We Could Be Heroes: Krysta Jabczenski

Pretty sure they broke the mold when they made Krysta Jabczenski.

We were introduced in tandem with FP’s recent collaboration with environmental love ambassadors Wilder Quarterly, Krysta being their go-to photographer. Her work, characterized by something a little out of the ordinary, invokes peace, curiosity and a need to say “I want to remember this moment, this place, this time.”

She was very kind in answering a few questions in hopes of better understanding what makes her tick. Get to know Krysta along with me:


You were born under a super moon. What has that done for you? Or not?

I’m probably just a little extra loony.

Do you remember the moment when you realized it was all about photography?

High School.  Pentax K1000. (I still use that camera.) I was 15 or 16 when I took my first photography class and it was pivoting. I was always artistic but photography allowed me to make art directly from real life. Back then I did a lot of typical high school shots (friends, parties, wonderings) and, although they look different now, I was trying to capture the same thing – magic in the mundane, supernatural norms… just those moments when you’re going about your business and you spy something extraordinary. Being on the lookout for those moments has really shaped my life over time.  

What bound you to your relationship with Mother Nature?

My mom describes me as smelling flowers and examining bugs as a little girl – I’ve always felt nature was everything and more than we can explain.  

Describe your favorite photograph…either one you took or from another artist’s work.

A portrait I took of my (now) husband when we first started dating. We were breakfast-ing at a diner in Palm Springs. I asked to take his photo because the light was so clear and cinematic. I knew he’d be shy about it so, I managed it very quickly and only took one shot.  It’s his expression that really makes the photo… it’s so genuine.    

Since then, I’ve taken his photo so many times that people have told me I could have a book called, “Just Joel.”  

Can you share with us your favorite joke?

There are two types of people in this world – people who tell jokes and people who Google-search “jokes”. I’m probably the latter so, better not.

What does the word “free” mean to you?

Having found your own way to life and feeling comfortable in your skin.






Feel free to meditate on Krysta’s work via her blog and Instagram.

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8 years ago

What a lovely lady! Stunning photos.


8 years ago

I love her photos! She seems like she has a great personality!

8 years ago


8 years ago

Love Tucson! Great photos :)


8 years ago
8 years ago

Such beautiful sights and people!

Warm Regards,