Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 29–July 5

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June 21–July 22

The sun in Cancer is vibing with Neptune in your expansion house this week, inspiring you to ponder where you’re headed in the coming year. This pairing stimulates your ideals and your view of the future. If conceiving a personal philosophy, making a vision board or writing a mantra appeals to you, this is the perfect time to shape your outlook in such ways. Focus on how you want to broaden your horizons and feel more in tune with your spiritual purpose. The full moon in your one-on-one angle reminds you that, although you’re feeling quite driven to pursue your own desires, you also need to factor in the needs of others to some degree. Someone’s emotions could boil over; be willing to cede a bit of control and compromise to cool things down. Intuition and imagination will steer you right regarding your goals, career, finances, values and resources now, so rely on them.


July 23–August 22

Venus in Leo gets in on last week’s Jupiter-Uranus action by aligning with both planets this week. So your desires and magnetism are apt to skyrocket, whetting your appetite for life. You should feel extra gregarious, upbeat and spontaneous, and your good mood will probably be contagious. Novel indulgences, exhilarating experiences and unusual people will be particularly appealing. Friendship and socializing are positives now, with talkative Mercury in your group zone clicking with three other planets. The full moon in your duties sector could signal a breaking point with your job, health, schedule or responsibilities, and something is bound to compel you to deal with circumstances in the outer world when you might prefer to spend time in your head. Subtle support from another person or from the healing that’s been taking place in your psyche can help you to balance the pressures of daily life with the call of your spirit.


August 23–September 22

Communication with higher-ups, professional planning, discussing goals and expressing yourself in public should all go well this week, with Mercury at the top of your chart syncing with three other planets. You could get unexpected help from an outside source or learn something from a mentor, so speak up if you need support. Venus’s presence in your seclusion sector hints that you’re craving a little peace and quiet, you’re nursing a secret crush or you’re involved in a very private romantic relationship. In any case, something is definitely going on inside you or behind the scenes, and it will feel good to indulge your unspoken desires. The full moon beckons you to honor your need for love, happiness, fun, creativity and personal fulfillment while staying engaged with others and considering the best interests of a group. The challenge is to be true to yourself and also form meaningful bonds with people.


September 23–October 22

Friendship and socializing are pluses for you this week, since Venus in your group sector is aligned with upbeat Jupiter and jibing with carefree Uranus in your one-on-one angle. Your desire to be around people could lead you to start a new relationship, and either the person or the relationship itself might be rather unusual. Or you could meet someone who is unpredictable—or meet them in an unexpected way. A sudden connection is apt to be a positive one, but don’t dwell on whether or not it has staying power. Enjoy freedom from expectations. Talking to people who are different from you will be especially pleasant and mind opening, because verbal Mercury in your expansion-and-education house is gelling with three other planets. The full moon in your foundation angle lures your attention to family, home life, private emotions and security needs, calling for you to balance your personal life with worldly ambitions.


October 23–November 21

Your public or professional appeal and your relations with higher-ups are on an upswing, thanks to magnetic Venus at the top of your chart syncing with Uranus and Jupiter. Different kinds of work and growing responsibilities are especially likely, and keeping a high profile will further your growth. Your desire for progress is strong, and hopefully you’ll experience a surge of faith in your ability to succeed. With Mercury in your transformation house clicking with three other planets, confiding in someone you trust, doing research, soul searching and relying on your psychic insights can all prove useful. Deep thinking will help you to see the changes that need to be made. The full moon in your cognition-and-communication sector could trigger an overload of information, thoughts and busyness. Stop going over and over something in your head. Shift your mindset and let go of an obsession to free up space for future love and happiness.


November 22–December 21

The pleasures of exposing yourself to unfamiliar people, places, cultures and ideas are evident this week, thanks to Venus in your exploration house gelling with Uranus and Jupiter. A feeling of freedom and a sense of possibility can lead to spontaneous adventures. This is a period when you can happily relish being an optimistic Sag on a perennial quest for something beyond the mundanity of daily life. Mercury in your one-on-one angle is also clicking with several planets, facilitating easy communication and a meeting of the minds. This is a good time for negotiating a just compromise or reaching out to someone you can learn from. The full moon in your worth sector emphasizes your personal needs and values and calls for you to balance them with those of others. Security and sharing sometimes seem to be at odds, but if you can reconcile them, you’ll gain some peace of mind.


