The Lake House in The Cotswolds, England

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Over the past year my friends and I have all turned 30, so we decided to celebrate all together with a weekend away in the gorgeous Cotwolds countryside. Set deep in the stunning rolling Gloucestershire hills about two hours from London lives the most beautiful lake surrounded by eight very special log cabins. Each cabin has its own rowing boat with which to explore the lake and all its wildlife and greenery, a hot tub and ours even had a heated pool.

We have been incredibly lucky to have all stayed so close over the past 20 years. We are now all living in different parts of the country – Suffolk, London, Surrey, Kent and Sheffield – with busy jobs and growing families. But we love and support each other in everything we do, and try our best to get together as much as we can. So three days on a private island by the lake was just what we needed to leave the stress of our day to day lives behind and just reconnect. When life gets busy, it is easy to go for weeks or months without talking or seeing a friend, but you know it is real friendship when, as soon as you do get together, it’s just so easy, and you slip back in to that closeness effortlessly. It’s at times like this when I feel lucky that I have such close relationships with an amazing group of girls.

We had such a fun few days, walking around the countryside, BBQ’ing and cooking big feasts, playing games, drinking cocktails in the hot tub and watching sunsets on the swinging bench looking out to the lake. We have already promised to go all back when we are 40!


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I was pleased to learn that conservation is at the heart of the Log House Holidays philosophy. To maintain the peace, tranquility and natural beauty all of the eco-friendly log cabins use sustainable materials and renewable energy sources. These include homegrown coppiced timber for firewood, electricity from their solar tracking station and heating and hot water from the lake-sourced heat pumps.

Thank you to Anthony, James and Family for being great hosts and even bringing us freshly picked asparagus from the garden!

Visit the Log House Holidays website here

And follow along with them on Instagram here

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7 years ago

Love this and their dedication to preservation! I would absolutely have a girl weekend for my 30th – so fun!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

Beautiful place and lovely photos!

7 years ago

Wow. Can I go? It looks like such an amazing place!!!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

7 years ago

Love this place :) looks so pretty and like the perfect space to calm down and relax
and so lovely pictures ;)