Get To Know Katie Of Houndmouth + A Playlist

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Hangin’ with boys is just Katie’s way of life, but she does it with such grace and ease that it’s clear she is right where she belongs. As the only female artist in the band Houndmouth, Katie shines with her beauty and charm, but it’s obvious that her talent as a musician and singer is what has brought her this far. I got to spend some time with Katie before the band’s recent show in Birmingham and have to say I’m now an even bigger fan of Houndmouth. Once you get to know the person behind the voice and sound of a song it somehow connects you to the music even more. We talked shop… clothes and music of course, and styled some looks, but what stood out to me the most was her kindness and sincerity as fans approached her for a photo and even a hug. Take a minute to get to know Katie better here and definitely check out Houndmouth’s sound if you haven’t already!

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Get The Look: Verona Slip, Lacey Denim Cutoff Shorts, Lacey Lace Brami

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How did you get your start in music?

My dad taught me music when I was 17. I played guitar and he taught me basic theory. He’s a blues guitar player. I didn’t want to go to college and thought this would be a good alternative. I simultaneously took opera lessons for a couple of years.

How did you meet the rest of your band and how long have you been together?

Matt and I played music together for four years prior to Houndmouth. Zak was his best friend and they had a blues band together throughout high school. I went to high school with Shane. It’s a small town… everyone knew each other.

What artists/musicians inspire you?

There’s too many to name. And I go through phases. Today I was listening to Timber Timbre, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Night Beds.

How does music influence your personal style?

It’s all the same thing – artistic expression, trying to name what’s going on inside. Some days I wear lace, some days I wear leather, depending on what I need the clothes to do for me. What I’m wearing has an impact on how I feel. And sometimes you’ve gotta throw on a sequined jumpsuit for that reason.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

I opened a clothing store in Louisville called Bermuda Highway last year. We combine music and fashion. That’s what I’d probably be doing.

What’s it like being on the road with three guys?

It’s like being one of the guys. Lots of crazy stories… When we started, we were on such a limited budget, we’d all have to share a hotel room which was pretty miserable. And there’s 5 guys, we have crew members.

Biggest dream or goal?

They’ve all been surpassed. Everything is just a bonus at this point. I would like to inspire others to take risk and go for it. The worst that can happen is you fail and you’re right back to where you started.

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Get The Look: Waverly Fit And Flare

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Get The Look : Taped Lacey Slip

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Katie’s “On the Road” Playlist:

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