Make A List To Feel Beautiful This Summer

Beauty and health are connected in all ways, and sometimes writing that down on paper helps everything fall into place.

I’ve always been one to make lists. They help me see clearer, focus, and regroup. This summer, one of my top goals is to stay on schedule with my connection to beauty and health. My path will be positive, I have to believe it.

I created a checklist to hang in my room where I get ready every morning with simple goals for each day, and weekly reminders. The importance of reality is huge when making goals – so keeping things humble and aware was the best way to create balance.


I want to remind myself to stay nourished, be gentle, rest, and seek. My list is split in half, with daily goals and weekly goals, which I’ve outlined below:


These goals are to become a part of my daily lifestyle. Little changes that make me a more beautiful me.

Apply SPF: Such a quick and effortless thing to do, yet so many people forget to do it. Putting on some moisturizer with sunscreen each morning — and reapplying! — can make a huge difference for a fresh face. Adding this to my daily list was vital and a routine that has to stick.

H20: I always feel better rinsing toxins out, and keeping hydrated, so my goal is 4 ounces of water ever 30 minutes. I’m not the only thirsty one, keeping my plants moist with daily watering makes me happy too.

Snap: Forcing myself to take a picture of something every day helps me grow at my art. It also is a great way to reflect at the end of each year, seeing my progress. Where I’ve been and where I am now.

Nature: Being with nature cleanses me. Taking a hike every morning with my pup starts my day off right, keeping me healthy and strong.

Meet Someone New: I truly believe that meeting someone new each day is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Getting to know someone’s story, or simply just saying hello, helps you socially and emotionally.

Be Gentle: Taking each day softly and sweet is so important. When negative energy hits my way, I’m trying to learn to be gentle, and taking it as it is with ease.

Cook: Making breakfast is my thing. I love being in the kitchen and whipping up delish food for myself and whoever is around. Breakfast kick-starts my day, and starting it off with healthy food always energizes me.


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These goals are to be done week to week, which will help my overall lifestyle be more positive and pure:

Be Active: By doing something active at least three days a week, I become more in sync with my body, and see changes in the way I walk, stand, and breathe into life.

Shop Local: Visiting the local farmers’ market every Saturday morning is my tradition, and one that I hope to hold onto forever. It’s a great way to support farms throughout my area, but also support my body.

Be Lazy..Once: Contrasting from above, lazy mornings heal and cure everything. Taking at least one morning out of the week and giving it to yourself is a healing power. I plan to do this all summer, sipping tea and listing to a record.

Read: I’m a total book nerd. Summer reading is a blast, and becoming part of a book club or just reading for fun helps your mind escape, creating a healthy glow. Books tend to relieve stress for me, and I’ll always thank the words for that.

Treat: Myself! Buying flowers, taking a day off, or even getting that ice cream cone covered in sprinkles really is a wonderful thing. I think when you get to a point in your week where you feel like you deserve to be treated once in a while, the feeling is magical.

Stargaze: I’ll never pass up a sky full of stars. I’m fascinated by space, and summers to me mean gathering up that blanket and looking up. The moments of feeling so small are really balancing to my zen, making me feel better as each moment passes.


I hope you find yourself reading this list and hoping to create one for yourself as well. It really is a wonderful way to remind yourself to be beautiful and healthy throughout the day, and seeing the words contrasted against paper makes it stick.

+ In what ways do you help your beauty and health in a physical and emotional way? Let me know in the comments!

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8 years ago

Lovely practice and expression of it. Thank you for sharing, this is inspiring.

8 years ago

Beautiful photos and excellent idea! I need to get on this.

8 years ago

There are days or week when as a woman you don’t feel beautiful, even if people tell you that you are, what we need is to do something by ourselves so we can believe it. This post is a great idea for this, to recover our confidence.

Thank you for sharing.


8 years ago

I love this! Refreshing post, thanks!

jamie ann
8 years ago
8 years ago

I have days where I just have crappy body image or self-esteem :( it’s not good at all! Thank you so much for this relieving post.

8 years ago

Gorgeous photos and a brilliant idea, need to get on this! x

8 years ago

Love the overall advice and photos. It’s so crucial to take the time to enjoy the things we love, like playing with that super cute pup.

8 years ago

I love how you start the writing “beauty and health are connected in all ways”. I could not agree more with you. Great tips and pictures. Also taking enough sleep is very important for the skin.

Mima | Tokyo Blogger |

8 years ago

I have days (or weeks, really) where I feel down and have a fairly unhealthy self-image and self-esteem, and I think this kind of written affirmation will do wonders for reminding me what’s important.

8 years ago

beautiful and very inspiring. i think i’ll write one for myself too! thank you for the thoughts. i ought to write more and take more pictures.

8 years ago

I love this list and everything it represents! I even made my own list after reading this; hopefully I will be able to stick to it!

8 years ago

Yes shop local!! Not only are locally-grown foods better tasting, but buying local supports small businesses / sustainable farming! :)

8 years ago

I love this idea! If I were to make a list, it would have many of these items! Taking care of yourself and taking time for yourself is so important!

7 years ago

So grateful that I stumbled upon this article. Found it very enlightening and plan on making a beauty list of my own (:

7 years ago

Thank you for the inspiration. I was happy to see I’m already involved in a few of the things on your list. I’m going to continue those, add some of my own stuff and make my very own list. : )

7 years ago

This is so lovely!

7 years ago

I, too, keep a “daily log” that has anything and everything in it. It it so gratifying to read a journal from 6 months ago and see that I subconsciously accomplished something I just wished I could change about my attitude or circumstances.
It seems putting thoughts in writing really does make you create your own life!
Thank you for the inspiring g article.

7 years ago

Also, where did you find that gorgeous journal?!