December 22–January 19

This week’s full moon lands in Capricorn and interacts with several other planets, putting you at the center of the storm. If you’re feeling extra sensitive or moody, try to express your feelings without demanding they take precedence over those of others. Simply telling people what you need from them can work wonders. The moon’s proximity to turbulent Pluto and opposition to feisty Mars could create volatility, and if you don’t feel up to dealing with a situation in a productive manner, it may be best to spend time alone meditating or going to a happy place in your head. This lunation is a cosmic reminder to aim for more balance in your life. Fortunately, the sun in your relationship angle and Venus in your sharing sector are clicking with other planets, facilitating your ability to connect one-on-one and attract support. Communication is essential to making this a positive week, so use your words.


January 20–February 18

Relationships, communication and various forms of self-expression such as humor and creativity should all be positives this week, with amiable Venus in your one-on-one angle and verbal Mercury in joy sector both clicking with several other planets, including your ruler Uranus. You may meet someone new who’s worth your while or benefit from an existing connection, so make an effort to be in contact with people. You’ll also thrive on feedback, making it extra important to share your feelings and ideas and express your individuality. To feel understood and valued for who you are, you must be your authentic self with others. A sun-Neptune meeting nudges you to focus some of your energy on work that is aligned with your spirituality or to devote yourself to a form of service without regard for material reward. The full moon further highlights the need to balance outer accomplishments with inner fulfillment. Quiet time for reflection will be cathartic.


February 19–March 20

The sun in your fulfillment zone is meshing with Neptune in Pisces this week, helping you to radiate your personality. Your imagination will be stimulated, so get creative. Express yourself in whatever way you’re inspired to, perhaps simply by sharing your feelings with someone. Affection and romance are favored, and so are escapist pleasures. Lose yourself in an activity that gives you joy. Your intuition about what will make you happy is strong. With Venus in your duties sector vibing with Uranus and Jupiter, you can even have a good time at work. Welcome more responsibility. Find something you enjoy doing that will boost your income. Value your health, and dedicate yourself to taking great care of your body so you’ll have the energy to do everything you want to do. The full moon coaxes you to also consider the needs of others. Let your empathy kick in if you encounter emotional drama.


March 21–April 19

Fun, romance, affection, creativity, humor and self-expression are favored this week, thanks to magnetic Venus in your joy house meeting up with Jupiter and meshing with Uranus in Aries. Spontaneous pleasures are likely to pay off more than anything you plan, and you might overdo it while caught up in the moment. Clever Mercury in your cognition-and-communication zone is also clicking with several planets, facilitating creative thinking and fruitful relations as well. Expressing your individuality and sharing your thoughts and feelings should be very satisfying. A sun-Neptune collaboration suggests that a little introspection, reminiscing or time with family will be soothing. And the full moon at the top of your chart pushes you into the spotlight, brings a goal to fruition or signals a blowup with an authority figure. You’re reminded of the need to follow where your ambition leads you while also doing what you can to feel centered and secure.


April 20–May 20

You’re inclined toward comfort, time at home and indulging in simple pleasures like food this week, with Venus at the bottom of your chart gelling with Uranus and Jupiter. Although moderation usually makes sense, following your unconscious impulses will give you great satisfaction. Redecorating and entertaining could also be high on your list now. A sun-Neptune confab hints that socializing, friendship and communication with a group should all go smoothly. And the full moon in your exploration house could put you in the mood for adventure and make you want to take a leap of faith—which could further help you to connect with people. This lunation is also a reminder that you should strive to keep an open mind, balancing curiosity and wonder with the need to attain wisdom, have an opinion and stand for something. Aim for the ideal middle ground between always questioning and having all the answers.


May 21–June 20

Mercury in Gemini is clicking with three other planets this week, boosting the quality of your communication and interactions. Expressing yourself to a group, showing affection, professional networking and sharing your thoughts, ideas and opinions should all go pretty well. Venus in your cognition-and-communication sector is also gelling with a couple of other planets, further improving your thinking and relations. Let your natural curiosity lead you to meet people who can introduce a fresh perspective and teach you something. You’re likely to view people’s quirks in a much more positive light now. An open mind will help you to think happy thoughts. The full moon in your sharing sector highlights the need for give and take in your personal life, prodding you to accommodate other people’s values and feelings. Be willing to share power in your relationships, and try not to get overly hung up on where something is going.

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6 years ago

This is awesome advice, but it’s hard if you’re a Sagittarius and your friend is on a camping trip in the middle of the woods!