon. Meeting a variety of people is another great way to broaden your horizons, so be open to all sorts of connections.



October 23–November 21

This week’s new moon lands in the house of your chart that’s naturally associated with Scorpio matters, and it also happens to be aligned with your coruler Mars. So the new beginnings that it’s encouraging should be fairly easy for you to understand. Don’t be afraid to take an honest look at issues around debt, financial support, sexuality, trust, jealousy, healing, control and closeness. Determine what changes you can make in order to transform such sticky issues and come out on the other end even stronger. You need to face something head-on that most people would rather leave shrouded in darkness. In doing so, you’ll unleash pent-up power and open up new pathways to fulfillment. The current sun-Saturn clash implies that you’ll need to adjust your boundaries a bit to permit more intimacy.



November 22–December 21

The new moon in your one-on-one angle this week is syncing with several other planets, including your ruler Jupiter. Meeting new people, taking a relationship to the next level, beginning a new partnership, initiating a romantic connection, changing how you behave in relationships and working to relate to others in a healthier way are all favored now. This lunation is coaxing you to expand your view of the bonds in your life and to be open to learning from the people around you. It’s also signaling that you’re free to express your personality—quirks and all—and to assert your truth when you feel justified in doing so. Seek out plenty of interaction in the coming weeks, as the connections you make now are apt to nurture your growth and broaden your vision.



December 22–January 19

Venus’s presence in your sharing sector indicates that you want to feel close to someone now, but her challenging encounter with Pluto in Capricorn this week means you need to dial down your urge to be in control if you want to maintain a good rapport. Be willing to share power; otherwise, you could alienate someone. The new moon in your efficiency house invites you to initiate positive changes that will improve your health, fitness, diet, productivity, work environment, discipline, schedule, habits, job performance and skillset. The moon’s alignment with Mars signals that you need to be proactive about instituting such changes. And its harmonious links to Jupiter in your psyche zone and Uranus in your emotions angle firmly reinforce the connection between mind and body, promoting the idea of getting healthy from the inside out.



January 20–February 18

When the new moon lands in your fulfillment zone this week and joins forces with just-do-it Mars, you’re prompted to actively seek out fresh sources of pleasure. Whether you need more humor, playtime, creativity, romance, joy or affection in your life, this is your cue to stake your claim to the happiness that you envision for yourself. The moon’s connections with hopeful Jupiter in your relationship angle and liberating Uranus in your cognition-and-communication house suggest that expressing yourself more freely, continuing to shift your mindset and opening yourself up to a wider range of potential partners will advance your quest to get more out of life. Pay attention to what your heart is telling you that you need, and strive to orient your thought patterns and your view of the future toward filling that need.



February 19–March 20

A new moon in your foundation angle is syncing with several other planets this week, coaxing you to consider what makes you feel comfortable and secure. This is a favorable period for actively initiating changes in your home life that will improve your sense of ease. It’s also a good time to deal with your emotional state if something is troubling you, as you’ll feel much freer once you’ve worked through what’s going on inside you. You can build a strong internal base now that will help you to thrive in the outside world, especially if you deliberately separate yourself from the past. Ask yourself if your values and hopes are truly yours or if they’re too tied to family expectations and ingrained patterns. Trust the answer that comes from your gut.



March 21–April 19

This week’s new moon falls in your cognition-and-communication house, so the coming weeks will be a favorable period for initiating a writing project, gathering information, getting in touch with people, learning something new and making over your mindset. Since the moon is aligned with your ruler Mars and also gelling with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in your fulfillment zone, you’re encouraged to start expressing yourself with more force, courage, freedom, creativity and authority. Consider how you might share your personality and feelings more liberally with others. If you often hesitate to speak your truth in the moment, this lunation is coaxing you to work on that. With the sun dipping down to your foundation angle, part of your focus will begin to gravitate toward family, home, comfort, emotions and memories in the next month.



April 20–May 20

You’re craving peace, but Venus’s awkward encounters with Neptune in your network sector and Pluto in your expansion zone this week hint that you may need to make some minor adjustments to attain the feeling of ease you’re after. Friendship, socializing, idealism, travel, education and your perspective could require tweaks in order to keep you in a positive mood. The new moon in your worth house nudges you to think about what improvements you can make in the coming month to your finances, self-esteem, possessions, values and resources. How can you capitalize on your full array of talents to generate income? The moon is gelling with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, hinting that you need to be proactive, let go of something from the past and derive support from family or your inner faith.


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